Double Gate Fold Brochure Template

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Double Gate Fold Brochure Template – The template includes Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator®, and PDF versions. How to set up an 8.5″ x 11″ bi-fold brochure

To design an 8.5″ x 11″ bi-fold brochure in your design or layout program, create a front page and a back page, and measure the folds using the guides (see image below) . Trims should be installed on the outside edges of the part and should extend 0.125” (1/8”), with the page size set as the final trim size.

Double Gate Fold Brochure Template

Double Gate Fold Brochure Template

A perfectly composed brochure starts with preparation. Once we receive your brochure, we’ll verify alignment and perform our standard pre-print checks for resolution, color, fonts, and more.

Double Parallel Fold Brochure Printing

Depending on your order quantity and design requirements (PMS colours, foils, varnishes, etc.), your folded brochure will be printed on our HP Indigo 12000 or our UV offset presses.

After printing, your folded brochure will be trimmed and cut to finished size. On heavier stocks, a notch is applied before folding to prevent ink cracking and results in a higher quality, longer lasting finished product.

We have printed millions of folded brochures over the years. Follow these three tips from our experienced prepress department to ensure the best result for your next folded brochure project.

If you have any problems or need advice, you can always contact us. Let’s print something amazing together.

×17 Double Parallel Fold Brochure Mockups

When designing, visualize your brochure folded flat. The content on the inside pages should be facing backwards and on the same side as the outside of your folded brochure.

Be sure to design your folded brochure in the CMYK color space, not RGB, for accurate color reproduction. If you wish, we can print using Pantone (spot) colors. Please mark them appropriately on your artwork and let us know when requesting a quote.

We prefer that you provide the final illustration of the brochure in PDF format. Reduce the size of all images above 300 dpi and enable document crop settings and crop marks on save. Embed all fonts or convert text to outlines.

Double Gate Fold Brochure Template

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Double Gate Fold Brochure By Rapidgraf

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Gate Fold Brochure Images

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Double Gate Fold Brochure Template

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Brochure Folds And List Of Folding Options

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