Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

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Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa – All member countries of the Schengen area require short-term visas (less than 90 days in a 6-month period) to apply. If your native/citizenship

This is the most important document when applying for a Schengen visa. The mission or consular mission will contain a brief that will allow the application submitted to the authorities to be processed.

Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

Below we have put together a basic guide to help you fill in your Schengen form. Some of the questions may seem obvious, but I’ll try to make a sort of list; So I will include them all as they are all numbered in the application.

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2. Surnames at birth (previous surnames): by marriage (maiden(s));

9. Marital Status: As in the previous section; You must place an X in the appropriate box.

10. For minors: name; First Name, address (if different from applicant) and nationality of parent or legal guardian; This section is only completed if the application is submitted on behalf of a young person. Details of the legal guardian or person authorized by the parent must be included.

11. Social security number If applicable: ID card or DNI used in your country of residence.

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12. Type of Travel Document: More boxes will appear where you can select the correct one. For “regular” passports, the “Regular Passport” box must be checked.

14. Date of Issue: Indicates the date of issue of the passport. This information is usually on the first page of the document.

16. Issuing: This is where you enter the country authority that issued your passport, usually the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

17. Applicant’s postal address and email address. Mailing Address: This field must include a current address (including street number, house and postcode) and email. Mailing address.

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18. Resident of a country other than your current citizenship: If you live in a country other than your current citizenship. You must have a valid residence permit when applying for a visa.

20. Name of employer; Address and telephone number. For students, Educational Institution Name and Address: Be sure to fill this section with verifiable information. Some consulates may ask for additional documents to verify the information provided.

22. Destination country or Member States: If necessary, you can enter multiple countries indicating the main destination first.

24. Number of Entries Requested: Here you should select the number of entries you want to request on the visa. This usually applies to a “single” entry visa. However, if you plan to travel to another non-Schengen country or countries and then return to your main destination or another Schengen country. You must apply for a “double entry” or “multiple entry” visa.

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25. Specify estimated duration or transit / number of days: How Fri (in days) will you plan to stay in the Schengen area?

27. Fingerprints previously taken for Schengen visa application: If not applicable. Check the “No” box.

28. Entry permit to the country of final destination; If applicable: If your last destination is a country outside the Schengen area. Write the visa number and validity dates (if applicable). If not, You can directly fill in the “Not applicable” field or leave it blank.

Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

29. Estimated date of arrival in the Schengen area: Taking into account the requirements for applying for a Schengen visa, it is (usually) necessary to provide a reservation (free of charge) to the consulate for the use of a vehicle. The same date will be used when booking a ticket on a journey.

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30. Intended date of departure from the Schengen area: same case; Use the date marked on the return ticket booking.

31. Name and first name of person or persons issuing invitation in Member States. If not applicable, Hotel or name of hotel or address of temporary accommodation in the Member State: If travel is part of the invitation, the details of the invitee must be entered in the section. Otherwise, you must provide relevant travel time information for your stay. Research and verify the requested information in the sections related to this thread:

The postal address and email address of the person or persons issuing the invitation; Hotels or hotels or temporary accommodation places.

32. Name and address of the company or organization issuing the invitation: If the company or organization sent the invitation, fill in this section. If not applicable, You can directly fill in “Applicable”.

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33. Travel and living expenses paid during applicant’s stay: Here you will have several options to choose which one suits your case.

34. EU, Personal details of a relative of an EEA or Swiss Confederation citizen: EU; It must only be filled in if invited by a relative who is an EEA or CH citizen. If this doesn’t apply to you. You can directly fill in “not applicable” in the appropriate sections. Games to complete are:

35. EU, Relationship with a citizen of the EEA (EEA) or the Swiss Confederation: This is linked to Article 34, so you can identify the type of relationship with this person here.

Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

36. Place and Date: This field indicates the city where you are applying for a visa and the date of application.

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37. Signature (signature of minors, person exercising parental authority or legal guardian).

** Signature on form; The address (if applicable) and date must be added at the bottom of the last page of the form. You confirm that you have read it in its entirety and agree to the use of the information provided.

*Note 1: Fields 1-3 must be filled in according to the information in the travel document or passport.

*Note 2: EU; Family members (spouses, children or dependents) of EEA or Swiss Confederation citizens using their freedom of movement, box 19; 20, 31, 32 and 33 should not be filled. They must submit documents proving this relationship and fill in boxes 34 and 35.

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In our article on the Schengen visa form, You will find more interesting tips on how to fill out a visa application.

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Como Llenar El Formulario Para La Visa

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Formulario Ds 160 El Salvador

If you need to apply for a visa, please follow the instructions below to pay the fee. The applicant shall.

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