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Gantt Chart Excel Free Download. Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. You can customize our Excel Gantt chart template by simply selecting our sample title and changing and formatting the text as you normally would any text on an Excel file.

Gantt Chart Excel Template | Project Management Templates
Gantt Chart Excel Template | Project Management Templates (Nina Patrick)

It shows you your project activities vertically and in chronological order, while the time span for each activity is shown horizontally, represented by a bar. Download our free Excel Gantt chart template and start organizing your project tasks! If you create a Gantt Chart based project management system, it will help your team members to stay on track with all their tasks and avoid any late or incomplete projects.

Intuitive, feature-rich and affordable Gantt Chart Template.

Learn to create one now, for free.

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Unfortunately, Excel doesn't have a built-in. Managing schedules can be fun and simple. Because they are perfect for this.

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