Dd Form 2930 Privacy Impact Assessment Pia

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Dd Form 2930 Privacy Impact Assessment Pia

Dd Form 2930 Privacy Impact Assessment Pia

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A PIA is NOT required if: 1. For government-run websites, IT systems, or information collections that do not collect or store information about government officials, government employees, contractors, or consultants known.

A PIA should be conducted in the following situations: When the PTA indicates that a PIA is necessary. Before developing or purchasing IT systems or projects that collect, store or disseminate information in a public manner. When a major change occurs in the system.

PIA is a tool used to assess the privacy impact and risks of personally identifiable information (PII) stored, used and exchanged by information systems. The PIA assesses the privacy implications when information systems are built, existing systems are significantly modified, or new technology is purchased.

The Department of the Army requires the completion of DD FORM 2930, Privacy Review, to ensure that electronic information is collected, stored or disseminated in a manner that protects the privacy of individuals and their information.

Privacy Impact Assessment (pia) Process

A Privacy Assessment (PIA) is a decision tool used by DHS to identify and mitigate publicly disclosed privacy risks: What Personal Identifiable Information (PII) DHS collects; why the PII was collected; and. How Personal Information is collected, used, accessed, shared, protected and stored.

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Dd Form 2930 Privacy Impact Assessment Pia

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A Privacy Policy Assessment (PIA) is a review of how personally identifiable information (PII) is handled in DOD information centers or electronic collections. PIA reviews and assesses security for handling information to minimize potential privacy risks.

A Data Protection Assessment (DPIA) is a process that helps you identify and mitigate the risks of a data protection project. You should carry out a DPIA for operations that may pose a significant risk to individuals. This includes certain types of operations.

A privacy security audit (PIA) is an examination of how personally identifiable information (PII) is handled to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations, to identify privacy risks associated with information systems or operations, and evaluating ways to reduce privacy risks.

The PIA handles privacy information for all new or significantly modified IT systems or projects that collect, protect, or disseminate personal information from the public and Department of the Army, civilians, or contractor personnel. PIAs are created and maintained for systems that meet these standards. Date:11/16/2009 Statement of Registry (SORN) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) Introduce yourself and the rest of the panel. Mr. Leroy Jones, Jr. Army Privacy Office (703) Miss Margaret Hamrick Army Privacy Office (703) Miss Cynthia Dixon CIO/G (703) Miss Cathy Cowan CIO/G (703) Miss Melissa Hicks NETCOM/9TH SC A (703) Mr Joseph Cornwell NETCOM/9TH SC A (703)

Purpose of this session Provide information/guidance on SORNs Provide guidance on NETCOM/9th Sig Accreditation and FISMA Understand PIA process Provide guidance and training on completing PIA template DD Form 2930 PIA from issuing PIA to signature is CIO G6 method. There will be a discussion of what NETCOM expects to see, a discussion of SORNS and PIA, and a discussion of how the three work together to ensure your PIA is correct. Please hold your entire question until the end, thank you. I will now turn this over to the CIO/G6 team.

DL1.24, Registration System (SOR), Any registration (paper or electronic) under the control of a DoD Division (Army) that contains an individual’s name or identification number, logo, or other identifying feature (SSN, date of birth. ,) assigned to each individual. symbol, etc.).

Description: Description of a group of records published in the Federal Register (FR) under the control of an Agency (Military, etc.) Allows the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Records by a person’s name or a person’s identifier, these are not PA recording systems

Dd Form 2930 Privacy Impact Assessment Pia

OMB Memorandum, M-07-16, May 22, 2007 states: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is information about an individual, eg, social security number, biometric records, etc. refers to information that can be used to identify or trace or date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc. when combined with other personal or identifying information that can be attributed or linked to a particular person,

A Secret Service Officer is appointed at Command levels throughout the military to carry out a secret program in areas of operation and duties in their roles. Ensure that the Privacy Act records collected and maintained within the command or agency are properly identified in the Privacy Act notification system.

Confirm: No unpublished record systems are kept. Individuals are provided with a Privacy Policy Notice when the information collected will be held in the registry. Each Privacy Act notification system is double-checked within its scope. Updated or new Registration System notices are sent to the Office of Military Privacy.

SYSTEM PUBLISHERS: Prepare a new, amended, or amended Privacy Act registration notification system and submit it to the Command Privacy Officer for review. Ensure: Appropriate procedures and measures are developed, implemented and maintained. All employees with access to each system assume responsibility for the security of personal information collected and maintained under the Privacy Act. Each SORN in its area of ​​responsibility is reviewed every two years. (

9 SORN Review/Update Download a printed copy of SORN to word doc and review and organize the 18 groups of SORN 1. READ some of the 18 groups and say that a copy is there for them on the table, etc. 2. Also let them know that a copy of the PUBLISHED SORN is available to them.

System Expert System Name System Location User Groups System User Status System Storage Permission(s) Purpose(s) How to Use Storage Precautions Storage and Disposal System Management and Addressing Notification procedures Registration access procedures. procedures List the components of the equipment Requested releases for the system Report that the copies defining each category are available to them. Additional instructions are posted on the RMDA website and additional instructions are available in the DoD R, Defense Confidential Program.

Privacy Act Registry Notices (SORNS) Documentation Required Additions Narrative statement and SORN Changes – Narrative statement, proposed changes to recent changes – SORN and SORN changes included Changes SORN with proposed changes and SORN and included changes Repeal – Introduction and notice the SORN request has been canceled – Include what happened in existing records – If it is now covered by another SORN, explain which Releases (with additions or changes) – Provides the Consultant’s documentation (OGC) or a law enforcement agency has reviewed and approved the release.

What is Personally Identifiable Information? social security number name date of birth gender status mother’s address maiden name driver’s license and additional biometric information spouse status education information citizenship information disability status of marriage medical information

Dd Form 2930 Privacy Impact Assessment Pia

Definition of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Name, social security number, biometric data, etc. that can be used to identify or track an individual’s identity. information such as; Or date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc. when combined with other personal or identifying information that can be attributed or linked to a specific person, such as

Determine compliance with applicable privacy and confidentiality requirements Assess the risks and consequences of the collection, storage and disclosure of PII Assess and evaluate information processing security and other measures to mitigate such risks may be confidential. Privacy Policy Requirements (PIA): IAW OMB directive, a PIA is required for systems that collect, maintain, and disseminate PII about members of the public (other than DoD members). The DoD requirement increases the need to review all systems to determine whether they collect PII and conduct PIA on those systems, regardless of whether they collect PII from DoD members. 15

16 When is a PIA required? A system that collects, stores, uses or publishes personal information in general, government employees (government citizens, members)

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