Custom List In Excel

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Custom List In Excel – Along with its powerful features like automatic calculations, conditional formatting, charts, etc., Microsoft Excel offers some simple features that can save you time.

One of these features is the ability to create custom lists. Custom lists can be used over and over again on your spreadsheets. This is useful for things you use frequently such as product, employee, or attribute lists.

Custom List In Excel

Custom List In Excel

Open Microsoft Excel on your Mac. You can open the workbook when you want to insert the custom list or any other workbook because the lists are reusable.

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Another window will open where you can create your custom lists and there are two ways to do it.

4) When you finish adding items, click Add. You’ll see those list items auto-populated in the Custom Lists box.

Maybe you already have a list of items in an Excel spreadsheet that you want to convert into a custom list. This is also easy to do.

5) Select the cells on your spreadsheet by dragging them and hitting the Enter key or type the cell range in the box.

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When you want to add items to a spreadsheet from a custom list you’ve created, start with the first item you entered in that list.

You will notice as you continue to drag from the first cell, items from your list will appear briefly. When you release the cursor, your list of items will appear in the cells.

You can drag to display your list of items in a column or row, whichever works best for your spreadsheet.

Custom List In Excel

If you stop dragging before the end of your list, only those items up to that point will be displayed.

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If you continue to drag beyond the number of items in your list, the list items will start over.

The ability to create custom lists in Excel is one of those handy little time savers. Is this a feature you currently use in Excel or are you going to try it now? Tell us what you think about it! For example, look at Microsoft’s Income Statement below. The Statement of Income Structure does not follow an ascending or descending order but follows a logical structure laid down by Accounting Standards. It starts with Revenue and ends with Net Income

If I use a pivot table to create this Income Statement, the pivot table automatically sorts the Income Statement in ascending order. In addition, the “SLICER” created on the Income Statement would be sorted in the same way.

All I can do is manually draw the row items to bring the Income Statement into the required format. But this comes at a cost… wasting valuable time… every time I have to create a pivot table

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To make matters worse, the slice items cannot be manually sorted by drag and drop like Pivot Tables.

Luckily we have Custom Lists to help. We can create our own “Customer List” and tell Excel to sort using that Custom List.

Adding a custom list allows you to sort your pivot tables and slicers by that list. The steps for a pivot and slice table are shown in the picture below

Custom List In Excel

This means that custom lists are available for use in other workbooks on your computer. And you don’t have to add them every time

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Unfortunately this also means that when you share the workbook with others, they would not see these custom lists and if the pivot tables were refreshed in Other PCs all the sorting would be lost.

So you have to ask each user to enter custom lists in their computer. Sometimes this will not be practical especially if you are sharing files with many people.

I have a small answer. Why not create a macro that will automatically add custom lists to the user’s computer every time they open the file.

The following is the code. Place inside any standard module. But you will need to save your file in xlsm (macro-enabled) format, otherwise the code will not be stored.

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Surely you know that you need to change the worksheet name and Range above in orange as per your situation

Secondly, you have a long way to go if you want to add or edit a Custom List ie. (File > Options > Advanced > General > Edit Custom Lists)

And there is no way (or at least I’m not aware of one) to add it to the HELP ACCESS VALUE.

Custom List In Excel

I would love to see the “Customer Lists” option in the Ribbon under the “Data Tab” among the “Sort & Filter” Group items. I mean here somewhere What is Data Inventory and Its Importance in Data Learning Techniques: Expert Talk Article Data Analytics with Python: Use Case DemoVideo Tutorial Top 25 Excel Formulas You Should Know [Updated] Article 50 Excel Shortcuts You Should What You Need to Know in 2023 Article How to Become a Professional Data Scientist with Purdue University’s One-Stop Webinar Solution to Calculate a Percentage in ExcelArticle

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Sorting and filtering are two common features available in Microsoft Excel. They are widely used in data analysis to sort, organize and sub-organize your data based on certain conditions. In this article, you will learn how to sort data in Excel. In addition, you will also learn how to filter data.

Sorting is a feature in MS Excel that helps you organize data. You can sort a column of text alphabetically (AZ or Z-A). We can sort a numeric column from largest to smallest or from smallest to largest. We can also set date and time column from oldest to newest or newest to oldest. Sorting in Excel can also be done through a custom list or formats, such as cell color, font color, or set of icons.

Consider the housing data set shown below. It contains information about the agent, the date the house was listed, the price, the number of bedrooms, etc.

In most cases, you only need to sort one column. But there may be situations where you need to sort two or more columns. You can use advanced sorting techniques to sort data by multiple columns.

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Custom Sort in Excel is used to define your own custom sort. Sometimes, you may need to sort non-alphabetical or ascending data. Excel allows you to create your own custom lists to sort data.

Suppose you want to sort the data set based on District in the following order – S. County, Central, and North County.

We use filters in Excel to temporarily hide some of the data in a table. It helps you sort the data and display records that meet certain criteria. Here, you have the flexibility to focus on the data that interests you.

Custom List In Excel

You can use multiple filters to narrow your results. When multiple columns and conditions are involved, you must use the advanced filter option. Excel provides advanced filtering tools, such as search, date, text and number filtering.

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Let’s show the list of all the houses in the Central region with a Pool and S. County without a Pool.

Find the Agents who have a house in the North County area with 2 bedrooms and one family type.

To solve this problem, you need to create two List Price columns, with the value “>=300000” at one column and “<=400000” at the other column.

Find all homes in the North County area with a list price of over 300000 and with 3 or 4 bedrooms.

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Fig: North County homes with a list price of more than 300000 with 3 or 4 bedrooms

Through this article, you understood how to sort data in Excel. You saw how to sort data on a single column. You understood how sorting works when several columns are involved. You also got an idea about MS Excel’s custom sorting feature. In addition to this, you also learned how to filter data in Excel.

Do you have any questions about this article on How to sort data in Excel? If so, ask your questions in the comments section of the video. I will be happy to answer them. Watch this video to learn more: Sorting and filtering data in Excel.

Custom List In Excel

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Using a table with date values, the user faces problems when the data needs to be sorted based on a certain priority or pattern. For example, sorting data based on the days of the week Sunday, Monday, March, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or sorting a table on the month of the year January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, Nov. , Dec. You must be wondering what happens when we sort the days of the week by A-Z or Z-A (standard sort). You will find it as shown below.

This is not the order of the days of the week at all. Let’s learn how to use it

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