Comparing Two Columns In Excel

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Comparing Two Columns In Excel – This can be done in many ways, and the method used depends on the structure of the data and what the user wants from it.

For example, you might want to compare two columns and find or highlight all data points that match (found in both) or only the differences (a data point is in one column and not in the other).

Comparing Two Columns In Excel

Comparing Two Columns In Excel

I get asked about this a lot, so I decided to write this big guide with the goal of covering most (if not all) possible scenarios.

Easy Ways To Find Matching Values In Two Columns In Excel

You may need to modify your method based on your dataset. However, the basic principles remain the same.

If you feel you have something to add to this tutorial, please let us know in the comments section

This is the simplest form of comparison. In this case, you need to compare row by row to determine which rows have the same data and which rows don’t.

Below is a row of data where we need to check if the name in column A matches the name in column B.

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I need the result “TRUE” if there is a match and the result “FALSE” if there is no match.

For more accurate results, use a simple IF formula to return “Match” if the names are the same, and “Match” if the names are different.

The above formula treats ‘IBM’ and ‘ibm’ as two different names and the above formula returns ‘Match’.

Comparing Two Columns In Excel

If you want to highlight rows that contain matching data (instead of getting the results in separate columns), you can do so using Conditional Formatting.

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If you want to compare two columns and select the matching data, you can use the duplicate function in conditional formatting.

Note that this is different from what we saw when comparing individual rows. In this case, we do not perform sequential comparisons.

Note that the list in column A is larger than the list in column B. Also, some names appear in both lists but not in the same row (IBM, Adobe, Walmart, etc.).

Note: Overlapping rules for conditional formatting are not case sensitive. Therefore, “Apple” and “alma” are considered the same and will be highlighted as duplicates.

Have Vlookup Return Multiple Columns In Google Sheets

If you want to highlight names in one list but not the other, you can use conditional formatting.

This will give you the result shown below. This highlights all cells whose names do not exist in the other list.

To determine whether a data point in one list exists in another list, you must use a lookup formula.

Comparing Two Columns In Excel

Let’s say you have the data set below and you want to identify companies that are in column A but not in column B.

How To Compare Two Excel Files And Highlight The Differences

This formula uses the VLOOKUP function to check whether the company name in A is in column B. If present, return this name from column B, otherwise #No error.

The ISERROR function returns TRUE if the VLOOKUP result is incorrect, and FALSE otherwise.

If you want to get a list of all names that don’t match, you can filter the result column so that all cells are set to TRUE.

Note: I personally prefer to use the Match function (or a combination of INDEX/MATCH) over VLOOKUP. I find it more flexible and stronger. You can read the difference between Vlookup and Index/Match here.

Extract A Unique Distinct List From Two Columns

If you have two sets of data and want to compare the elements of one list to the other and retrieve the corresponding data point, you need to use a lookup formula.

For example, I want to retrieve the market value of column 2 from the list below. To do this I need to look up this value in column 1 and then get the corresponding market value.

If you get a dataset with slightly different names in two columns, the search formula above will not work.

Comparing Two Columns In Excel

These search formulas require an exact match to return the correct results. VLOOKUP or MATCH functions have an approximate match option, but they cannot be used here.

Excel Partial Match When Comparing Two Cells

Suppose you have a dataset as shown below. Note the missing names in column 2 (JPMorgan instead of JPMorgan Chase, Exxon instead of ExxonMobil, etc.).

In the example above, the asterisk (*) is a wildcard character that can represent any number of characters. Any value in column 1 that contains the lookup value in column 2 is a match if the lookup values ​​are on both sides. Are you overwhelmed by a table with a lot of data? Comparing the two columns with the naked eye would be quite a burden. Fortunately, you have found a practical guide on how to compare two columns in Office Excel. Read the content below to break the monotony of your work!

There are several ways to compare two columns in Office. In this tutorial, we have taken the conditional formatting function as an example.

Let’s say we have a performance chart and we want to compare the performance of employees in these two months and see if there was any progress in February.

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3. Enter the appropriate cell range. If we have more than column D, the cells in column E need to be formatted, so select “$D$3” and change it to “$D3”.

In addition to conditional formatting, other functions can be used to compare two columns in Office Excel. To learn more about comparative skills, click on the links below:

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Comparing Two Columns In Excel

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Compare Data On Two Rows

How to lock pdf files from online editing and copying? How to edit documents on a computer in dropbox? PDF converter offlinemerge jpg to pdf freemicrosoft project 2016 online training free Summer is knocking on our door and winter is invading Westeros, but we are still working in Google Sheets Compare the different parts of the table. In this article, I’ll share ways to set up your data and give you tips on how to do it quickly.

One task you need to do is search two columns or pages for matches or differences and define them somewhere outside of the table.

First, I compare two cells in Google Sheets. This way you can scan the entire column row by row.

In this first example, you will need a helper column to enter the formula in the first row of data to be compared.

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If the cells match, TRUE is displayed, if not, FALSE. To check all cells in a column, copy the formula to other rows:

You often need to compare two columns that belong to a huge table in Google Sheets. Or it could be a completely different page, such as reports, price lists, monthly shifts, etc. Then I think you won’t be able to create auxiliary columns or it will be quite difficult to manage.

Here are two tables with the products and their prices. I want to find all cells with different contents in the following tables:

Comparing Two Columns In Excel

As a result, you will only see cells that differ in content. The formula takes records from both tables and separates them according to the character entered in the formula.

Excel Compare Two Or More Text Strings: Chris Menard Training

Of course, all of the above examples can be used to compare two columns in one or two tables, or even to match tables. However, there is a tool that we have created for this task that will greatly benefit you.

It compares two Google pages and columns, duplicate or unique, in three steps. Mark the found records with the status column (filterable) or color​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I then saved my settings to a version. Now I can run it quickly without going through every step when the records in the tables change. I just need to launch this version from the Google Sheets menu:

For your convenience, we have covered all the device settings on the help page and in this video:

Compare Two Lists In Excel For Differences And Matches

Comparing two Google Sheets

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