Compare And Contrast Box And T Chart Template

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Compare And Contrast Box And T Chart Template

Compare And Contrast Box And T Chart Template

Don’t introduce a new graphic organizer just because the font matches your theme (eg to track the

Comparing And Contrasting

) or visuals that fit the week’s theme (eg cloud shapes to categorize details about different types of clouds in science). Instead, use the same basic set of tools that are universally applicable across writing genres, text structures, assessments, and subject areas. This consistent and repetitive experience with just a few graphic organizers keeps them focused on their intended purpose – maintaining reader/writer organization.

By limiting students to just three graphic organizers, they can master them more quickly. By reusing the same three tools, students can finally focus on what they are using instead of trying to understand the organization of another set of geometric shapes.

, students learn to track information when reading and plan details for writing. By simply changing the criteria at the top of the T-chart, they can organize the information into causes and effects, problems and solutions, pros and cons.

It is also a great tool for gathering information to compare and contrast. In fact, it is a more powerful resource than traditional resources

Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers — And How To Make Your Own

, they separate the information about item A (eg, eagle) from item B (eg, owl), but rarely place this information side by side. This is one of the company’s strongest points

Columns Item A and Item B. All comparison categories will be listed here. When students enter information in the corresponding A and B columns, they naturally arrange them in parallel rows. This is the point of the comparative article – analysis

Again, the strength of a powerful read/write resource is that it is flexible. Therefore, users can add as many rows or categories as they want. For each category or row added, students will generate additional information for comparison.

Compare And Contrast Box And T Chart Template

The best reading/writing tools are those that are flexible for different purposes, genres and text structures, and for different content and concepts. Storyboarding, mesh dissection and

Who’s Who And Who’s New: How To Use T Charts In Math Class

Are three universal graphic organizers that can be used by all teachers at all grade levels and in all subject areas.

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