Blank Summer Bucket List Template

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Blank Summer Bucket List Template – We share our annual summer printable list with you to help give you ideas for those longer sunny days. We have also made TWO versions for you. One already filled in and ready to send and one blank to fill out!

I am so excited to share my FREE printable summer list (I also have TWO versions) with all of you! As a busy mom with three young children, I actively work to make my children count every day. I want them to know when they smile and close their eyes in the car after a fun day at the splash pad that they (and their dad) are my # 1 priority.

Blank Summer Bucket List Template

Blank Summer Bucket List Template

Whether it’s a 10-minute activity like face painting that lets you make eye contact and chat or have a staring contest (they almost always go for the latter), or one that takes a little more than planning such as a themed day camp, a lemonade stand for the benefit of a local children’s hospital, or even building a small rental shop in the neighborhood; these activities are guaranteed to make summer fun!

Printable Autumn/winter Bucket List

And if you need some mom and son date ideas too, we’ve got some great ones for you. So mix up one of our summer models and start your list.

We have so many fond memories of our summers together and now we can’t wait to create a new summer wish list every May. There are always things I know I would never do, and that’s okay. You don’t have to do them all!

In fact, I think it’s good for children to understand that things come and not everything they want happens. It’s just a great starting point for things to do together this summer.

Since everyone’s preferences are different, I decided it would be best to give you our ideas in a printable form, but then also give you your cute blank list to start your summer fun. So grab your FREE printable below and let the fun begin!

Printable Kids’ Summer Bucket List Ideas For A Summer Of Fun!

Remember that you don’t have to plan something fun every day. Children MUST learn to play by themselves and use their imagination.

Your checklist makes it easy to come up with ideas and say things like “Hey, I’ve got a few minutes to look at the cloud if you want to too …”. I should note that it is always best to take a quick look at the sky before making this tip. I didn’t remember and we all went to lie down on the trampoline to look at the clouds, we all got wet laughing because there was literally not a single cloud in the sky. Blue like blue can be! Hey, even if your summer checklist fails, it can turn out to be a pretty funny memory if you let it. πŸ™‚

7. Prepare a throwback dinner starting with dessert (like our gluten-free donuts) and ending with appetizers (gluten-free fried ravioli are great) and mocktails

Blank Summer Bucket List Template

29. Find out what it means to be a florist, visit a local florist30. Make homemade gluten-free pretzels and throw a themed party

Bucket List Template

43. Start a new tradition with our ideas for Christmas in July44. Visit a local bakery for a behind-the-scenes look

45. Build models using toothpicks and gummy candies 46. Decorate a cardboard box to make a hiding place 47. Make a tablecloth house (I

Book series and made the BEST gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to pair with books) 50. Make dinner with a book (using books as

* I originally wrote this post as a contributor. You can find the full article with other photos HERE. I originally posted it here on June 16, 2016, but have since updated it with new photos and links.

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Parties, meetings, great food and ESPECIALLY holidays with my people are what makes my heart beat. Having a place to share our favorite traditions, recipes and celebrations is very important to me. I live each day with sincere and authentic happiness and hope to help others do the same. More on Chandice You need a wish list for the summer, I promise! We do this every season with our family, usually one evening sitting around our dining room table. We have learned from past years that if we don’t write fun ideas to do together, time flies and we don’t do much. But summer is what you make of it – you can fill it with family memories, holidays, little fun everyday things – whatever fits your family situation this summer.

I’ve made this free printable blank so you can create your own family list this summer. Get it here. Use this or any blank sheet of paper and start working on the list in advance so that you have time to plan, plan, and build many.

In addition to googling fun summer ideas that are local to you, I have a great list of the ones on our lists for years past. Take what you want and add it to your list.

Blank Summer Bucket List Template

Well that’s where you should start! But I bet your kids have a lot of good ideas too!

A Quarantine Bucket List (50+ Ideas + A Free Printable!) β€” Rachel A. Dawson

Want to learn more about planning a great summer with some program ideas? Check out what we’re doing here.

Hi, my name is Andrea – mother of four young children and wife of a dentist! Life is quite hectic and I try to simplify and make everything I do a purpose for my home and my family. I am passionate about meal planning, budgets, family goals, and anything that brings joy and meaning. I enjoy sharing what I am learning and working on. A home is what we make of it, so this is our chance to fill it with love and purpose. With summer just around the corner, we’re all looking for easy and fun ideas to do with our kids. This is one of the reasons I love bucket lists, especially the printable summer lists that are easy for kids of all ages to use!

I’ve shared a simple printable summer wish list for families earlier. Our family loves to check things off our wish list every summer.

You can download the free summer checklist I created in this blog post or download a blank checklist to create your own summer family checklist. Both summer bucket lists are available in a download here.

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Now that Nathan and Emma are getting older, my kids have a clear idea of ​​what they want to do in the summer. So I decided to make a printable summer wish list that kids can make themselves.

This printable summer list allows kids to draw pictures of 10 things they want to do during the summer. I thought 10 would offer us a variety of activities without being too overwhelming.

I would discuss some ideas with your child before putting them on the list. I want to encourage ideas that are fun for kids but don’t require a lot of extra planning from parents. Also, ideas that are free or that don’t cost a lot of money are always good. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create special memories!

Blank Summer Bucket List Template

If your kids are older, they can write the words themselves. I’ve created a simple bucket list for summer that even older children can use.

Printable Bucket List Templates For Your Dream Goals

Nathan and Emma talked about all the things they want to do this summer for a month or more before the summer starts. When I gave Nathan this blank list, he was so excited to fill it out! Here’s what Nathan (5) put on his summer wish list.

Obviously some of these will overlap as we will go swimming when we are on vacation and staying at the Holiday Inn. I love that one of the things we wanted to do was sleep in his closet! He has a good sized closet with plenty of space for camping so we checked him out the first week of summer. I hope simple things always make him happy!

I don’t know what your kids will put on their summer wish list, but this is a fun and easy way to come up with ideas for summer fun.

I would love to know what your child puts on his list and what you put on yours!

Summer Bucket List Printable Template To Organize Your Summer Fun!

Are you looking for other ideas for the summer? If you’re traveling this summer, be sure to check out this list of activities for kids of all ages.

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