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Chart Templates Excel – If you are a project manager, no matter what industry you work in, Gantt charts are a very useful tool for managing your projects. Don’t want to recreate your own Gantt chart from scratch? no problem! We offer several pre-made Gantt chart templates in Excel.

We’ll show you each of them, including the features they have. You can download them for free. If that sounds like something that could help you organize your day better, read on.

Chart Templates Excel

Chart Templates Excel

Templates are a great way to save your precious time because you won’t be staring at a blank page for too long. You can focus more on content than other things like formatting.

How To Use Excel Chart Templates

One reason is that Excel is one of the most accessible and easy-to-use software programs. There are many ways to create Gantt charts, but creating Gantt charts with this charting app is probably the most familiar way for most of us. Everyone on your team is familiar with Excel, so collaboration is easy.

In addition, Excel can integrate with other apps and services to help you work more efficiently. You can import data from project management apps like Jira and Trello into Excel and use it to create Gantt chart visualizations. There are also integration tools that automate the import process, such as integrates data from multiple sources such as Excel, Easy import to Google Sheets or BigQuery without coding. Check out the full list of Microsoft Excel integrations provided by

They range from basic to complex Gantt charts and charts with different levels of detail: hourly; daily Weekly and monthly.

How To Make A Gantt Chart In Excel? (with Templates!)

Our templates are very simple to use. You only need basic Excel skills, such as how to copy and paste a row. If you want more control over formatting, such as changing bar colors, You just need to understand basic conditional formatting in Excel.

Our Excel Gantt chart templates below are fully automated. All you have to do is provide some inputs. The bars will update automatically and display a visualization of your project plan. See the list below. 👇

This Microsoft Excel Gantt chart template contains the basics needed to create a Gantt chart. It has basic features to visualize your project tasks in a daily timeline.

Chart Templates Excel

Progress tracking; Sub-tasks No dependency and resource management features. However, This template is powerful enough to visualize your project schedules. All tasks are mapped out and you can see how long the entire project will take.

Excel Template Free Downloads

The daily schedule only shows business days (Monday to Friday). You can change the range of dates displayed in the timeline area by using the scroll bar on the top right. As the schedule details each day; This format is best for planning short-term projects.

This model is best for short and medium term projects. Typically, It gives you a year-round timeline with a scroll bar on the top right to span up to four years of viewing time. The bars show the total number of weeks each task will take, based on the start and end dates you entered.

The monthly timeline template is a great way to stay on top of your projects. A high-level overview lets you know what to do in the next few months. It also manages the planning and mapping of smaller tasks, so you never miss a deadline.

This template comes with a three-year monthly schedule, but you can remove or add additional years as needed. You can also use the scroll bar to view several years into the future in the timeline area.

Free Gantt Chart Templates In Excel, Ganttpro, Google Sheets

This project planning Gantt chart Excel template can help you plan daily activities in detail. Use this template to plan short-term tasks and map them into a schedule of less than 24 hours. You can also use it for hourly work schedules.

The bar colors in this template are based on the employee’s name. Each person has a different color, so it’s easy to tell when someone is multitasking at the same time.

This professional Gantt chart Excel template for project management has many valuable features to help you manage and track the progress of your projects;

Chart Templates Excel

In addition, This project management Excel Gantt chart template shows how to use the following formulas to calculate the start date and duration of each phase based on its tasks:

Waterfall Chart: Excel Template & How To Tips

The formulas above will update each level’s bar when the task’s duration changes. However, You can also manually enter the start date and duration of each phase if you like.

This template has similar features as the project management template mentioned above. The main difference is adding subtasks and breaking your project into more detailed and manageable entities. date of commencement on the template; It also shows how to automatically calculate the duration and % completion of a task based on its subtasks. However, you can add them manually if you prefer.

In a project, There is one task that cannot be started until the next one is completed. Some tasks may depend on others; Fortunately, Ensure work dependencies can be worked with formulas in Excel.

This template allows you to create a task that precedes and follows a task. a sub-task; It provides an easy way to set even a level.

Prima Seating Chart Excel

The ID column in this template is unique and defined by a formula. To add a dependency you will need to enter a cell reference to an ID value in the dependency column.

The bars on the right are automatically calculated based on the IND based on the START DATE and END DATE columns. start date Dependencies and job date values.

You can see how a delay in one task can affect the schedules of other tasks, even an entire phase.

Chart Templates Excel

Gantt charts are popular and widely used in the construction industry. The chart’s simplicity and visual clarity make it a valuable tool for displaying work plan information.

Create A Gantt Chart In Excel: Instructions & Tutorial

An activity or task can be as large and complex as laying the foundation of a building. It can be as simple as planting a formwork for a leg. A Gantt chart helps to evaluate and visualize activities and minimizes the possibility of delays occurring.

Our construction Gantt chart template has sample tasks defined for a construction project. When using it, you can use steps to group tasks into any category you like. for example, For a tall building, construction area; the floor Tasks can be grouped by responsibility and so on.

This template makes it easy to determine who is responsible for each task. You can estimate the cost of a job and enter the actual price as your job progresses.

This Microsoft Excel Gantt chart template has a monthly schedule with quarterly information and plans your long-term marketing project. Enter your tasks, including their start and end dates. online marketing; search engine optimization; Offline marketing and so on can be grouped into steps.

Gantt Chart Powerpoint Template

When planning an event, it doesn’t matter how many people attend. All events require careful preparation for unexpected situations that may arise on your special day. A Gantt chart can help ensure that everything is planned in advance.

Use this template to plan all the activities you need for your day. It has predefined tasks as examples, making it easy for you to follow along and add more of your own tasks.

A Gantt chart helps you organize your project schedule. It’s a valuable tool to help keep track and communicate. They can also help you identify potential problems before it’s too late.

Chart Templates Excel

Creating Gantt charts from templates saves you valuable time. We hope the Excel templates we have provided are great for helping you design your project in an organized and visually appealing manner.

How To Make A Radar Chart In Excel

Finally, When you have a list of tasks in Jira or other project management apps and want to import them into Excel to create a Gantt chart visualization. This integration tool allows you to automate the import process with a schedule to be more efficient. to enhance your browsing experience; We use cookies to analyze traffic and serve targeted ads. By continuing to use our Site and Application; You agree to accept our privacy policy.

Use this Excel Gantt chart to simplify complex projects into an easy-to-follow schedule and track the status of tasks as work progresses. This free template includes project deadlines, Also useful for tracking milestones and hours worked. Learn more about Gantt charts.

Before you begin, Check out this quick Excel and Parison tutorial to see how you can save time and effort managing Gantt charts.

What Is A Gantt Chart? Your Ultimate Gantt Chart Guide

We make this Excel Gantt chart template easy, Powerful and easy to use for a variety of projects—from construction projects to website designs and more.

Projects weekly; You can customize our Excel template to view and manage anytime, monthly or quarterly. your tasks; Simply enter dates and sources; You will get a presentation quality Excel Gantt chart. Be sure.

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