Af Form 4005 Individual Deployment Requirements Checklist

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Af Form 4005 Individual Deployment Requirements Checklist – Download “Washington DC 20330-1030 09 July 2013. Air Force Job Qualification Standard (AFJQS) Unit Distribution Manager (UDM) (8U000)”

1 DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE Job Qualification Qualifications for Headquarters Air Force Base 8U000 Unit Dispatch Manager Washington DC July 2013 Unit Dispatch Manager Qualification (AFJQS) (UDM) (8U000) ACCESS: Publications and forms are available for print. on the website to download or order. DISCLAIMER: There are no restrictions on the release of this post. 1. PURPOSE. As directed by AFI, Deployment Planning and Execution, this AFJQS specifies the minimum training required to become a UDM (military and civilian). This AFJQS also applies to additional UDM duties as appropriate. This AFJQS is a standalone product and does not require an accompanying Master Training Plan (MTP) and/or Individual Training Plan (ITP). This AFJQS applies to the entire Force and may be extended to meet unique requirements not common to the entire Force. This AFJQS will remain in effect until modified or revoked. 2. JOB CHARACTERISTICS. All personnel authorized to sign work (students, instructors, and administrators, at a minimum) at AFJQS must be listed on the ID card. UDMs will qualify to the GO/NO GO level for all jobs listed in this AFJQS. GO means that the person can perform tasks without the help of precise instructions or other procedural guidance. If the required training listed in Part II of this AFJQS is provided through OJT, on-site, distance learning (DL), or web-based courses, the supervisor/trainer from that functional area (ie, the supervisor assigned to the Command Post) must verify the Command Post. training) and/or the supervisor/trainer assigned to Planning and Integration will complete the trainer block to document the completion of the training. Airmen serving as UDMs in special duty 8U000 and those assigned to additional duties must complete all job position qualifications within 12 months of initial duty. 3. DUTIES or ADDITIONAL DUTIES. If the UDM is assigned an additional role or task not listed in this AFJQS, the supervisor will create AF IMT 797, Continuity of Job/Command Qualification Level JQS. The supervisor/trainer will develop a plan for the UDM to receive training and be qualified to hold the position. 4. BRIBERY. For jobs previously approved and required by the current job description, circle the subparagraph number next to the job description and enter the current date in the completion column followed by the instructor’s initials in the instructor and initials column of the current administrator in the trainer section. column. 1

Af Form 4005 Individual Deployment Requirements Checklist

Af Form 4005 Individual Deployment Requirements Checklist

2 5. TRAINING DOCUMENTS AND / CERTIFICATE IDENTIFICATION. Document training required by this AFJQS in accordance with the AFI, Air Force Training Program. For civilians, write civilian training on Supervisor-Employee-Summary-971. All instructors authorized to sign assignments in Part II of this AFJQS will be identified in the identification section of this AFJQS. No jobs require third party verification. 6. This AFJQS is compatible with all applicable CFM and MFM. The senior POC for this AFJQS is HAF/A4LX, BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE JOHN B. COOPER, Maj Gen, USAF Director of Logistics DCS, Logistics, Installations & Mission Support 2

Af Form 4005

3 This section is for identification purposes only Trainee Name: Published Name (Last, First, Middle) Initial (Written) SSAN (Last 4) Published Name and Previous Written Training -endorse Officers 3

4 1. GENERAL DUTIES: TR: AFI , AFI , AFI Purpose 1.2. AFI Guide and Distribution Plan for Packaging of Active Additives 1.3. Leadership Responsibilities Squad Commander First Sergeant 1.4. UDM Responsibilities and Distribution Relationships Commander Deployment Readiness (IPR) Purpose External Organizations (A&FRC, IDRC, MDG, TMF, SFS, IPE, CES, MO) Functional Area Manager (FAM) Center Distribution Control (UDCC) 2 SECURITY: TR: AFI Key Information List (CIL) 2.2. Classification of Structures 2.3. Information Security (INFOSEC) 2.4. Access Requirements 2.5. Classification Marks 2.6. Acceptance of Classified Materials 2.7. Protection of Classified Materials 2.8. Shipping/Carriage of Classified Materials 2.9. Compromise Operational Security Equipment Security (COMPUSEC) Responsibilities (OPSEC) ADLS Training Responsibilities 3. INSTRUCTIONS: TR: AFI , AFI , AFI , AFMAN (IP) 3.1. Emergency Distribution 3.2. Distribution of Crisis Measures 3.3. Exercises 3.4. Working Notification Process Implementation of Reclama/Deficiency Process Unit Verification Process 3.5. Volunteering (ARC / Out of Circuit) 3.6. AF Civilian Volunteer Demand Day (ITDY) Requirements 3.8. Prepare Staff Interpreting Tasks Understand the Verification Process 4

5 Tasks to Interpret Cargo Preparation Understand the Personnel Tracking Verification Process/Cargo Redistribution, Reassembly, Recovery and Reconstruction / Post-Deployment Processing Actions Leave/Downtime Distribution Health Assessment Policies (PHDA. ) TCPESp/Equipment Accounting. ) ADMINISTRATION: TR: AFI , AFI Purpose 4.2. Definition 4.3. UTC Components (MISCAP/Equip/Manpower) 4.4. Standard vs. Standard UTC 4.5. Development and Validation of UTC 4.6. Duties of Pilot/Non-Pilot Unit 4.7. Duties and Responsibilities of the Functional Area Manager (FAM) 5. AIR AND SPACE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE (AEF) TR: AFI , AFI , AFI , AFI , AFI , JP 3-35, JP 5-0, JP 1, AFDD 1, AFDD 2, DTR R, Parts I and II 5.1. Battle Cycle/Rhythm 5.2. AEF Sending Numbers 5.3. AEF Exchange Rules 5.4. Unit Level Deficiency Process 6. CARGO PREPARATION: TR: AFI , AFI , AFI , DTR R (PART II, ​​III, V), AFI , DODI LODGET Management 6.2. Distribution Documents 6.3. Monitoring Personnel Increase Training Pallet Build-Up Weapons Courier Classified Courier Equipment Guardians Preparation of Dangerous Goods 6.4. Cargo Adjustment Cargo Adjustment TCMD/Hazards Purpose 7. UNIT READINESS: TR: AFI , AFI , AFI , AFI Purpose 7.2. Staff Tempo Band Evaluation

6 7.3. UTC Performance Prioritization and Sequencing Guide (P&S) 7.4. UTC Availability (UTA) 7.5. Unit Management Document (UMD) 7.6. Compare UTA and UMD 7.7. Monitoring Preparation (ART/SORTS/DRRS) 7.8. Understanding/Using Distribution Access Codes (DAV) 7.9. Understanding/Using Duty Status Codes 8. STAFF PREPARATION: TR: AFI , AFI , AFI , AFI Air Force Deployment Folder (AFDF) AFDF Construction, Label, Storage and Defense Requirements Table of Contents and Required Documents Commanders Selection Letter of Execution Space. Completing AF Form 4005 and Required Verification 8.2. Temporary Skills (ES) Management Skills Training Total Force Awareness Training (TFAT) Requirements for Completion and Monitoring Level 2A Temporary Skills (ES) Completion and Monitoring of Bridge Project Skills Training la 2B (ES) Completion and Monitoring of Competency Training 8.3. Access and Distribution Eligibility Determination 8.4. Review Applicable Air Force Instructions 8.5. Process Hardware Issues 8.6. Government Travel Card (GTC) 8.7. Defense Travel System (DTS) 8.8. AOR Foreign Accreditation Reporting Instructions Guide to Line Interpretation Remarks 8.9. Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Aeromedical Services Information Management System (ASIMS) Status Immunization Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) Dental Hygiene Laboratory Profile/Mitigation Role Health Assessment (DHA) ) Schedule a Trip 6

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7 Requirements/Procedures for Aircraft Processing and Automated Personnel Evacuation System (APACS) Purpose Theater Tracking/Country Permits Tracking Theater/Country Approval Receiving Theater/Country Permits 9. READINESS SYSTEMS/TOOLS: TR : UTC AFIDD , AEFART, Do) Purpose of Training Tasks Training Requirements UTC Evaluation ART Reports Interpretation of ART Data 9.2. Structured Statements of Functional Capability (DOC) Purpose DOC Statements Dimensions DOC Statements Definition Requirements DOC Requirements 9.3. Status of Training Resources and Systems (SORTS) Training Purpose Requirements Reporting SORTS Data Interpretation Process 9.4. Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) Purpose Mission Essential Task List (METL) Interpretation Data Evaluation Unit 10. TIME PHASED FORCE INVESTMENT DATA (TPFDD): TR: AFI , AFI , CJCSM Classification Guide of Data Objects Interpretation/Implementation .

8 Manage Cargo Handling Unit Personnel Identifying Proper National Stock Numbers (NSN) and Names Identifying Net Weight and Dimensional Data (L x W x H) Identifying Correct Load Planning Data (LPD) Determining Correct Control of DD Form 1384, Shipping Document. (TCMD) Data Update on TCMD Master Card TCMD Ammo Data Card Update on TCMD Unit Commander Other Data Scheduled/Authorized Card Identification Priorities for Augmented Movements Identify Amounts Employed Identify Hazard Codes/Indicators Special Handling (SHI) Identifying Allowance Source Codes (SCD). ) Equipment for Identifying Correct Cargo Type Codes (CCC) Identifying Correct Development Types Identifying Functional Account Codes and Names Identification of Sensitive / Controlled Items using Additional Comments Managing Chalk Assignments Creating, Managing and Publishing Credit Card Reports Indicator AF Form 25 Checklist. Po rma 4005) Repo rt Deployment Requirements Manning (DRMD) Document Implementation Hazard List Report Load List Material List Packing List Report List Packing List Poster Report Cargo Operating Systems (CMOS) Definition Purpose of Crisis Planning and Implementation Section 8 (DCAPES)

9 Purpose Purpose of DCAPES Data Flow Global Aviation Execution System (GATES) Definition Purpose Purpose Computer-to-Computer Transmission System (ICODES) Purpose Purpose 12. INTEGRATED VISIBILITY (ITV) SYSTEM: TR: AFI Purpose of the IGC IDE/GTN Process Convergence Single The Mobility System (SMS) Deploy/Demonstrate Capability 13. CELL INVESTMENT TR: AFI , AFI Distribution Control Center (DCC) Process Activation IDO Tasks Overview Concept of Cargo Distribution Function (CDF) Purpose of Personnel Distribution Function (PDF) Purpose of Personnel Distribution Function (PDF) Purpose of Personnel Distribution Function (PDF). (UDCC) Purpose 14. UDM Tools AEF Definition Online Purpose AF Reporting Instructions Tool (AFRIT) Definition Purpose AEF Commander s Toolkit (CCTK) Definition Purpose Deployment Processing Differences Reporting Tool (DPDRT) Definition Purpose PPD Training Tool of Interpretation (TTPD) on Broadcast Processing

Af Form 4005 Individual Deployment Requirements Checklist

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