Af Form 172 Appointment Of Vehicle Control Officials

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Af Form 172 Appointment Of Vehicle Control Officials – UNCLASSIFIER OR ASSOCIATE OF DALLY VON GAREINTEN ESTO DEFENSE DEPARTMENT FORMAN FORMAN COMPLETE COMPLEX COMPONENT COMMAND OPERATION INSULDIRE UNIO, BAGHDAD, IRAQ APO AE 09348 ORDER – OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE, UNION III, BAGHDAD, IRAQ, APO AEUBJECT 095. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF ARMY REGULATIONS 15-6 Investigation of an alleged mass casualty incident in Al Jadida District, Mosul City, Nineveh Province on or about the 17. March 2017 1. Conclusion. On March 17, 2017, at 0824 hours, coalition aircraft carried out an air strike against two ISIS snipers, with the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS). Coalition forces conducted the strike in accordance with applicable Rules of Engagement and the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). Coalition aircraft used one GBU-38 precision-guided munitions. The weapon properly balanced the military’s need to neutralize snipers with the potential for collateral damage. The GBU-38 entered the roof and exploded on the second floor of the building. A. The detonation of the GBU-38 ignited ISIS explosives that ISIS had previously planted in the structure. The secondary blast caused the structure to quickly collapse, killing two ISIS snipers and 101 civilians sheltering in the lower floors of the structure. Another four civilians were killed in a nearby building in the west. b. Witnesses and media reported that an additional 36 civilians may be inside the building, but there is insufficient evidence to determine their status or whereabouts at this time. c. The Target Engagement Authority (TEA) was unaware of and could not foresee the presence of civilians in the structure prior to the combat operation. On 2. Operational context. At the time of the strike, CTS forces were engaged in an offensive maneuver to seize control of the area from 35-40 ISIS fighters. On March 17, 2017, the CTS deployed for three days along the same line of troop advance (FLAT). The day was also the first day of a planned CTS advance into a new section of the Al Jadida district. CTS soldiers conducted continuous field surveillance during this period, including direct visual observation of the structure (VISOBS). 3. Enemy activity. Coalition Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and CTS forces observed ISIS militants forcibly evicting civilian families from the area, constructing defensive battle positions, vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDS), planting IEDs devices (IEDs) and engagement. CTS FORCES UNGLASSIFIEDIEOG SPECIAL USE ONLY USCENTCOM FOIA 17-0529 and 17-0625 001 03/18/2019

Unclassified osseous use ALV IRIZ-DCA Subject: Executive Summary of Army Regulation 15-6. Investigation of an alleged civilian casualty incident in Al Jadida area, Mosul city, Nineveh province, by direct fire on and around March 17. Coalition and Iraqi human intelligence, as well as coalition multi-source intelligence, overwhelmingly classified the area as ISIS-held and specifically prepared to deny the CTS advance north. A. In the days leading up to March 17, 2017, ISIS militants carried out complex attacks against the CTS FLOT. CTS defends against ISIS VBIEDs and suicide bombers multiple times daily. During this period, CTS forces, with coalition support, conducted a combined defense to protect CTS soldiers. b. Witnesses from many residents confirm that Daesh fighters opened holes in the walls. The wormholes allowed ISIS to move fighters, weapons and equipment between buildings without being detected by coalition ISR or CTS visual observers. 4. Civilian. Coalition ISR observed and civilian witnesses confirmed that ISIS fighters forcibly evicted families from their homes in the neighborhood. A well-known neighbor invited invited civilians to find a hiding place in his house. Between 101 and 137 civilians are believed to have voluntarily taken shelter on the lower two floors of the structure. A. Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) VISOBs and coalition intelligence assets did not observe civilians entering or using the facility. Neither coalition nor KTS forces knew that civilians were protected b. ISIS militants, however, were aware of the presence of civilians in the facility and were in contact with civilians. According to the testimony of the neighbor’s friend, ISIS militants warned him that his family was in danger. ISIS fighters advised him to evacuate his family from their settlement and move north on March 17, 2017. ISIS warned him that if the family stayed, what would happen to them was not ISIS’s fault. 5. Hit. CTS forces launched the attack to capture and clear the area at approximately 0700 L on the morning of 17 March 2017. CTS visual observers did not detect any civilians in the area prior to the strike. A. During their attack, CTS visual observers found two ISIS snipers effectively engaging CTS soldiers from a defensive fighting position (DFP) on the southwest corner of the second floor of the structure. The Iraqi CTS battalion and brigade commanders approved the observer’s request for a coalition strike to the DPF and coordinated with the Iraqi Forward Air Controller (IFAC) to prepare a strike request. IFAC coordinated with coalition advisors to plan the strike. 2 UNCLASSIFIED}FIEDIFOR DECISION USE ONLY USCENTCOM FOIAS 17-0529 and 17-0625 002 03/18/2019

Af Form 172 Appointment Of Vehicle Control Officials

Af Form 172 Appointment Of Vehicle Control Officials

Non-General Use IRIZ-DCA Subject Only: Investigation of an Army Regulation 15-6 alleged civilian mass casualty incident in Al Jadida area, Mosul city, Nineveh province, on or around 17 March 20B. After receiving the strike request, the Coalition Strike Cell in Erbil, a joint fires and control center under the command of the Coalition Target Engagement Authority (TEA), assessed intelligence on enemy activity and forces around the DFP. The strike cell personnel also estimated the location of the target, taking into account historical reports of the civilian population and proximity to the location. From friendly forces. Weapons experts analyzed the available weapons and chose a weapon and fusion option that would achieve the desired effect and minimize collateral damage. c. The TEA positively identified the ISIS snipers and determined that the engagement was authorized by the Rules of Engagement (ROE). As a weapon solution, TEA chose the GBU-38 with a delayed fuse. d. TEA confirms engagement against ISIS snipers. The engagement was the sixth of 81 gun engagements that coalition forces conducted in defense of CTS that day. After the detonation of the weapon, CTS visual observers reported that the DFP was destroyed. 6. Law on armed conflict. TEA approved the strike in accordance with all provisions of the applicable ROE and the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). A-I a. Differentiation. The coalition was engaged in a valid military target consisting of two snipers effectively engaging DFP Iraqi CTS soldiers. b. Symmetry. TEA chose a weapon that balanced the military need to neutralize both snipers with the potential for collateral damage to civilians and civilian structures. (1) TEA selected the GBU-38, a 500-pound precision-guided munition with 192 pounds of explosive. The steel casing of the GBU-38 was strong enough to penetrate the roof of the DFP and had enough explosive to neutralize snipers engaging CTS soldiers from their DFP on the second floor. TEA has chosen a fuse arrangement that will neutralize the CTS threat while minimizing the risk to the collateral structures. TEA anticipated that weapon exposure for GBU-38 would be localized to the second floor of the building. Further engineering and weapons analysis indicates that the GBU-38 should have caused no more than 16-20% damage to a structure localized to the second floor or front of the structure. (2) TEA did not know that civilians were present at the facility or that ISIS had intentionally planted significant amounts of secondary explosives at the facility. Based on information readily available, T. may not have 3 LINCLASSIFIEDUFARORSelatan USCENTCOM FOIA 17-0529 and 17-0625 003 03/18/2019.

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Only IRIZ-DCA matter of non-regulatory ascetial use. Executive Summary of Army Regulation 15-6. An investigation into an alleged civilian casualty incident in Mosul City, Nineveh Governorate, Al Jadida District, predicted on or about March 17. Secondary explosives planted by ISIS militants. c. military necessity. CTS commanders and TEA determined that it was a military imperative to neutralize ISIS snipers in order for CTS to achieve its maneuver objective of destroying the sector from ISIS. If ISIS snipers continue to engage CTS forces, CTS will suffer unacceptable losses in capturing this sector. The capture of the sector was necessary for the CTS to complete the clearing and liberation of Mosul from ISIS. 7. Damage caused by engagement. The GBU-38 entered the northern part of the roof at the front/north of the structure at a near vertical angle. The GBU-38 exploded while passing through the roof of the second floor of the building. The GBU 38 triggered a secondary detonation of a large number of explosive materials that ISIS had previously planted in the structure. The secondary explosion produced a powerful explosion and overpressure that produced a

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