Duradrive Rebar Size Conversion Chart

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These spindle motors use German imported bearings, which can be used three times more than ordinary spindle motors. In a very high-speed working environment, conventional bearings cannot provide this high speed for a long time. Our German imported bearing can make the spindle motor three times more useful than the ordinary spindle motor.

Duradrive Rebar Size Conversion Chart

Duradrive Rebar Size Conversion Chart

VEVOR is a leading brand specializing in equipment and tools. With thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with durable equipment and tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR occupies a market in over 200 countries with over 10 million global members.

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Unlike other chewing rod motors, our motors use innovative and advanced dynamic balance technology. Its outstanding advantages are low noise, improved efficiency and long service life.

The renewed bearings have two main advantages: superior durability and anti-rust performance. A significantly improved high-speed core brings higher performance than before.

The use of anti-acid materials increases the durability and strength of the CNC router spindle motor. The metal coating significantly improves cooling efficiency and dissipates heat faster.

With high precision and focus, our bearings are far superior to other manufacturers on the market. The one-time casting design brings the highest precision CNC spindle base.

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The Er20 standard collet has a high precision and dynamic balanced design that effectively eliminates the risk of blade breakage.

Water-cooled motors are mainly suitable for engraving machines or frequency converters and common materials such as wood, stone, mold and metal, etc.

The mechanical quality of the spindle is excellent. A water-cooled spindle performs better than air-cooled spindles in the same power category – from about 7,000 rpm to 24,000 rpm. Need VTF inverter 1.5 kW…

Duradrive Rebar Size Conversion Chart

Well made for what it is, runs smooth and vibration free. It’s good for the price

Traders Dispatch February 2021 By The Trader’s Dispatch

The support team is very helpful, the product arrived without any scratches. DHL was a bit of a pain, but Vevor did contact them and help me out. This product came with the 6mm 1/2″ collet and connector required for the VFD.

I decided to purchase a water cooled spindle as a backup to my air cooled spindle. I use chilled water for large jobs to maintain the temperature

Super fast delivery – 3 days. Very low noise during operation Easy assembly process and installation I am very satisfied with the purchase.

It arrived very quickly, about 6 business days after ordering. Not tested yet but looks very good. Very happy with Vevor Cnc 2.2kw spindle motor with Er20 water cooling.

Empire 396 12 In. Polysquare Rafter Square

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