Camera Shot List Template

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Camera Shot List Template – Looking for bullet list templates? We have two options for you! Download the free shot list template below or use online shot list creation software!

There’s no need to mess around with a cast list template in Excel or Word. This playlist template is built in Google Drive.

Camera Shot List Template

Camera Shot List Template

It includes customizable dropdowns so creating a shot list is very easy. Also included are formulas for automatically calculating shot times and a “Template Options” sheet for customization.

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A shot list is an organized list of shots that are scenes organized together. The director and/or cinematographer fills out the shot list and breaks down all the camera positions (known as “coverage”) that the scene requires.

Shot list presentation mode provides a visually pleasing way to view your shot list. You can easily scroll through thumbnails and this is great when giving a presentation to a director or studio.

Creating shot lists in Excel or Word means a lot of repetitive data entry, layout adjustments, and human error.

Manufacturing is an all-in-one solution. Transfer between shot lists, shooting schedules, call sheets, script lists, production contact sheets, calendars, and more. Join over 200,000 manufacturers using it to simplify their workflow.

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Manage cast and crew lists, talent and crew lists. Create lists and assign them to projects. Learn more A good shot list maximizes shooting time and limits work time in all classes. In this post, we provide the essentials of a shooting list along with pro tips on best practices.

We guide you through the shot list model so you can maximize your productivity. Finally, we’ve provided a shot list template pdf that you can use outside.

A shot list is a systematic document that lists all the shots to be fired on a particular shooting day. It is the director’s way of clearly communicating the vision of a film, TV series, photo shoot or commercial to the DP and 1st AD. The shot list includes key details such as shot size, type, camera movement, lens and gear requirements. A shot list is like a shopping list to make sure you get every shot you need to tell the story.

Camera Shot List Template

Shooting details are not unique to filmmaking. You can create a camera list to take photos, and if you have multiple cameras, you can use a shot list to specify which shots are created by each camera.

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Check out the shot list example below to see for yourself. Change the order and columns to see all customization options:

You can add pictures, reference images and color code images in any way you want. Add tools, frame sizes, and specifications to get complete transparency for you and your team.

A shot list can be as simple or detailed as you want. This is a road map that will lead you to a finished project, but there is a lot of flexibility and personalization that you can bring to the process.

Still asking yourself, “What is a shot list?” Watch the video where we explain the anatomy of a shot list and show you how to create one.

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Now that we’ve got the shooting list basics out of the way, let’s move on to online shooting lists. Each element is designed to convey important information to your employee.

Each scene you shoot requires a unique approach and set of features to capture the best possible images for you, so we’ve designed our shot lists with the filming process in mind.

Shooting details can be customized according to your needs so that the most important aspects of your photos are emphasized and your creative goals are achieved accordingly.

Camera Shot List Template

First, we’ll outline some of the essentials that every shooting list should have. In the next section, we will see in detail how to create a shot list.

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Scene numbers are very important in your project. Coordinate between your script, shot list and timeline. You can also use color labels to identify different scenes or types of shots.

This is the shot/row reference number. Easily list your footage starting from 1. Reset the shot count to 1 for each new sequence.

Give each shot as much detail as you want. This could be an entry list, an action in a scene, or anything in dialogue.

Shot type refers to the position of the camera in relation to the subject (eg eye level, high angle, low angle, etc.).

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A change in camera angle requires a new adjustment to your camera shot list. If the camera angle changes during the shot, write something like low-medium-high, which means the shot starts low, moves to the middle, and ends at a high angle. Can be added

Camera movement detects any movement of the camera during shooting. Remember, complex camera movements take time to adjust, so use them sparingly.

Beyond the basic movie shot list template elements, there are many details you can add. In it, you can customize your shot list with several additional columns to get as detailed and specific as you want.

Camera Shot List Template

In this section, we will demonstrate these advanced features so that you can see how useful and detailed the entire shooting list is.

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Tip: Bullet marking helps everyone better prioritize what’s needed on the set—which is helpful if you’re running behind schedule.

The subject is the focus of the shot. This can be a character, a group of characters, a prop, a frame shot, etc. The theme helps your team plan when players need to report for setup, or when props or locations are set up.

Tip: Remember that indoor shots are often the easiest to shoot, requiring minimal skill, staff and gear. Strategically insert other shots into your camera’s shot list while they’re being prepared. It’s also a good idea to keep a shot list on standby during vacations.

Here you can specify any VFX (visual effects) that this particular shot requires. When creating the shot list, be sure to include a VFX supervisor so they can identify anything that needs special attention during filming.

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Decide what kind of camera you will be using and be sure to contact your camera department to be prepared. If you’re on a multi-camera shoot, identify individual cameras or specific cameras (eg, drone, GoPro, security camera, webcam, etc.).

Identify the camera equipment (eg tripod, crane, dolly, etc.) that supports the camera. This will help you estimate the time required for equipment changes.

Columns help prepare your DP and assistant camera crew (ACs) for upcoming shots. Changing the lens creates a new configuration, and takes time to process. Reduce setup time by categorizing your shot list by lens settings.

Camera Shot List Template

If any special equipment is required for the shoot (eg drone, underwater housing, etc.) you can include the information here.

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Is the shot covered by a boom mic or a low mic? Both? Is the shot MOS (no noise)? If you have a complex sound system, add it

Where you shoot each shot is very important to the timing and organization of your shot. Moving your entire crew from one location to another is time-consuming, so it’s important to group shots by location.

Composing each shot takes time and calculating that time correctly will make your shoot as effective as possible. Communicate with your department heads (eg camera, grip/electrical, ADAs, etc.) to ensure these times are accurate and consistent.

Based on the script time, setup time, and estimated number of takes, the shot list template automatically generates an estimate for each shot.

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Of Total Est. The time column allows you to add preparation and shooting time. This allows the entire crew to know when a certain shot needs to be done and move on to the next one.

This gives the staff a general idea of ​​how the day is organized. The starting time can be estimated when you calculate your position and shooting time for each shot.

Employees can mark the end of each sequence so they know exactly when and where each change occurs. If you include setup and shooting times, Sequence Line automatically calculates the total sequence time.

Camera Shot List Template

Tip: The composition can be eaten several times a day. Once the camera is set up with a different gear (or lens), shoot multiple settings with that gear before switching.

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Our shot list template has two notes sections: notes for specific shots and notes for the entire scene. It can be used in a variety of ways including organizing, meal breaks, etc.

To add an extra layer of customization, you can paint your shots. So you can group them by setting, location, actor, etc.

If you want to print your shot list, the Print View includes a reference image with all shot features.

Our shot list template includes the following camera movement conditions as a dropdown so you can create a very detailed camera

Shot List Template: How To Create A Shot List For A Film

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