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Behavior Contract – Teen Behavior Contract: In this post, we’ll discuss best practices for creating an effective teen or tween behavior contract. We’ll also present some examples to help you craft your own parent-child agreement. You can download some code of conduct templates (PDF) and a helpful checklist at the end of this article.

A contract of conduct is also known as a contract of conduct or a contingent contract. The American Psychological Association defines it as follows:

Behavior Contract

Behavior Contract

A mutually agreed-upon statement between teacher and student, parent and child, or client and therapist about a desired change or changes, usually specifying behaviors and their positive and negative consequences.

Supporting Student Behavior Through Behavioral Contracting

Behavioral agreements clearly describe the rules, expectations, and general agreements that your child will follow at school or at home.

Essentially, emergency contracting helps correct challenging behaviors through a reward system that allows children to understand the consequences of their actions, make better decisions, and take more responsibility.

Behavior contracts are an excellent parenting tool and helpful resource for addressing student behavior in the classroom.

If you’re aiming to reduce this behavior, these are the questions you should address in your behavior contract.

Effective Behavior Contract Templates (+examples) ᐅ Templatelab

Other important aspects to consider when choosing behaviors to include in your parent-child agreement:

The next component is perhaps the most important because it determines what the outcome of success or failure will be.

It is important that you involve your teen in this part of the process because the reward will be a powerful motivator to change the behavior.

Behavior Contract

Ask your teen to write on a piece of paper what possible rewards they would like to receive for completing a task or desired behavior. You can also brainstorm.

Printable Editable Weekly Behavior Tracker And Behavior

The reward should be something that you, as the parent, can give your teen and something appropriate for the behavior.

You don’t give your teenager a brand new car because they won’t slam the door. Instead, it should be something simple. Maybe a pizza party that allows for a sleepover at her best friend’s house and extends her curfew for a special concert. Whatever motivates your child and whatever you as a parent can offer.

The last non-trivial component is a measure of when the behavior was achieved.

In some cases, it may be interesting to understand how often the behavior is currently occurring. Based on this starting point, we can set realistic and achievable goals.

Blank Charts Behavior Contract Template For Kids D940a133

Let’s go back to the same door slam example. Does your teen engage in this behavior 10 times a day, every hour, or maybe even after every meal? It will benefit you and your teen to make the goal achievable by asking not to close the door for a day, meal, or specific time. This way, the goal is achievable and does not become an overwhelming task.

Typically, behavioral agreements for teenagers are formally written and clearly describe the behavior that needs to change, how and when/with what timeframe.

Talking to your teen and getting their feedback is the most important part because they are the focus of our attention.

Behavior Contract

Example: “Becky, we’ve noticed that you close your door more and more when you’re upset. We want to work with you on this behavior by creating a code of conduct to help and remind you of what we expect of you. If you are able to stop this behavior, we think you deserve a reward. Can you share with us some ideas about what you would like as a reward when you reach your goal?”

Behavior Contract Sample In Word And Pdf Formats

This very simple script emphasizes collaboration between child and parent. It allows them to express their concerns while allowing parents to come from a place of understanding and compassion.

To put this more concretely, we can write a short behavior contract for the door slamming example.

In this example, we cover all the contractual terms mentioned in our previous section.

“I, Becky, agree to make a positive change toward my goal of not slamming the door. I will achieve this goal by reminding myself of my behavior contract when I feel the urge and go to my break corner or ask for a break instead.

Free Printable Contracts For Kids And Teenagers!

If I manage not to slam my door for 3 days, my reward will be dinner with my friends. This goal is considered accomplished when I stop expressing my dissatisfaction and instead use my words and other coping strategies. I will know that this goal has been successfully achieved for 3 days when my parents tell me.

At school, a teacher may need to address behaviors such as speaking out of turn (without raising your hand), getting up from your seat, talking to classmates during class, or sometimes disturbing fellow students.

I, Becky, agree to stay in my seat during math class. My goal is to do this for a week. If I have trouble doing this, I will remember my code of conduct and play with the discomfort instead of getting up from my seat. If my teacher, Mrs. Adams, tells me that I have done this satisfactorily, I get an extra 30 minutes of reading time at the end of the week. If I don’t get up during math class, my goal is considered accomplished.

Behavior Contract

As we went through the steps of creating behavioral contracts for teens, we learned that these contracts are only emergency contracts to achieve positive behavior change.

Editable Behavior Contract

Whether you call a contract of conduct a plan, agreement or contract, the fact remains that it is effective.

Behavioral contracting allows adolescents to reflect on their behavior, take responsibility for that behavior, and at the same time motivate them to make positive changes.

The first step to achieving this goal is to work with your teen and come from a place of kindness and understanding.

I have prepared printable behavior contracts (templates). Some walk you through most or all of the contract elements, while the latter is a nice blank template.

Pdf) Behavior Contracting

We use cookies to ensure we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Read More A code of conduct is an agreement between a child and an adult that sets out how the child will behave and what the consequences will be if he doesn’t. is the case. The agreement should list the goals you want the child to achieve. They should be goals that can be achieved with reasonable effort. There can be rewards if goals are met, or consequences if they are not met. A conduct agreement can be between a child and a parent or between a student and a teacher.

You should list behavior change goals, outcomes or rewards, and signatures to demonstrate commitment. The child commits to a specific behavior or goal and in return either gains something (reward) for achieving the goal or loses something (consequences) for not achieving the goal.

The idea of ​​committing your child to a certain behavior and then getting rewarded for it can be applied to children who are old enough to understand the concept. However, the agreement is for older children such as teenagers. Sticker cards are often too childish for teenagers and so behavior contracts are more suitable for older children.

Behavior Contract

This is a free printable and editable sample behavior agreement template to use at home or school.

Turnkey Behavior Contract Templates To Open The Door To Better Behavior

Here are two examples of behavioral contracts that you can use or customize to suit your needs. The first is a sample student behavior agreement and the second is for home use.

A behavior contract for a juvenile can list things the juvenile will commit to if granted a privilege. For example, if you’re providing your teen with a car, you can ask for a contract that specifies how your teen must drive, what safety precautions they need to take, and what time they need to be home. To download the Teenage Code of Conduct in PDF format, click on the PDF button. To download the Word version, click on the Word button.

For younger children, you can use one of our free sticker cards on this site, which list goals and reward when goals are met. There are many different themes and templates available and you can change the background, sticker chart, goal list and add photos and text.

The idea behind a contract is that both parties are parties to the contract and both parties are bound. Ideally, you want your child to voluntarily enter into the agreement so that they are committed to the process and want to achieve the goals. He would probably do it to get what was promised

Behavior Contract For Teenager Sample Pdf Templates

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