Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

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Add Fonts To Microsoft Office – It’s not something that you have all the time, but it does require your attention to use the selected fonts while working in Microsoft Word. And sometimes you can’t find the exact format you want to display which is really annoying. Because you never thought you would encounter this kind of problem while working on MS Word.

And what you can do here is find ways to add fonts to MS Word and use them the way you want to keep your work flowing smoothly. So without wasting any more time, let’s understand how to use fonts printed in a Word document:

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

Tip before sharing a document with someone else written with the newly downloaded font: “The recipient’s MS Word must also have the same font installed on the computer otherwise the entire document requires code or in a weird way that doesn’t make sense. note, let’s see how we can add and use the fonts downloaded in Microsoft Word:

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This is obvious, but no matter what fonts are installed on your system (manual or default), MS Word only uses these fonts. It simply means that whatever font you want to download for use in MS Word must first be installed on your system.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

1. Let’s start the process by closing or closing Microsoft Word (if it is now running on your computer).

2. The next step for you would be to find or visit the site that you think is best suited for downloading fonts (for example, we used the Google Fonts site platform here).

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

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5. Here you need to right click on the file and extract the same in the download folder.

6. After extraction, double-click the font file and the font browser will open.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

7. The font viewer will ask you to install the newly downloaded font on your system, so go ahead and install.

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8. After the installation is complete, the Install button will be grayed out and you will know that the font is installed on your computer.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

Now that you have installed the font of your choice, it’s time to add the same and start using your newly downloaded font in Microsoft Word.

2. Here you need to click on the Home button and follow it by clicking on the arrow you use to change the font format.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

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3. You can find the recently downloaded font in the font list or just enter the recently downloaded font.

4. Now select a new font and start typing in Microsoft Word to check if it works properly.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

If you really like the one you just downloaded, chances are you’ll want to set it as default so you don’t have to change it again.

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3.Once clicked, another window will open with many functions including selection of fonts, styles, sizes etc.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

4. Select the font you just downloaded and don’t forget to make style or size changes (if you want).

6. Upon clicking, another small window will open, in which you will be asked to select one of the options and you want to select “Are all documents compatible with the Normal.dotm template?”

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

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7. After selecting the appropriate option, click OK and your changes will be saved without a long time.

And now every time you open Microsoft Word the font, size, style and everything will work the way you wanted, as it was saved moments ago.

Add Fonts To Microsoft Office

Adding new fonts to Microsoft Word is easier than you ever thought, and the steps above have proved it. Just browse this blog above and you’ll know all you need to download is the font you want for your system. And everything else will be taken care of in the few steps you follow.

How To Add Fonts In Microsoft Word

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