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Event Checklist – You know that feeling when you leave the house and forget something? Keys? Check it out. phone? Check it out. Wallet? Check it out. suddenly Realizing you’ve turned the oven on, you turn it to turn it off safely. Scary!

I appreciate that sentiment to remind you, especially as an event organizer. But even the most experienced event planners can overlook important details.

Event Checklist

Event Checklist

Whether you’re a first-time planner or a veteran; You can miss the details of every step. Having a synchronous meeting with your team; You can’t easily prevent this by going over a planning list for your event or conference and looking for elements that could easily be missed. After working with thousands of clients; I’ve learned the lessons every event planner should know, so I’ve compiled an event planning checklist. In the checklist; You’ll learn the essentials that are easily forgotten and how using technology can often eliminate that problem.

Business Event Planning Details Checklist

On the days of the event, Smaller aspects of the ceremony may change. Speaker or session title. As the day approached, You should make sure to update the event website at least once a day to avoid any confusion or complaints from attendees.

If this is too much for you, Use popular software that can automatically update your event website using your spreadsheet. You can also easily send notifications and emails to update your attendees with just one click. Find out more here.

Editor’s Note: This is something that is often missed; That’s why we put it on this event planning checklist as our top reminder. Your attendees will appreciate your efforts to keep everything consistent and up-to-date. We recommend you to see how this can be done very easily.

How embarrassing would it be if your keynote speaker didn’t show up on time, or worse – believed the speech was on another date? It’s hard to believe, but it’s a true story. You don’t want to be the one dealing with this nightmare; So the best way to avoid this is to remind each of your speakers of the date and time of the talk a few weeks before the event, so they can book the right flight to and from the event. On time.

Questions To Ask Your Event Venue Checklist

If you have multiple speakers to manage, there are advanced tools to help you. for example, With Speaker Hub, You can schedule multiple alerts for your speakers; The event app provides a private space so they can include dates of meetings, the room potential attendees; Where to stop etc. will be easy to check. To learn more about how it works, Book a free 15-minute demo.

Because your speakers are key to providing your audience with a great learning experience; This is one of the most important items on your event planning checklist.

A few seminars with well-known speakers or interesting topics can attract large numbers of participants and raise safety concerns, but dozens of empty seats in a large hall can make the speaker uncomfortable. If you want to prepare well, Your management platform allows you to set capacity for each session; Validate tickets for each session and check that participants can register quickly and easily. See how a Session Management and Control Tool can help you run a stress-free and well-planned event.

Event Checklist

This master sheet contains contact information for all vendors; Contains coveted information such as Wi-Fi passwords and even event checklists. It’s Evernote, Although it can be stored in Google Drive or the logistics section of an event app. It’s always good to have a hard copy of it on hand as well.

How To Host A Virtual Event That Connects: Your Virtual Event Planning Checklist

Wi-Fi in event venues tends to be unstable due to the sudden influx of people. Be sure to test the connection beforehand on busy days. Also, check if your plans app allows offline access, such as your plan plan. It’s a must-have item on your event planning list because it’s essential for guests coming to your event from other countries.

When your event is catered by Phil’s BBQ, you and your attendees will be surprised to learn that most of your attendees are vegan. It is best to know such information in advance so that you are ready to provide a pleasant and safe experience with proper accommodations. questionnaires; When you use event surveys or online event registration that offers live surveys, you can make decisions through an event app to capture valuable information. It will be faster and easier.

Your attendees have a phone, You might lose a charger or a diamond ring. .

If you don’t have the resources to set this up, Some apps like Events can help. The community board has a “Lost & Found” channel where participants can post lost or found items during the event. Because of this, the woman who lost her diamond ring was found within 30 minutes.

Explore New Ideas For Event Planning Checklist Template Excel

Your attendees will love it, so be sure to add this to your conference planning list. 🙂 Interested in how it works? Reserve a demo today!

Editor’s Note: Things can get complicated when your bar’s front desk is lost and found, but there are other guests who aren’t attending your event. Therefore, I highly recommend checking this off our event planning checklist.

Consider these charging station options for low cell phone batteries. When your attendees’ devices are fully charged, they’ll continue to check your messages and mobile brochures; You can keep posting updates on social media and connect with people throughout the day.

Event Checklist

When you have an urgent update to announce; Don’t rely on email alone. Your participants may not be able to check emails immediately. In addition, If you need to notify a group of people, such as speakers or VIPs. To turn on your laptop; You won’t have enough time to double-check your mailing list and write an email. You will need such an effective and easy-to-use mobile reminder tool. By adding it, You can instantly reach your audience by pushing email and notifications at the same time with a 40% higher delivery rate. Find out more here.

The Event Planning Checklist Used By Top Event Organizers

Editor’s Note: It may seem like a daunting task to update certain categories within your attendee list, but the notifications feature makes it easy with just a few clicks.

You might be surprised how much not having scissors or tape can increase the stress level during an event. Packing an emergency kit can help reduce these stress levels. Yes, Wedding planning lists and conference planning lists may differ slightly. This tool includes scissors, pen pencil tape notepad/paper; first aid method Clorox pen; Here are some ideas to include ibuprofen and contact numbers for your vendors.

This may be one of the most easily overlooked items on your event planning checklist, but it’s also one of the most useful. A car parked nearby allows you to pick up some missing items such as name tag sheets on busy days or pick up VIPs arriving late at the airport without the rush. Be prepared for any emergency and stay calm.

Let’s face it. We are all rude sometimes. One of your attendees is too busy talking to a colleague to see that the chair is about to fall. After helping to make sure he was okay. You may be asked to sign a risk liability form. Check with your country about their procedures for this.

The Complete Book Launch Party Checklist

Planning to play some casual background music through your smartphone speakers? Having music at your event may seem like a nice and easy solution, but it’s not legal. iTunes Store; Songs you purchase on CD or through apps like Pandora are licensed for personal use only, and an event is considered a public performance. This means you have to buy a license to play pre-recorded songs.

If musicians will be performing live at your event; A permit is also required. Playing or using music in public places without permission is not something authorities take lightly. You’ll definitely want to keep this in mind.

If your event will include alcohol, listen up: Don’t forget your liquor license. Laws vary by country and state, but here in California it’s called an ABC license. It usually takes about five weeks to approve your application; So don’t forget to add it to your planning schedule.

Event Checklist

Your volunteers may actually be late; Or you may skip lunch due to busy schedules. They might get tired. They recover with a little water and food.

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