12+ Project Punch List

Thursday, November 12th 2020. | Excel Templates

12+ Project Punch List. The work may include incomplete or incorrect installations or incidental damage to existing finishes, material, and structures. In punch list, those items are added which do not conform to the specification which was specified in the contract after the completion of the project.

Why A Punch List Is So Important To Your Renovation Project
Why A Punch List Is So Important To Your Renovation Project from purgula.com

Download the punch list template here. It shows a list of work that the contractor must complete before the final payment as per the construction contract. A punch list is a document prepared during key milestones or near the end of a construction project listing work not conforming to contract specifications that the general contractor must complete prior to final payment.

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Let's see what often happens when you leave the punch list in the hands of the operational team. This step in the construction project is performed last so that all work can be reviewed and double checked. A punch list is a document that lists final work items remaining before a construction project is considered complete. It typically includes minor corrections, alterations, or repairs required before the release of final payment.