Cadet Of The Year Award

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Cadet Of The Year Award – WASHINGTON (AFNS) – Cadet 1st Class Kyle Hawk was honored as the 2018 British Air Force Cadet of the Year during a ceremony Nov. 6, 2018, at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

During the ceremony, presided over by Air Force Vice Chief of Staff General Stephen Wilson, Hawke was recognized for his demonstrated excellence in academics, military skills and athletics while enrolled at the United States Air Force Academy.

Cadet Of The Year Award

Cadet Of The Year Award

“He is a scholar, a leader and an athlete; He is the epitome of the American airman,” Wilson said.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Awarded Four Year Naval Rotc Scholarship

Established in 2000 by the private organization Royal Air Squadron, the award is a symbol of the enduring friendship between the British and Americans. Each year, the Royal Air Squadron selects an honoree from among all active and enrolled cadets in the ROTC and the Air Force Academy. Recipients of the award receive the Millennium Sword, which is permanently displayed in the Pentagon.

According to the award citation, Haque was ranked number one overall out of 1,018 cadets. He maintained a 4.0 GPA while traveling the world researching Einstein’s energy integration and desalination as a Stamp Scholar. Additionally, he led the Air Force hockey team to the Atlantic Conference Championship and was named an Academic All-American.

Haque credits all of his mentors and leaders as well as his family for encouraging him throughout his journey.

“I am very grateful to receive this award,” said Haque. “I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities and I look forward to continuing to lead, serve and move forward.”

Youth Programs — New York Council Navy League

Hawke is the Bravo-3 Element Leader of Cadet Squadron 31, Cadet Group 4, commanding officer of cadets at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he studies physics and nuclear weapons and tactics.

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Cadet Of The Year Award

The AFA is proud to support the achievements of cadets at grassroots level with a CAP Cadetword pack which includes a silver medal with a light blue ribbon and a downloadable certificate.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Harrison R. Traylor Receives Eaker Award

Each year between December 1 and January 15, each squadron can submit a request to for an award package to be presented to an outstanding cadet. (If you’re late, don’t worry, the request for your squad will be taken care of.)

Contact your nearest AFA chapter and ask an AFA representative for an in-person or virtual presentation. Use the AFA Chapter Locator here — or scroll through the About Us/AFA Leadership page until you locate the list of chapters, which includes the chapter president’s city/state and email address. If a chapter does not respond, please contact the state president’s email address with the request.

***NOTE: CAPR 39-3 (page 24) still contains incorrect information, so please follow the instructions here to email all requests to, not the national AFA address. 39-3 A change request has been sent.

Information about these awards is available on the CAP Cadet Program individual cadet awards page here.

Corps Wins Pair Of Ausa Awards

Prior to 2019, AFA sent awards. Beginning in January 2019, CAP began managing award applications for the Headquarters AFA.

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To provide the highest level of merit among all squadron cadets, the unit has made it a requirement that the recipient of the AFA award must be an active-duty cadet, not on leave or leave during the training year.

Cadet Of The Year Award

To allow unit commanders as much latitude as possible in selecting AFA award recipients within each unit, the Civil Air Patrol chose not to establish any specific criteria for the award. The award can go to any cadet in the CAP cadet program, at any level of achievement.

Cadets Recognized At Annual Awards Ceremony

AFA award recipients are selected by the Cadet Detachment Cadre after reviewing the Cadet’s performance throughout the year. Cadet of the Quarter Award recipients should be considered preferred candidates for the AFA award.

By January 15 of each year, the unit commander must forward the selection to the Air Force Association, which will award the medal and ribbon to the recipient. A downloadable certificate is available to print from the CAP website.

AFA award ribbons may be worn on cadet service (class B “blues”), service dress (class A “blues”) and semi-formal uniforms. Cadet Rachel McCarty received the Cadet NCO of the Year award. Pictured (from left) are Mayor Bill Cooper, McCarty and EHS JROTC Instructor Sgt. Major (ret) Gary Price.

Enterprise High School’s JROTC held its awards ceremony last Friday, where several cadets were honored for their outstanding achievements.

Ormond Beach Civil Air Patrol Cadets Honored

Cadet Rachel McCarthy and Cadet Daniel Babran Sun received the Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year Award and Cadet of the Year Award respectively.

Michael Arce-Perez also received a JROTC certificate and a medal from Enterprise VFW 6683. Arce-Perez received the award for being in the top 25 percent academically in his class and for demonstrating military leadership potential, academic excellence and community support and school

The Cadet NCO of the Year Award is presented to a cadet who has won a Board NCO of the Month and then successfully competes against all other NCO of the Month winners at the end of the school year, when the Cadet of the Year Award is presented. . To a cadet who won Cadet of the Month and successfully competed against all other Cadet of the Month winners.

Cadet Of The Year Award

© Copyright 2022 Dothan Eagle, 227 N. Oates Street Dothan, AL 36303 | Terms of use | Privacy Policy | Do Not Sell My Information Cookie Preferences In a ceremony at the Pentagon, MIT Air Force ROTC Cadet Nicholas James was presented with the Cadet of the Year Award by Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson.

Ewu Army Rotc Cadet Receives Prestigious Award From The Society Of American Military Engineers

In an experiment they conducted to facilitate the capture and disposal of space debris in orbit, Nicholas James (right) and co-researcher James Figura placed a cylinder representing the body of a rocket inside the Helmholtz cage at MIT’s Space Systems Laboratory. The cage would create a magnetic field that would cause the cylinder to spin and then stop spinning, allowing capture.

Nicholas “Nikko” James ’17, a graduate student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AeroAstro) and a cadet member of MIT’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC), has been named the U.S. Air Force Cadet of the Year of 2017. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen Wilson presented James with the award in a ceremony Feb. 23 at the Pentagon.

The award is sponsored by the Royal Air Squadron, a private organization of distinguished British aviation enthusiasts. The honor pays tribute to the Air Force for supporting the UK over the years and recognizes the most outstanding cadet in an Air Force commissioning programme. Their criteria include military performance, academics and physical fitness.

Presented by his unit, Detachment 365, James’ Cadet of the Year nomination referred to him as the “Cream of the Cream” and recognized his leadership as Wing Commander directly to the Detachment as High Flight and Right of Line for 2017. Awarded by Society of Military Engineers. He is also credited with an Air Force UH-1N Huey helicopter and display at MIT’s Briggs Field to celebrate the institute’s 150th anniversary. James oversaw the largest training of MIT’s General Military Corps in 10 years and organized Harvard University’s first AFROTC training program since 1970.

Military/student News Nj Jrotc Cadet Of The Year

James was also praised for his academic achievements. He graduated in the top 1 percent of his class at MIT. He analyzed structural fatigue in F-35 aircraft as an intern at Northrup Grumman, identified a structural failure and implemented a solution. He co-led a groundbreaking experiment at AeroAstro’s Space Systems Laboratory, exploring the feasibility of deactivating magnetic fields and capturing spent satellites and rockets, called “space junk.”

MIT AFROTC Detachment Lt. Cmdr. “The detachment is very honored to have one of our cadets win the Cadet of the Year award,” said Col. Sherrill Ott.

“It’s a testament to the efforts and accomplishments of not only Cadet James, but all of our dedicated, hardworking cadets that for the second year in a row, they won our Air Force ROTC’s Right of the Line award for Best Small. Detachment. career” , Ott said.

Cadet Of The Year Award

In accepting the award, James said he was being made a cadet

Plu Rotc Recognized With Macarthur Award For 2019 20 Excellence

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