Coin Operated Washing Machine Repair

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Coin Operated Washing Machine Repair – If you’re looking for “washer and dryer repair near me,” you don’t have to go far to find reliable service. Commercial Laundry Orlando is your premier commercial laundry provider with quality products along with first class service.

We understand that you lose business when one or more of your machines are idle. Orlando commercial laundries have the knowledge and experience to get your appliances and equipment back to full capacity quickly and conveniently. With our skilled technicians and reliable services, problems are detected and resolved immediately. We even have protection plans to protect you and your assets from future problems.

Coin Operated Washing Machine Repair

Coin Operated Washing Machine Repair

Orlando Commercial Laundry has been serving the commercial laundry industry in Central and South Florida since 1972 and we have built our reputation on being reliable, trustworthy and having the best customer service. With almost fifty years of experience we know what it takes to be a successful laundry business and the importance of expert support and services. We service appliances and provide dog wash repair services to all of our customers and to those who have purchased appliances elsewhere.

Commercial Washer Repair

Commercial laundries specialize in coin and card self-service laundry equipment and we are experts in all makes and models. From front-loading to top-loading, side-by-side to stackable washers and dryers, we’ve served them all. Although our business is based on commercial appliances, we also service home appliances.

Our expert and qualified technicians are all internal and never external. Therefore, you can rest assured that they all share our principles of excellence and attention to detail. Each of our technicians has undergone rigorous and in-depth training to ensure familiarity with both old and modern machines.

You won’t have to wait long for service or repair with our same or next business day response time. All technicians travel by equipped van and have access to our 15,000 square foot warehouse. With our inventory, new tools and spare parts are always available, allowing technicians to respond quickly to your resource needs. Click here for a service ticket and to schedule a repair appointment for your coin-operated washers and dryers.

Our expert technicians are experts when it comes to coin operated dishwasher repair and are well versed in the signs of fussy appliances. If you experience any of these problems, we can help you with all of them and more:

Coin Operated Washer And Dryer For Sale And Rent

If these are one of the symptoms you have, they could be to blame for a worn hose or seal. Some problems can be fixed with routine maintenance, but for bigger problems, be sure to call a professional.

Proper commercial laundry maintenance is critical to the performance of your laundry and one way to avoid coin-operated washer repairs. Certain daily activities should be done to prevent problems before they occur. Here are some tips for maintaining commercial washing machines:

As a busy property manager, there isn’t always enough time in the day. For extra help and help with routine checks and maintenance, sign up for our customized service and maintenance package. One of our technicians will monitor the health of your facility and perform all maintenance on your equipment to avoid unnecessary future repairs.

Coin Operated Washing Machine Repair

When you find yourself in need of a coin-operated washer and dryer near me, call the professionals at Orlando Commercial Laundry, at (407) 986-1410. We will restore your tools and equipment in no time.

Commercial Laundry Products

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Orlando commercial laundry, commercial dog-operated washers and Orlando commercial dryers. Phone: (407) 588-0209, Website: Orlando Commercial Laundry At Commercial Laundry we can help you make your laundry business reliable, profitable and a satisfying experience for your residents. We are aware that each property has its own needs. Whether you’re looking to add a new laundry room or upgrade your existing equipment, commercial laundries can help.

We provide the latest technological advances in laundry equipment and services. We specialize in customized solutions that meet the specific needs of your community, both economically and environmentally.

We carry some of the best brands in the industry including Speed ​​Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Let us help you determine which tools would work best for your business.

Whirlpool Coin Operated Washer And Gas Dryer Set

In addition to providing you with the right equipment, we pride ourselves on our commitment to local service and excellent customer satisfaction. With offices in Tampa, Orlando and Miami and service staff located throughout the state, your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a fast and reliable service. You can request the service online, by phone or by email.

At Commercial Laundries our clients are part of the team and we work hard to save you costs. One way to help serve you better is with our Facility Evaluation Report, which measures the efficiency of your current laundry and shows you how we can make you more efficient and cost effective.

“I can’t thank [Commercial Laundry] enough for their quick and thorough response to my email about our broken washer! Not only did I get a call shortly after the email, but an email response from Saul Dominguez as well. He ran to the property on Saturday afternoon (on a bank holiday weekend!), and was able to fix the broken drain hose that connected to the washing machine. Saul also took the time to sweep up any standing water so we wouldn’t have any problems with dangerous spills. Saul is not only helpful, but a very respectable and pleasant member of your service team.”

Coin Operated Washing Machine Repair

“We have been collaborating for several years now with the commercial laundries and they have always been attentive to our requests. If there’s a problem with one of our devices, they always make us feel like we’re a priority and are here quickly to fix it. and bring us back and recite us. We love their laundry equipment rental program so we don’t have to worry about a thing.

Whirlpool 3.1 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency White Front Load Commercial Washing Machine Coin Operated Chw9150gw

“My experience with commercial laundries has been fantastic… From the beginning, Adam worked with me to get the best equipment for my laundry room and most importantly, the funding was approved quickly.” Today I was called to one of my machines that had the coin slider jammed in. The machine was a Speed ​​Queen SWT111NW 3050 washer. this little service helper. Most coin acceptor owners will quickly run into this situation. There are many slightly bent or dented coins in circulation. Some damage is barely visible, so you can’t blame the device users ALL the time. Most manufacturers, including Speed ​​Queen, Maytag, GE, and Whirlpool, have been using their lower-scroll machines for the past 10-15 years. 7 slots That’s Greenwald. Here in Australia they were designed to accept 20 cent, $1.00 or $2.00 coins by simply changing the insert that the coin fits into and a small piece of metal that fits over the chute. Some repairmen may not like me to show you how it’s done but the truth is if you have only a little mechanical knowledge most owners will try to do this repair with at least If you have the tools it helps to have some knowledge to make simple repairs or you’ll go broke. Even if you’re not working on the actual wiring, 24 volts is still very close, so always unplug the fixture before removing any covers.

As you open the service door with the service door key you will see a brass colored bracket protruding from the end of the coin chute. This shape can vary greatly depending on the make and model of your washer or dryer. Usually at the end of this parenthesis (as in this case) there is another parenthesis. This is the bracket that contacts the timing lever or on the late model the micro movement for the electronics. On Maytag machines for at least 10 years they have used a push rod with an electronic sensor on the end. In any case you don’t have to worry about what activates the bracket. We are only interested in the bracket screwed directly to the slide. The only wrench you need is a 5/16″ socket or in some Maytag tools a 1/4″ socket, remember all of these tools are American so they are still imperial size. A small extension and handle or ratchet are also helpful. Then take away both breakfasts.

You can see in the photo I took that the key is placed at the end of the bolt. Once this bolt is loose turn with the wrench which you should be able to

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