Add A Signature To Excel

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Add A Signature To Excel – Not everyone knows that there are many ways to enter a signature in Excel. You can do it directly on the website and keep your signature as visible or invisible as you like. There are many ways to make it easy for anyone to add a digital signature to Excel.

By the end of this article, you will know many ways to sign, apply and add electronic signatures in Excel and have them lined up in different ways.

Add A Signature To Excel

Add A Signature To Excel

The easiest and most secure way to add a signature to Excel (and anywhere else) is to use an electronic signature application.

The 8 Best Electronic Signature Apps In 2022

Is a simple and effective digital signature software that allows you to create and import Excel documents, Word documents, PDFs, etc. to sign documents online easily and legally.

Add A Signature To Excel

You can use it for free with an account that never exists. with, you can submit three digital signature requests per month and easily download all Excel, PDF and Word documents to sign online. This will turn your document into a strong digital certificate.

The platform allows you to enter the signature date, create an electronic signature and save the signature document online. You can also access audit logs and history to manage your signature requests and send notifications and reminders to signers.

Add A Signature To Excel

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Need more than three signatures per month? For $10 a month, you get an unlimited number of signature requests. Need unlimited free templates? Increase your monthly payment from $10 to $15 for a business account and you’ll also get unlimited templates, team management tools, and custom branding.

No one else offers the same price. Sign up for free today to start adding your digital signature to Excel and anywhere else.

Add A Signature To Excel

The platform also offers bank-grade security, protecting your documents with SSL encryption and a secure server infrastructure hosted in a Tier III, SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center. That’s a lot more security than Excel can give you.

Azure Synapse Workspace

Although the price of its professional plans can be high, HelloSign unfortunately does not offer unlimited templates at any price level, which makes it very difficult to document your system if you need to sign a lot of documents.

Add A Signature To Excel

Formerly known as EchoSign, Adobe Sign is part of the Adobe family. Using Adobe Signature, you can access the signature line and collect digital signatures on a variety of documents including Excel documents.

Adobe Sign integrates with many business-related applications and provides a personalized user experience. Backed by Adobe, Adobe Sign is backed by a multi-billion dollar company, and its security features, UI, and connectivity are above average.

Add A Signature To Excel

Digital Signatures Explained

However, private users can start using the site for $9.99 per month, which is more than most regular users are willing to pay.

Select the cell you want to log in to and click the Log In tab. Then go to Text, click Signature Line, and select Microsoft Office Signature Line.

Add A Signature To Excel

Here, you can enter information related to online signatures, such as the signer’s name and proposed signer’s address, email address, and instructions if needed.

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All of these options are optional, but the more information you provide, the easier it will be for your signers to understand the process.

Add A Signature To Excel

Once you’ve set up your digital signature, you can click “OK” to add it to your signature box. After that, you can save the document and send it to the signatories.

Because of the power of online signatures, you don’t always need to leave a visible signature on your document. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations allow you to use an invisible digital signature in Excel workbooks.

Add A Signature To Excel

How To Insert A Signature In Excel (4 Ways To Sign It)

To do this, open the Excel document. Then on the File tab, find Info, then Protect Workbook and click Add Digital Signature. Then fill in the fields and click Sign.

After signing the document, you will be able to view each signature in a new tab called Signatures at the bottom of your page.

Add A Signature To Excel

You can also use it as a signature image. Basically, you have two options: create a signature or upload a scanned signature.

How To Create A Pdf Signature On A Pc

If you want to create your own signature from scratch, you can do so for free using an online signature.

Add A Signature To Excel

You can easily draw or write your signature using a mouse, stylus or trackpad. You can also create a text signature if you want to write it. Edit details, color and angle to make it unique.

You can also use your pen signature as an online signature. Draw your handwritten signature on a blank piece of paper, scan it and save it as an image file.

Add A Signature To Excel

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If you want to enhance your image, you can use software like Photoshop to remove the background and use it to make it transparent

When finished, save as a PNG file for a robust digital signature with a transparent background ready for use in any Excel document.

Add A Signature To Excel

Once you have your signature image file ready, open your Excel document. Then, on the Insert tab, look for Pictures and select Pictures from File. Here, you can search for the signature image in your file and upload it, trimming extra spaces if needed.

Microsoft Office Electronic Signature Plug Ins

By adding a signature box to your Excel document, you can easily attach it to an email. However, you will need to pay attention to the wording you use to ensure that the recipient gets the right message.

Add A Signature To Excel

Use the best subtitle to grab the recipient’s attention. You want to make sure the subtitle uses the right context to make it relevant to the recipient.

In the message, briefly describe what recipients will find in your Excel file and what effect the signature will have. It is always a good idea for signatories to remember what they are signing and what the signature is for.

Add A Signature To Excel

How To Add A Signature In Word

Finally, explain step by step how to sign the document. Tell them what to do when they open the spreadsheet, where to click, and how to know when it’s complete. You can also explain how to create an online signature if they don’t already have one.

When sending an email and writing a message, always include the recipient’s email address at the end to avoid sending it by mistake.

Add A Signature To Excel

The easiest way to apply electronic signatures to an Excel file is to use an online signature tool.

How To Add A Signature Line In Word

All you need to do is upload the Excel file to your account and fill in the recipient’s information. You can also add a message to the signature request.

Add A Signature To Excel

When finished, save and submit the signature request. Your signers will receive a signature request that looks like this:

When they click “Review and Sign,” your signers will be guided through the process of creating a signature and signing the agreement.

Add A Signature To Excel

Creating And Managing Esignatures

Since you’re exiting the signing process, you don’t have to worry about guiding your signers through the process, asking if they have a copy of Microsoft Office that you have or if they’ve opened the document.

Guides your signer step-by-step, telling you how to register online and how to fully sign your Excel file.

Add A Signature To Excel

You can automate the process of signing files using the signature line menu. Select the order in which you want to import the document, and we’ll deliver it to you.

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It makes signing any Excel document easier and faster for you and your signers, no matter where they are or what software they’re using.

Add A Signature To Excel

Got a signature line to delete? Here’s how to remove a digital signature in Excel:

Start by opening your Excel document. Then, on the File tab, find Info and click View Signatures. This will show you all visible and invisible digital signatures on your document.

Add A Signature To Excel

Sign A Word Document With Your Signature

There, find the signature you want to remove, double-click the arrow next to the signature, click Remove Signature. A warning dialog box will ask for confirmation, so click Yes.

Yes, you can. Excel allows you to add digital signature lines in the application, you and your signers can digitally sign your Excel documents and add invisible digital signatures to Excel files.

Add A Signature To Excel

You can easily add a digital signature by uploading to a platform like eSignature. Create a free account and upload your Excel spreadsheet. Then add your signature fields in the editor and submit your file.

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The easiest way to create a digital signature in Excel for Mac is to go to the Comments menu, click Signature, and click the plus sign to add a signature line to the document.

Add A Signature To Excel

Entering a digital signature in Excel doesn’t have to be difficult. If you only want to use Excel, you can easily do so in the signature line of Microsoft Office.

However, if you want more control over your signing process and want to focus on the signers, a signing solution can be very useful. It will allow you to add a digital signature to almost any document

Add A Signature To Excel

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