Event Logistics Coordinator Job Description

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The logistics coordinator or logistics coordinator specialist processes the company’s purchase orders and manages the routes. Their main functions include evaluating cargo materials before distribution, coordinating with transportation systems to pick up cargo on time, and monitoring costs and productivity of cargo processes.

Event Logistics Coordinator Job Description

Event Logistics Coordinator Job Description

The logistics coordinator facilitates the relationship between production, sales and distribution levels to promote a healthy and efficient supply chain. Their services usually include:

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Chuck’s is a logistics company and warehousing facility in Schertz, Texas. We are seeking an organized, responsible individual to fill the position of Third Shift Logistics Coordinator and Warehouse Supervisor. These positions are full-time and offer competitive wages and benefits.

Hatcher Foods is currently seeking a Customer Service/Logistics Coordinator to assist one of our brands, Sonomagourmet. The Customer/Logistics function is the main point of contact for our customers and users and is also responsible for processing orders and managing logistics. We are looking for someone who lives in the Nashville area. We plan to open a satellite project somewhere in Nashville.

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Tennessee Steel Haulers, a flatbed wildlife and logistics company, is seeking a passionate and dedicated Bilingual Logistics Coordinator to oversee the care and facilitation of incoming product orders with our drivers and agents. The key to high-quality customer service is their communication and follow-up skills. The ideal candidate will have strong bookkeeping skills and a customer-oriented approach.

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We want you to participate in the development and growth of Interstate Logistics Systems. Our Murfreesboro, TN, office is hiring logistics coordinators who are driven, self-reliant, and well-rounded, ready to work in a dynamic environment. This is not a job.” It is a job opportunity that provides career development and does not take away income.

This position is responsible for promoting and maintaining efficiency of shipping and distribution systems. This place is to the east Brentag and a.

We are seeking a dedicated Logistics Coordinator to act as the point of contact for emergency and non-emergency breakdown service requests. Receive requests, send messages and track vehicles. The ideal should be sociable and calm and able to communicate especially in important situations. You must be able to handle multiple tasks and take appropriate action with minimal supervision. The goal is to ensure accurate and up-to-date information distribution so that different parties can communicate well.

Event Logistics Coordinator Job Description

Logistics coordinators are employed by supply chain operations to manage warehousing and warehousing and logistics processes. They stock and store raw material items to make the work. After the product is ready for distribution, the logistics coordinator will perform a quality check. They then review the purchase orders and prepare the product for delivery.

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Once delivered, the logistics coordinator will review the delivery time to ensure it reaches the customer quickly and safely. If there are any issues or inventory issues, the logistics coordinators are responsible for addressing and resolving the issue.

Logistics coordinators use a variety of soft skills and labor, knowledge of best practices to maintain and improve supply chain standards. These skills often include:

A logistics coordinator earns an average of $16.72 per hour. Salary may vary based on education level, experience and location.

Many logistics coordinators have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field. In these programs, they completed tasks and acquired critical knowledge in logistics, operations, management, analysis, accounting and finance. Some candidates may have a degree in a field related to their industry, such as engineering or healthcare. Other candidates may have a Master’s degree in progress or completion, such as a Master of Business Administration or other related degree.

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Candidates often receive comprehensive training through internships, collaborative work, or class projects, allowing them to develop skills, practice strategies, and perform role-related tasks.

Entering candidates with work experience can be good candidates for in-house training using the expertise of an experienced logistics coordinator. Other entry-level candidates may have one to three years of experience in a support capacity working under experienced logistics coordinators. Candidates with more experience such as industry and management experience or previous experience in logistics coordination such as five years of industry related experience.

We are looking for a dedicated Logistics Coordinator who will be responsible for the preparation and management of the company’s purchase orders. Logistics coordinator duties include evaluating shipments and working with carriers to ensure on-time pickup and delivery. You are also responsible for managing related expenses to stay on budget.

Event Logistics Coordinator Job Description

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All staff working in the supply chain warehouse will report to the logistics coordinator on any changes in shipping, inventory or delivery. If there are complex problems with shipping costs, shipping schedules, or inventory levels, warehouse staff will refer these issues to logistics coordinators to resolve them reasonably and quickly.

If the delivery drivers work in the same organization as the logistics coordinator, they also report directly to the logistics coordinator. These delivery drivers will be notified of shipment updates and logistics coordinators will be able to notify the policy and the customer if the information is delayed.

There are many different industries that logistics coordinators work in, and their duties can vary depending on where they work. Some work in health, developing medical equipment and dealing with various resources during procurement and delivery. . Others work in education, regularly contacting schools and universities to determine which materials they need to send each month.

Logistics coordinators who work in manufacturing and work in regular warehouses are involved in gathering and delivering raw materials for products. They also regularly take and organize inventory levels to ensure they have enough materials for creative production.

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A logistics coordinator job typically depends on the industry. Some may work primarily in the office, regularly taking purchase orders and contacting customers for delivery and product updates. Others may work directly in warehouses or plants, interacting with workers to determine what materials are needed, tracking shipping times, and solving problems that may affect worker productivity and efficiency levels.

A strong logistics coordinator must have excellent written and verbal communication skills as he/she regularly interacts with customers via email or phone. At the same time, they must use interpersonal skills to listen to the needs of their employees and transport the necessary materials to each individual.

As many problems arise in warehouses every day, logistics coordinators need to face big problems and have critical thinking skills to come up with quick and effective solutions. Ideal candidates should also be computer literate and experienced in programming.

Event Logistics Coordinator Job Description

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