Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel

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Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel – Duplication of data is a common problem in Excel. Excel itself provides a convenient function to perform simple duplication, but this duplication is fixed and difficult to control.

Our Excel experts are often called upon to assist with the duplication of complex files, for example when multiple sources need to be combined.

Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel

Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel

Excel itself provides excellent tools for easy duplication. For example, if you have a list of email addresses, you can easily have Excel find and remove duplicate values.

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As soon as you click ‘OK’ in the dialog, Excel removes all duplicate data (so that a unique value always remains). In the pop-up screen, you can see how many entries have been deleted and how many remain.

N.B. You don’t have to go through the steps of finding and marking duplicate values. You can also go directly to Duplication.

How to dedupe such a file? A name and date of birth may appear more than once, but does not necessarily mean twice. You can duplicate based on a unique email address, but what if multiple people in the household use the same email address?

If we go through the same steps as in the first example, we find the following duplicate values:

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In this limited file, we can see with the naked eye that Julia Smits and Zeger Verbeek have indeed been reported twice. Sam De Witt is also reported twice, but his surname was mentioned in different ways. Sarah and Lotte Prince share only the last name and Finn Meijer’s date of birth as Tess Baker.

If we now tell Excel to dedupe as in our first example, only the duplicate values ​​that appear in all four columns will disappear:

We could duplicate the second round based on email address, but in that case Tess Baker would be on our table twice, as she is registered with two different email addresses:

Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel

How do you deal with situations like these, with very large files with a lot of data, or when you have to combine many resources?

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Manual deduplication takes a little longer to set up, but has many advantages. This allows you to keep the original list (and add new data) in the first worksheet, while generating a duplicate list in the second worksheet. This way you can always compare the results with the source data.

The table above shows that a given email address appears more than once and then assigns a unique sequence number to each unique appearance. Of course, different functions are required for this setting.

In column E (double), we use the COUNTIF function to determine if the email address in column D falls within the above range. For example, cell E16 says: =COUNTIF(D$2:D15;D16). The result is 0.

In column F (first occurrence), we use the IF function to check if this is the first occurrence of the email address. Cell F16 contains: =IF(E16=0;1;0). Its results 1.

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Finally, we give each unique email address a serial number in column G (ranking). We do that with a combination of the OM function and the SUM function. Cell G16 contains: =IF(F16=1;SUM(F$2:F16);0). The result is 15.

In the second worksheet, we then publish the list of unique email addresses using the INDEX and MATCH combination.

What does it look like in the case of this worksheet? In column B (Match), we use the MATCH function to find the sequence number in column A of the original data worksheet. For example, cell B16 says: =MATCH(A16;’Worksheet1′!G:G;0). The result of this match is 16, because sequence number 15 matches row 16 of the first worksheet.

Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel

Next, we fill in columns C through F with the data found in row 16 of the first worksheet in the first worksheet for First Name (Column A), Last Name (Column B), Date of Birth (Column C), and Email Address. (column D) using the INDEX function. In cells C16, D16, E16 and F16 it says:

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The advantage of this method is that you can keep the original data in the spreadsheet and add new data at any time. To complete the list of unique addresses in the second worksheet, just expand the formula area.

The above examples are quite simple, but in reality duplication tasks are often more complex. For example, if you want to merge multiple databases or files, or if you want to estimate based on more than one column. In that case, you can work with a ‘key’ that merges different columns (elements).

In the spreadsheet below, we’ve combined the first letter of the first name, last name, and email address in column E (the key). Next, in column F, we look for keys that appear more than once.

Determining keys and conditions for duplication can be a complex process and there can be many different scenarios. This is why complex duplication is often an adaptive task. We are happy to help you with duplicate work. Contact us for advice, or to outsource duplicate work to us.

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Feel free to ask us your questions, we will be happy to help you. We will respond within 48 hours. Numbering rows is one of the tasks that we do daily in Excel. If the task can be automated, it will definitely save us some time. Can someone suggest copy and paste. But mistakes can happen if we are not careful enough.

In this article, I will show you how to autonumber rows and skip empty rows. Since the number is generated by a formula rather than an exact number, it will change to the correct value each time the list changes. If the number is in the correct order, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Duplication Serial Numbers In Excel

In a typical numbering example, the number next to “Apricots” is 4. In another example, the number next to “Apricots” is 3. This is the result we want to achieve.

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Here we use COUNTA to count the number of non-blank cells between the corresponding cell (here it means the cell next to the cell containing the formula) and the first cell.

Here the IF function helps us to check whether the corresponding cell is empty or not. It only allows the COUNTA function to work if the cell is not empty. If the corresponding cell is empty, the cell returns empty.

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