Bank Letter Proof Of Funds

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Bank Letter Proof Of Funds – For real estate investments and wholesalers, current and valid proof of funds is a necessity! If you don’t have it, then invest like a lover! Every wholesale and fix and flip deal I’ve ever done had proof of financing included with my quote. When you have proof of financing for each listing, you improve your chances of getting and closing the real estate deal! In this article, we’ll go over what exactly proof of capital is for real estate, why you need it, and how to get one!

A Letter of Proof of Funds (POF) is a letter, bank statement, PDF, screenshot, or other document that shows that an individual or entity has the financial ability to complete a real estate transaction. Essentially, it is your “PROOF” that you can close the real estate deal.

Bank Letter Proof Of Funds

Bank Letter Proof Of Funds

I want you to think of the Proof of Funds like “the golden ticket” because the Proof of Funds is an important document that you must provide with every single wholesale or home purchase offer, especially with MLS! Proof of Funding essentially states that you have the right amount of money to submit an offer and that you have the financial ability to close the deal.

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Submitting Proof of Funds along with an offer is proof in the pudding when dealing with a seller or estate agent as you have presented this legitimate document that shows you have access to real funds to sell the property. -property to buy. See where the Golden Ticket got Charlie through the door and into the Chocolate Factory; This Golden Ticket [Proof of Funds] will get you in the door to any real estate investment deal! That’s why we call it “the golden ticket”.

Proof of Funds (POF) is usually required for each individual property you wish to purchase. For example, if you are a wholesaler who sends out 20 listings a week to potential listings, you will need proof of financing for each of those listings since all the properties are at different addresses.

Proof of Funding is required to purchase property in order for deals to close at a higher percentage because the buyer has demonstrated that they have (or have access to) the funds to close the deal. You see, real estate agents and sellers do not like to work with jokers and enthusiasts who do not have the financial means to close a deal. This is a huge waste of time for everyone. I mean, think about it for a second, do you accept offers from people who don’t have the money to buy the house? Of course it’s not because they don’t have money!

Yes, be sure to include proof of funding with every cash offer you send. The majority of new wholesalers are unaware that they need a POF and this results in a significant proportion of their cash offers being rejected. To be taken seriously, you need legitimate proof of financing for the cash offers you make to buy real estate.

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The average wholesaler never gets any proof of financing or even knows what POF is! And then, as soon as a real estate agent asks for proof of financing, this wholesaler gets stressed because he doesn’t know how to get one! This can result in the relationship between the wholesaler and the real estate agent that has been built up to that point failing. Much of the hard work done by an amateur wholesaler goes to waste because of this very scenario. So that’s what the typical, average wholesaler does. Don’t be that person!

As a Pro wholesaler, we ensure proof of our funding before submitting bids and contracts. As professionals, we are always ready when a real estate agent or motivated seller asks for proof of our financing. See, this is what it means to be a professional wholesaler and why and how you can positively differentiate yourself from the rest of the hobbyist wholesalers out there because YOU have the supporting documentation you need before becoming an agent / Seller must ask about it. !

As a professional, you are ready and have all the information you need. You never want a broker asking you for information and saying, “Hey, you need to send this, that, and that.” As a professional, we want to give you everything you need to be professional, courteous, reliable and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Bank Letter Proof Of Funds

This means that if XYZ Lending Company authorizes you to use the funds, then your name should appear on the proof of financing.

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That is, if there is $1,000,000 in the account, that amount of money should appear on the Proof of Funds. Or it should be the specific amount needed for the exact property you wish to use the funds for. For example, if you want to buy a property for $350,000, the letter can include the exact amount stating “$350,000”. Any of the amounts shown are reasonable as long as they match or exceed the exact asking price for the specific property you are targeting.

Proof of funding must include your name or company name. If no name is on the letter, anyone who needs proof of funding as confirmation can dispute it. You may be asked to provide additional documentation showing that you have authorized the use of these funds if the original proof of funding does not include the names of your establishments on it.

This is important because no one wants outdated proof of funding. For example, proof of funding from 2018 will not help you if the year is 2020. This is a drastic example, but even proof of funds older than 30 days needs to be updated.

Make sure the proof of funds includes the date the money was in the account and that the date is within the last 30 days.

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This is important in the event that a seller or real estate agent needs to contact the person in charge of the funds to 1) confirm that the funds are genuine and 2) confirm that you have authorized the use of the funds.

When wholesale houses and real estate, Proof of Funds (POF) is required with each offer. One way to get proof of financing is from one of your cash buyers. A cash buyer is the real estate investor in business who buys homes in bulk from you to fix up and sell for a profit.

You must first find cash buyers and develop a relationship with them before asking to use their proof of financing to make an offer. Proof of Funding is a significant financial document and will not be shared with anyone. However, if you have a good working relationship with your cash buyer, you will likely have proof of financing from them.

Bank Letter Proof Of Funds

Let’s say you’ve built a strong working relationship with your cash buyer because you followed the steps in my previous article. Here is an example of a cash buyer script when asking a cash buyer for proof of financing:

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“Hi Todd. I would like to send you offers that I would like to wholesale. I would like to send you the first potential wholesale properties so that we can continue to build a great long term relationship. Can I use your proof of funds so I can send offers?And to be perfectly clear, if I don’t get a yes or no from you within 24 hours, then I’ll send it to other buyers on my list. As I’m sure you understand, we need you to act quickly on these deals.”

Let’s get into the explanation of why we say this script. Remember that a cash buyer WILL want to deal in real estate wholesale. This is how a cash buyer makes a living buying, repairing, and flipping homes that you wholesale to them.

Another way to increase the likelihood of getting proof of finance from a cash buyer is to give them first refusal on any wholesale business you sign using their proof of finance. “Right of first refusal” essentially means that the cash buyer gets the first share of the property you are selling. They are the first cash buyer you send the deal to and if they want the property at the same price as the other investors then the property goes to them as they allow you to use their proof of finance. Does it make sense?

I recommend offering this strategy to cash buyers who are serious investors and want to do a lot more business. We are not looking for tire kickers, only professional cash buyers who want to close several real estate deals per month.

Proof Of Available Funds Sample 2019

So let me go ahead and show you below a screenshot of an example of a Proof of Funds from a Cash Buyer. As I said, proof of funding

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