Da Form 7281 Command Oriented Arms Ammunation And Explosives Aa E Security Screening And Evaluation Record Fillable

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SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO Fort Hood Regulation 190-8 Administration and Management of Physical Security Regulations, dated March 4, 2011–

Da Form 7281 Command Oriented Arms Ammunation And Explosives Aa E Security Screening And Evaluation Record Fillable

Da Form 7281 Command Oriented Arms Ammunation And Explosives Aa E Security Screening And Evaluation Record Fillable

G. Symbol for all keys required by the glove box and all keys and serial numbers on it

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(1) Objects shall not be placed in front of the IDS sensor or so

(2) Nothing may be placed on, over or near an IDS sensor,

(2) A key custodian issues keys or keys for 30 days or less using a DA.

H. If a key to the lock is lost or damaged, the padlock is entered

Da Form 3056 Download Fillable Pdf Or Fill Online Report Of Missing/recovered Firearms, Ammunition And Explosives

(3) Returns keys at the end of the working day to unit lock and key guard or

The leader of the unit to which the person intends to receive S-2 and S-4. The

The soldier will sign the weapon from the armory on the FH form 550 and the DA form.

Da Form 7281 Command Oriented Arms Ammunation And Explosives Aa E Security Screening And Evaluation Record Fillable

Hand receipt, and give to the commander, he will also pay

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1 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY *III CORPS & FH CIR HEADQUARTERS, III CORPS AND FORT HOOD FORT HOOD, TEXAS May 2008 Effective November 1, 2008 Expires April 30, 2010 Military Police Command and Management of Physical Security History. This is the first edition of this circular. Summary. This circular provides guidance and describes physical policies, procedures and standards related to Fort Hood. This circular is not a stand-alone document; adds the same elements as Fort Hood physical security, using established rules and standards and must be used in conjunction with all applicable regulations and existing Fort Hood physical security guidance documents. To work. This circular applies to all units, agencies, activities, and facilities assigned, attached to, owned, under, or supported by III Corps and Fort Hood or located at Fort Hood and includes government contractors who manage military supplies, equipment, or service. Addition. Local extension of this policy is prohibited without the approval of the Emergency Services (DES). Improvements are recommended. The sponsor of this round is DES. Send comments and updates to DES, Security Branch, ATTN: ONE-HOD-ESP, Fort Hood, Texas TO: RONALD PERRY Rear Chief of Staff: CHARLES E. GREEN, SR. Director, Human Resources Distribution: IAW FH FORM 1853, S

2 III CORPS & FH CIR May 2008 Table of Contents Chapter 1, Summary, p. 4 Purpose, 1-1, p. 4 References, 1-2, p. 4 Abbreviations and terms, 1-3, p. 4 Summary of changes, 1-4, p. 4 Compliance, 1-5, p. 4. Chapter 2, Duties, p. 5 National Emergency Service (DES), 2-1, p. 5 Physical Security Specialists, 2-2, p. 6 Contract administration, 2-3, p. Rules of the MSCs, 2-4, p. 6 Officers and Operations Officers, 2-5, p. 6 Body Security Officers and/or Weapons Inspectors, 2-6, p. 7 Key and Key Keeper, 2-7, p. , 2-8, p. 9. Chapter 3, Exemptions and Exemptions, p. 10. Chapter 4, Action Report, p. 10. Chapter 5, Applications for work orders, p. 10. Chapter 6, Intrusion Detection Systems, p. 11 Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Commercial Integrated Intrusion Detection System II (ICIDS-II) Operations and/or Procedures, 6-1, p. 11. Trance Techniques (CEEP), 6-2, p. 13. Chapter 7, Key Control in All Areas, Except Those Dealing with Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) and/or Night Vision Devices (NVD), p. 14. Chapter 8, Weapons Storage and/or Storage Area, p. 15 Arms Control, 8-1. .

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3 1 May 2008 III CORPS & FH CIR Chapter 9, Arms, Ordnance, and Explosives (AA&E) Movement and Field Security, p. 22 Movement of Arms, Weapons and Explosives (AA&E), 9-1, p. 22 Weapon Safety . , Arms and Explosives (AA&E) during a given period and in the exercise area, 9-2, p. 22 Chapter 10, Distribution, p. 23 Chapter 11, Night Vision Devices (NVDs) and Other Class II-IV Sensitive Items, p. Chapter 23. 12, Motor Pool Safety, p. 24. Chapter 13, Airport Security, p. 25 Chapter 14, Privately Owned Vehicles, p. 25 Chapter 15, Privately Owned Weapons, p. 26 Chapter 16, Tool Room Supervisor, p. 26 Chapter 17, Disarmament. , p. 27 Chapter 18, definitions and grades, p. 27 Appendices A. References, p. 28 B. Use of forms, p. 33 C. References, p. 35 Essential Books, Part I, p. Related publications, II. part, p. Prescribed Forms , Part III, p. Referred Forms, Part IV, Glossary Page, p. 37 3

4 III CORPS & FH CIR May 2008 Chapter 1 Summary 1-1. Purpose This circular provides guidance only on physical security issues specific to Fort Hood and the areas under Fort Hood. Leaders will also consult with Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Defense (DA), and Fort Hood regulations and documents in each service area. Instruction sheets and other information are available on the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) DES Physical Security website. To access the information contained in AKO, log in to AKO; open Groups in the horizontal menu bar; and open Find Group. Log in to Fort Hood DES Physical Security and open the Fort Hood DES Physical Security page. Follow the procedures to request access. References Appendix A lists the requirements and related statements Violation by a member of the military of this circular is a violation of common law. Judicial or extrajudicial conduct under the Uniform Rules of Military Justice (UCMJ), para. Article 92 (Disobey an order or command); Title 10, United States Code (USC), Section 892(1) (Failure to Obey Orders or Law); or appropriate disciplinary action can be taken against the offenders. Government employees and individuals who violate the requirements of this circular may be subject to prosecution under federal and/or Texas state law or penalties in accordance with applicable labor regulations. 4

5 May 1, 2008 III CORPS & FH CIR Chapter 2 Task 2-1. Department of Emergency Services (DES) Department of Emergency Services (DES): a. Routes physical security installer. b. It is an intrusion detection system (IDS) program for the director of operations and to protect the department’s operations and facilities with the Fort Hood area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations. c. Determines IDS needs and requirements by conducting physical security audits and inspections, reviewing projects presented to the Planning Board, and responding to requests from tenant services, including the military, non-provisional funds, and commercial facilities. d. It identifies the programs needed to secure any page with an identity. e. The Army allocates funds under the Management Decision Evaluation Package (MDEP) physical security equipment (QPSM) using the Schedule 75 budget process for procurement of IDS equipment to support the installation, maintenance, and repair requirements of the government’s IDS. f. It helps customers order their IDS and/or personal items by providing a list of items needed to meet their needs. g. Prepares an IDS validation report in accordance with the Arms Regulations (AR) (Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives) and performs validation testing of newly installed or modified IDS. h. When necessary, prepare, coordinate, and review commercial activity contracts to perform installation, maintenance, and repair (IM&R) of public IDS. i. Monitors unit compliance with all applicable orders, circulars, documents, and orders to ensure responsibility and safety of weapons, ammunition, and explosives (AA&E), both announced and unannounced. j. It does a background check, within 30 days of use, to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, documents and orders. k. Quickly selects units and reviews the warranty of all weapons and parts, compliance with 100 percent daily inventory requirements, and all relevant records and forms. l. Selects and evaluates units with AA&E in the field and training centers for accountability and safety procedures. Inspectors will check whether the security guard (RSO) shakes people before they leave the area each day. m. Reports are in accordance with DES Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and: (1) Quickly report range control discrepancies as vehicles enter and leave different areas. 5

Da Form 7281 Command Oriented Arms Ammunation And Explosives Aa E Security Screening And Evaluation Record Fillable

6 III CORPS & FH CIR May 2008 (2) Promptly notifies the III Corps Operation Center of discrepancies found at other locations. Physical security experts. Physical security professionals have adequate confidentiality.

Da Form 7281 Download Fillable Pdf Or Fill Online Command Oriented Arms, Ammunition, And Explosives (aa&e) Security Screening And Evaluation Record (fillable)

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