Da Form 1307 Individual Jump Record

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Da Form 1307 Individual Jump Record – DA Form 1307, Single Jump Record, is a US Army parachute jump record form. The results recorded on the form are used to determine eligibility for parachute badges and awards.

The latest version of the US Department of the Army (DA) form – often incorrectly referred to as DD Form 1307 – was issued on April 1, 2018. An updated, fillable version of DA Form 1307 is available for download below. or it can be obtained from the website of the Army Publishing Office.

Da Form 1307 Individual Jump Record

Da Form 1307 Individual Jump Record

According to official instructions, all entries on the LL 1307 must be accompanied by the personnel officer’s initials and pay period. Each entry must be copied from the military’s DA Form 1306, Jump and Load Statement. The DA Form 1306 contains information about each jump performed by the soldier. Each form is completed by the jump master and retained by the unit record keeper for at least 2 years.

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An outline of the form and completion guidelines can be found in Army Regulations 600-8-22, Military Awards. The instructions for DA Form 1307 are as follows.

Eligible personnel will determine special eligibility for prizes based on the information provided in the form. The three rank badges authorized to be awarded are Parachute Badge – Basic, Parachute Captain Badge and Parachute Master Badge. Jumps made at civilian parachute facilities or clubs do not count towards the qualification required for each mark. On December 3, 2020, a U.S. paratrooper landed safely at Fort Bragg during a non-tactical airlift of Landing Zone Sicily. The operation was organized by the US Civil and Psychological Operations Command (Airlift) and the US 82nd Air Reserve Division. (Photo: Major Sean Delpack) VIEW ORIGIN

Air Force units now have the added ability to manage jump records in a digital training management system (DTMS). Created and developed through a joint effort by the Air Force Board (AAB) and the Training Management Directorate (TMD), the new functionality builds on the initial operational capabilities of the Record Jump Tab released in June 2021. New features include an online wizard. Includes an offline Excel spreadsheet with the ability to quickly enter mass jump/mass jump event data, print standardized unit-level training reports, DA Form 1307, and individual jump records.

The initial operational capability of DTMS allowed Air Force units to enter information into the Soldier’s Online Independent Training Record (ITR) through the Jump Record tab in DTMS. The window displays DA Form 1307, Single Jump Record, and uses drop-down menus that automatically contain the relevant jump information. It allows authorized DTMS users designated by the unit commander or DTMS manager to enter jump data into the Soldier’s Digital Training Record. Once entered, the information is followed for the rest of the Soldier’s career – now recovery units can monitor and determine the jump training needs of recently arrived Soldiers.

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The latest DTMS software, released in September 2021, introduces expanded features to help manage jump records. The first new feature is the ability to print a Soldier’s personal jump record. When printed, DTMS automatically populates the 1307 with the information from the captured jump record, writing to the Soldier Training Record. Soldiers may wish to review and carry a hard copy of their jump record when moving to a new assignment.

The second improvement is the online Wizard. Authorized DTMS users within a unit can enter mass jump/mass jump event information in a single administrative action using the unit training list. Previously, units had to enter bulk jump data individually into the Soldier Record using the Record Jump tab. The Wizard streamlines the data entry process and improves data accuracy for common training events.

In addition to the Wizard, units can now download offline Excel spreadsheets from DTMS to more efficiently upload jump event data. The table is similar to DA Form 1306, Manifest Jumping and Loading Statement. When the table is properly filled out and uploaded to DTMS, it allows units to enter jump data using one administrative action instead of entering one soldier’s information at once. The table allows units to record jump data for soldiers from other units that have trained with the unit for the event.

Da Form 1307 Individual Jump Record

A final enhancement is the ability to generate unit-level learning reports. The reports are based on jump data entered into DTMS and, upon request by AABs and operational units, provide all jump data recorded in DTMS for the previous 180 days for each soldier on the training list. Leaders can review the reports to identify future training needs.

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TMD and the Armed Forces Training Center (CAC-T) continue to work to improve the ability of airborne units to manage their unique skills. This includes working with the Program Executive Office – Enterprise Information Systems to implement the automatic transfer of jump record data from DTMS to the Vantage platform to enable rapid decision making. TMD and CAC-T are also working with the Training, Instruction, and Training Information System (TPO-ATIS) to determine whether jump log data can be automatically transferred from future training management systems to personnel and payroll systems. As these systems mature, data transfer capabilities can simplify record management and processes.

The enhanced jump record tools now available in DTMS are a step forward in Air Force units’ ability to digitally manage training records related to their unique skills. The collaboration between TMD and AAB has been critical to the speed and quality of the new upgrades and demonstrates commitment to meeting operational needs as units prepare for future missions.

The Office of Learning Management at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is a proponent of learning management. TMD manages, develops and supports Learning Management doctrine, processes, products and systems to enable training and learning management in Organizational, Operational and Self-Development learning. TMD’s main products are Training Network (ATN), Digital Training Management System (DTMS) and Joint Army Training Strategy (CATS). For more information on TMD products and services visit ATN b COLUMN – The following code will indicate the type of jump* One or more code designations may be used* Example: T – N – J Tactical jump performed. by jumper at night. 4. SUBJECT 5. SO 6. HEADQUARTERS T MT A/NT TS 7. Date a* PRCHST b. SENIOR – Tactical – Administrative or non-tactical – Jump Master – Combat Technique – Night – Combat c* LINE MASTER NO. INDIVIDUAL JUMP RECORD For use of this form, see AR 600-8-22, recommended organization is DCS G-1. 1. NAME Last F…

Submit April 2018 Form 1307 by email, link or fax. You can also download, export or print it.

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Da Form 1307 Individual Jump Record

This form is used to document a request to verify a member’s military service. It is also used to set the Military Position Pay Effective Date (OPED) and Basic Pay Entry Date (BPED), which affect the amount and duration of basic pay.

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0:27 1:59 Learn how to fill out DA Form 4187 – YouTube Recommended video start Part one requires a basic military ID. Information requested by staff. Part One requires a basic military ID. Requested personnel information. Action. You must identify the soldier by his class name.

An updated version of the fillable DA Form 3355 can be downloaded below, can be filled out digitally, or can be found on the Army Printing Office website. The DA 3355 is used to update military promotion points, and information contained on the form can only be released to DA officials.

Issuing military leave, documenting the beginning and end of this leave; Register the address and phone number where he can be contacted in case of an emergency while on military leave; and confirm holidays payable to the Military Leave Account.

Commanders must report on DA Form 5248-R (DA 5248-R) the results of preliminary investigations, any arrests, detentions, formal reprimands (counseling, UCMJ, remedial training, etc.) or actions taken (e.g., attending counseling or ) used for documentation. anger, received financial aid, etc.).

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Form 1307 pdf Form 1307 April 2018 Form 1307 Late Fall 1993 Form 1306 Form 1307 Form 638 Form 31 Form 31

DA Form 1307, Single Jump Record, is a US Army parachute jump record form. Record the results on the form

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