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Church Directory – Go to this website and download the directory code – this is the first link called “example directory”.

Note: If you are setting up the online directory on a custom website, you can follow the instructions on this website README.

Church Directory

Church Directory

Next, copy the imported “directory” folder to the main WordPress folder on the web server, right next to the wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes directories.

Church Mobile Directory Is Launched! St. John United Methodist Church Augusta, Ga

Open the directory folder, then find the directory.js file – it should be listed as a “JScript File” file type.

Change the phone number from “5555555555” to your organization’s login phone number for . This links the church website to the database to produce the online church directory.

Note: The “directoryFolderName” must match the folder containing your directory files. So, if you changed the name to something other than “directory”, be sure to update that as well.

Add a forward slash in front of the “directoryFolderName”. Don’t miss this step. WordPress is wrong about this. The forward slash is not automatically included in this file when it is downloaded (ie directoryFolderName: “/directory”).

First Christian Church

Note: The folder you create and the page you create cannot have the same name. In this example, we left the folder name as “directory” and titled the WordPress page something else – Membership Directory.

Edit the page and select the “HTML” view. Then copy the following code and paste it on the new page:

Publish and view the page. You should receive a pop-up message asking for a username and password to access your organization’s database.

Church Directory

Note: If the username is deleted or the password is changed you must come back and update it here. You may want to create a separate username and password just for the purpose of this directory. This free app allows you and your members to sync your church calendar to an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or Android device.

Photo Directory App

The Instant Church Directory mobile app allows any member to search for a family or person and then email or call – right from their mobile device. The directory is downloaded to their device and continues to work offline when the internet is not accessible.

You will change how the admin on your directory automatically syncs with your members’ devices. This app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Your church must be an active member of Instant Church Directory.

You care about security and privacy, and so do we. That’s why we built a completely secure system for all our mobile apps. Only your members can download your church directory.

Members listed in the directory must have a valid email address to create a secure login. Only members you approve will have access, and references will be automatically “deleted” from all their devices if you revoke access. If you’d rather not have your directory available through the app, disable the feature.

Free Church Directory Form Template

We at Instant Church Directory will not access your members’ data, except for specific resolution purposes in the directory. While we store the data, we do not access it, and we do not use it for marketing purposes (either internally or by selling the information to other organisations). This is included in our Privacy Policy.

This app is powerful! Find members and then see all their contact details. Click on the address to launch the maps program on your device. Click on a phone number to call or send a text. See birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Church staff contact information is at your fingertips and you can see everyone in a specific church group.

Church Directory

Members can submit a suggested update to their address, photo, email address or phone number for a church license right from the online directory and mobile apps! Members can do the legwork for you!

Church Directory Book Free Image Download

Remind members periodically to check their directory information in the app and submit any updates. Admin and Editor volunteers will be contacted and will see what has been updated and approve it. Once that’s done, the latest information will sync for everyone!

“We have been using this in our church for 5 months and we are very happy with it. They continue to make improvements and make it better. We couldn’t be happier that we are.” – Bruce

“I love this app. Living in a new community that has this app helps residents get to know and connect with each other very easily.” – Pete

With 4.5 stars, hundreds of thousands of users love our app! This is just a taste of what members are saying.

Your Solution For Updated Church Directory

“Dear love! Our church is so blessed with him and everything is so easy to reach. Thank you!” -Stacey

“Easy to use, very clean, great idea. I hope it will encourage everyone in our church to put vanity aside and allow themselves to be taught.

“As an employee of my church we have found that this app has made communication between our members so much easier. The developers are constantly improving the app to keep up with the times. A new directory is a big plus over the paper style records.” – Patricia

Church Directory

Enable the mobile apps and get the word out to your members! Make sure you tell your members about the mobile apps often and in a variety of ways such as your website, newsletters, flyers and emails. We recommend posting a flyer in your lobby or fellowship area. Check out our collection of tools designed to help you discover your new online church book.

Christ Community Church: Tucson, Az > Infellowship Online Directory

There is no guarantee that you will continue, and you can cancel your membership by clicking a button at any time. Be part of our new family directory – we need YOU to complete our new family book! Let’s associate names with faces. We partner with Lifetouch for professional photography that connects our families and tells our story.

We look forward to contacting you! Convenient Lifetouch taking photos at Middleton Community Church. All families will receive a free 8×10 photo and directory for participating. No purchase is necessary but you will have the opportunity to purchase additional prints and personal items. Your participation means a complete directory and a useful tool for the whole church so make an appointment and do your part.

Click HERE to book your session now. Additional information on photography results and session details is available HERE (Photography Guide). Pricing information for purchasing prints and additional merchandise is available HERE (Price List).

Photo session dates not good for your schedule? You can still participate! Check out the Off-Site Sessions information to learn how you can arrange a photo session almost anywhere. Even if you’re vacationing out of state or away for your winter home, use the offsite session link to learn about finding a photo session opportunity near you!

Church Directory Pictures — Shartel Church

Print or mention the coupons below at your photo session to receive $15 worth of coupons to use toward additional print purchases.

Invite your friends and neighbors! These FREE photo sessions are open to the public. If you have friends or neighbors looking for a photo opportunity they can also sign up for a free photo shoot. Their photo does NOT appear in the directory.

Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Fellowship Coffee and Cookies Sunday 10:30 a.m. Church Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m.-noon You are welcome to join us to worship in the sanctuary or watch the live stream on our YouTube channel. Some small group activities are in person and others are virtual. Check out our calendar or newsletter Can you get a professional printed directory that’s also budget friendly? The answer is a resounding YES!

Church Directory

It is important that your directory software has printing and page selection options. Instant Church Directory gives you the best of both worlds – amazing online and mobile app experiences, and the ability to choose exactly what you want in a printed directory. With the Instant Church Directory, you can choose a format to display photos and which page options to include in the directory.

How To Print Your Church Directory Economically

Is this a once every 5 years directory? If so, you’ll want to use a more durable paper. If you frequently update and reprint the directory, a cheaper grade of paper can be used. Most copier paper is 20#. 20# paper, although not as durable, is fine for a self-binding directory (presentation folder). It is likely to be a frequently updated directory. Demo packages allow for easy updates. I printed sample charts using 24# and 28# paper. This is more durable, however, more expensive.

The coil and comb contacts are a bit pricey, (about $5 per book), but are the most durable. When combined with a plastic cover, these are the most professional looking. Both bindings allow the tables to open flat and hold as many pages as you need.

Saddle stitch is a much cheaper binding. The name is misleading – this connection does not require any ‘stitching’. The pages are folded with the staple inserted in the middle of the fold. Fed Ex charges $0.25 per book for saddle stitch. Addresses can be opened horizontally, but stability is lost

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