Code Of Conduct Policy Template

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Code Of Conduct Policy Template

Code Of Conduct Policy Template

Your Employee Code of Conduct is one of the most important parts of your Employee Handbook. We have created a model code of conduct to help you communicate your expectations to your employees clearly and thoughtfully. Download this Employee Code of Conduct Template in .doc format by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

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Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws. Ask your attorney to review your completed policy documents or handbook.

Expectations here. We can’t cover every riding situation, but we trust you will always use it

Your best judgment. Contact your manager or Human Resources if you encounter any problems or have questions.

They have to dress. If you meet with clients or prospects frequently, stick to a more formal dress code. We expect you to be clean when you come to work and not wear non-work clothes (eg sports clothes).

Code Of Conduct Example

What kinds of clothes or accessories you should wear. We also respect and allow grooming styles, clothing and accessories that are in accordance with religious beliefs, ethnicity or disability.

This section covers all things digital in the workplace. We wish to establish guidelines for the use of computers, telephones, our Internet connection and social networks to ensure security and protect our assets.

Keep personal calls short and use an empty meeting room or common space so as not to disturb your colleagues.

Code Of Conduct Policy Template

In addition, you should not use your phone in areas where the use of mobile phones is expressly prohibited (eg, laboratories).

Dress Code Policy Template

Email is essential to our work. You should use your corporate email address primarily for work, but we allow certain uses of your corporate email address for personal reasons.

. You can use your corporate email for unlimited business purposes. For example, you can sign up for newsletters and online services that will help you with your job or professional growth.

. You can use your e-mail for personal purposes as long as you protect it and avoid spam and disclosure of confidential information. For example, you can send email to your friends and family and download e-books, guides and other secure content for your personal use.

In general, use strong passwords and be wary of emails containing malware or phishing attempts. If you’re not sure if an email you’ve received is safe, ask our [

How To Create Your Own Code Of Ethics (with Examples)

We would like to provide some practical advice to avoid the careless use of social media in our workplace. We discuss two types of social media use: using personal social media at work and representing our business through social media.

You are authorized to access your personal accounts at work. But we expect you to act responsibly, in accordance with our policies, and to ensure that you remain productive. Specifically, we ask that you:

SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT This Supplier Code of Conduct Agreement (the “Agreement”) is in effect as of [DATE], BETWEEN: [YOUR COMPANY NAME] (the “Company”), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the [State. /Province] of [STATE/PROVINCE], whose registered office is at: [YOUR FULL ADDRESS] AND: [NAME OF SECOND PARTY] (the “Provider”), an organization organized and existing under the laws of [State/Province] of [STATE/PROVINCE], with its registered office at: [FULL ADDRESS] INTRODUCTION: [Your COMPANY NAME] is aware of its corporate responsibility towards the people, communities and environment in which we work and our suppliers. We support a sustainable development policy and the behavior of our employees and suppliers is a vital part of this policy. The behavior of our supplier network forms part of our Organizational Behavior Policy and is governed by our Business Integrity Policy as well as our corporate ethical standards. NOW, THEREFORE, IN SUBJECT TO THE AGREEMENTS AND AGREEMENTS CONTAINED HEREIN AND FOR OTHER VALID AND VALID JUDGMENTS THAT SHOULD BE MADE, THE PARTIES AGREE AS ​​FOLLOWS:

Code Of Conduct Policy Template

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Essential Things To Include In Your Company’s Code Of Ethics

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