All Safe Dog Car Harness

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All Safe Dog Car Harness – Foeses Dog Safety Vest Harness with Seat Belt for Most Cars, Travel Vest with Car Seat Belt Adjustable Leash Lightweight and Comfortable Black for Small Medium Dogs

Foeses Dog Safety Vest Harness with Seat Belt for Most Cars, Travel Belt Waistcoat with Car Seat Belt Leash Adjustable Lightweight and Comfortable Black for Small and Medium Dogs Size Foeses Dog Safety Vest Waist Belt safety for most cars Car Seat Travel Strap Adjustable Lightweight Convenient Black Small Medium Dogs Dog Seat Belt Harness Belt for Most Cars Car Travel Leash Adjustable Car Seat Lightweight Comfortable Black Dogs of Small and Medium Size Dog Seat Belt Harness Belt for Most Car Travel Strap Car Seat Leash Adjustable Lightweight Comfortable Small Medium Large Black Dogs Dog Seat Belt Dog Seat Belt Most part of car seat belts Car seat Leash Adjustable Lightweight Comfortable Black Small Medium Dogs Mistake No Safety Belt Adog Harness Vest Most Car Travel Leash Car Seat Adjustable Lightweight Comfortable Black Small Medium Dogs Dogs Foesees Safety Vest For Dogs Safety Belt For Most Car Lead Harness Car Seat Adjustable Lightweight Comfortable Black Small Medium Medium Dog Safety Harness for Dogs Foeses Be Most Travel Straps in Cars Car Seat Belt, Adjustable, Lightweight, Black, Small, Medium, Large Dogs Dog Safety Belt Travel Strap Car Seat Harness Adjustable Lightweight Comfortable Black Small Medium Large Dogs Foeses Dog Safety Vest Harness Belt Car Travel Harness Car Seat Harness Adjustable Lightweight Comfortable Black Small Medium Large Dogs Foeses Waistcoat dog safety Maggi harness belt or Part of Car Travel Straps Car Seat Lead Adjustable Lightweight Travel Straps in Most Cars Adjustable Lightweight Car Seat Belt Comfortable Small Black Medium Dogs Foeses Dog Seat Belt Seat Belt

All Safe Dog Car Harness

All Safe Dog Car Harness

Hands-free dog leash with pouch for small and medium-sized dogs using a walking leash.

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We’d love to hear what you think! Give feedback to all departments, directories, shop, careers, our company sells COVID-19 vaccine planning assistance. Product RecallsAccess Tax Exemption ProgramsReceive AppsEmail SubscriptionsSecurity Data SheetsTerms of UsePrivacy & SecurityCA California Privacy Rights California Supply Chain Act prohibits the sale of my personal data Request my personal data # IYWYK © 2022. All rights reserved AllSafe Comfort – L dog safety harness is an affordable option. safer For you and your four-legged passengers! The technically sophisticated design was developed in Germany by a company with 18 years of experience in the design of crash test animal harnesses.

AllSafe Comfort – Dog harness is a comfortable option. safer For you and your four-legged passengers!

The technically sophisticated design was developed in Germany by a company with 18 years of experience in the design of crash test animal harnesses.

AllSafe Comfort is built and constructed using only the highest quality materials. This includes the use of high-strength polyester fabrics developed in collaboration with veterinarians.

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Super soft padding and a large chest area reduce pressure. and provide comfort, safety and protection for your dog.

High-capacity coated steel connectors keep your dog safe even in the toughest crash conditions.

The patented AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release system allows the AllSafe Comfort to put on and take off your dog easily and quickly.

All Safe Dog Car Harness

The patented AustriAlpin Cobra buckle is the only push lock on the market that does not open during loading. Designed and manufactured in Tyrol, Austria. Meets the following requirements:

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AllSafe Comfort – Dog safety harness easily attaches to your car’s seat belt. keep your dog safe while still providing the right amount of movement for your dog’s comfort.

AllSafe Comfort is the highest quality pet harness on the market designed to provide maximum safety for dogs and passengers.

Available in four sizes – note that AllSafe and AllSafe Comfort are large for their size. Please use our sizing and measurement guidelines using illustrations and measurement guidelines It took 8 years to create impact straps. We don’t want to brag. But it only took the Romans 7 to build the Colosseum.

It’s 8 years of trying, failing, learning, planning, engineering and crash testing of automotive wiring. All of this is included in the Impact Harness, which uses a one-piece tubular harness with a reinforced tongue closure. The result? A true monument to safety and comfort. Built to federal automotive safety standards built for child restraint systems. It is our masterpiece.

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The straps on the straps are one piece. Therefore, the straps can be adjusted to different proportions. We recommend that you choose a size based on your dog’s weight. Please increase the size if the dog is overweight.

Our Impact harness is tested to 108 lbs in an established university test facility using federal automotive safety standards for child restraint systems. See the link below for crash test reports and videos for specific strap dimensions and results.

Our Impact Harness was tested for dogs up to 130 lbs at the University of Michigan Testing Center in 2016. We customized our dog manikin for accuracy. and improve our testing standards. The Impact harness has passed the Calspan 2020 crash test for dogs up to 108 lbs using current PPSC testing guidelines. This new crash test dog dummy has already been validated. and will be the benchmark for future PPSC testing in our efforts to serve as a leader in the dog safety space. We will continually update our crash test methods as industry standards change.

All Safe Dog Car Harness

The dogs in the video are fake dogs. Weighed and built to be anatomically accurate for standardized testing. No real animals were used for testing.

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We pride ourselves on producing superior quality products. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a damaged product. If your product does not perform as it should during its lifetime due to manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace your product for free. Without problems and without worries! The crash-tested dog carriers from Sleepypod, ZuGoPet and Gunner can help keep your pet safe while traveling.

Pet owners have plenty of reasons to take their furry friends on a summer vacation. And making sure you get them safely should be a top priority. There are some basic safety precautions to consider whenever you travel with your furry friend. which includes state-of-the-art health checks and vaccinations, and a pet travel kit that includes everything from bowls of water and food. to the dog bag If you plan to take your dog on a trip by car. We consulted veterinarians and pet safety experts on the best way to keep them safe and to collect highly rated and crash tested crates, carriers and harnesses.

Just like humans should wear a seat belt in the event of an accident. The dog should be tied to a crash-tested harness. Either a closed pet carrier or a travel harness. These checks will not only reduce your dog’s chances of being seriously injured in an accident. but it also helps prevent “Escape in the car and distract the driver,” says Kristen L. Nelson, DVM, author of “Coated With”. Fur: ​​The Life of a Vet “.

According to the experts we spoke to, there are three types of dog safety harnesses on the market: dog carriers and crates, car seats (or cushions) and harnesses.

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Although all of these constraints serve the same function. But there are pros and cons for each option.However, one thing remains consistent for all options: pets shouldn’t be placed in the front seat. But it should be placed in the back seat or trunk of the car. “The seat must not be placed on the front seat. Because airbags can injure or kill pets, “Nelson explains.

When shopping for your pet, be sure to “check the weight and size guidelines for dog car seats to make sure they fit your pet safely and comfortably,” says Jamie Richardson, BVetMed, Chief Medical Veterinary Small Door Officer. “If the strap or seat is too large they may wiggle while sitting. It can create distracting and dangerous situations.”

To help you determine which products are the safest for your partner. We’ve put together a portfolio of safety and containment products that have been crash-tested by the CPS, testing everything from bolts, zippers and seams to any connection and reinforcement. designed in the product

All Safe Dog Car Harness

The Sleepypod harness is CPS crash tested for dogs up to 110 lbs and features a three point design to secure the dog’s body to the seat using a seat belt system. There are also shock-absorbing sleeves that work with a padded vest for added safety and comfort while in the car and during outdoor activities like walking.

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