Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

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Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working – Key ResourcesBusiness Intelligence and Analytics Guide to 2023 Top 50 Excel Interview Questions (Beginner to Advanced)

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Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

If you are working with data, Microsoft Excel is a useful tool. From simple calculations to creative reports, Excel covers it all. Knowing Excel is a necessity these days. Organizations rely on Excel to store and analyze their data. This article on MS Excel interview questions and answers covers top 50 questions asked in Excel interview.

In Excel 2010

A cell address is used to identify a specific cell in a worksheet. It is indicated by a combination of the letter of the corresponding column and the number of the row.

As shown above, The highlighted cell belongs to column ‘D’ and row 5, so the cell address is read as D5.

In comparative references, When you copy a formula from one cell to another. Changes are relative to destination. Cell address

Meanwhile, Copying a formula will not change the absolute cell reference, regardless of cell direction.

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This link type remains the default. A relative cell reference in a formula does not require a dollar sign.

If you don’t want to change the formula when you copy it to a cell. You need to add a dollar sign before and after the column and row addresses.

Freeze fields make rows and columns visible when the worksheet is scrolled. to freeze the panels; Select the View tab and go to Freeze Panels.

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

If you want to freeze the first two columns of the dataset, select column 3 and click ‘Freeze Panels’. A thick gray frame indicates this.

Stock Connector Add In For Excel

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F. The Format Cells tab appears. Go to the Protection tab. Check Locked and click OK.

3. Then, Go to the Review tab and select Protection sheet. Enter a password to protect the page.

A formula is like an equation in Excel that the user types. It can be any calculation depending on the user’s choice.

Action plans in Excel are called PEDMAS. Below is the priority level for performing Excel functions.

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As seen above, Data in parentheses is first, Then the exponentiation operation is performed. After that, It can be a division or multiplication operation. Then add the result and subtract to give the final result.

Let’s look at an example of PEMDAS prioritization in the next question in our list of Excel interview questions.

7. How to write the following formula? – Multiply the value of cell A1 by 10, add the result to 5, and divide by 2.

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

To write the above query formula, We need to follow the PEDMAS front line. The correct answer is ((A1*10)+5)/2.

How To Show Formulas In Excel

Answers like =A1*10+5/2 and =(A1*10)+5/2 are incorrect. You need to put parentheses after the concrete action.

The calculate function is often used in Excel. Here, Let’s look at the difference between counta and its variants – counta and countblank.

It counts the number of cells that contain only numeric values. string values; Cells containing special characters and blank cells will not be counted. Below is an example of a calculation function.

It counts the number of cells that contain any content. String values; Cells containing special characters and numeric values ​​are counted. However, A blank cell is not counted. Below is an example of the counta function.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Formulas And Functions Inside Out Ebook By Egbert Jeschke

As the name suggests, It only counts the number of empty cells. Cells with contents will not be considered. Below is an example of the countblank function.

A filter mechanism is used when you want to display only specific data from the entire data set. Doing so does not change the data. The shortcut to add a filter to a table is Ctrl+Shift+L.

Hyperlinks are used to move between worksheets and files/websites. The shortcut Ctrl+K is used to create a hyperlink.

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

The ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box will appear. Enter the address and display the text. Here, We are redirected to the Amazon website.

Excel Solver Tutorial

To combine text strings contained in multiple cells into one cell; You can use CONCATENATE(). Below is an example of a join function.

1. Select the cell you want to split. Then go to the Data tab; Then select the text from the columns.

The VLOOKUP function in Excel is used to search for data in a table and retrieve relevant data.

Value – Displays the data you want to find in the first column of the table.

Power Pivot For Excel

Table – Refers to the data set (table) from which the above value needs to be obtained.

Col_inex – refers to the column in the table that you need to accept the value.

Range_lookup – FALSE = exact match [optional] TRUE = closest match (default).

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

Below is an example of the VLOOKUP function. We need to find the product associated with the customer name – “Richard”.

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VLOOKUP allows the user to look up a value in the left column of a table. It then returns the value from left to right.

At the same time, The LOOKUP function allows the user to search for data in a row/column. It returns the value in the next row/column.

The IF() function in Excel performs a logical test. The test returns one value if it evaluates to true and another value if the test evaluates to false. Returns a value based on whether the condition is true for the entire selected range.

As mentioned above, If the IF function is older than 20, the IF function returns “Record is valid” and the salary must be greater than $40000. If not, It returns “The record is invalid”. Here the final answer will be “valid entry” because the entire range selected here satisfies both conditions.

How To Zoom In On A Selection In Excel 2010

The SUMIF() function adds the cell values ​​specified by given conditions or criteria. Below is an example of the sumif function.

18. Using the COVID data, find the number of days the number of deaths in Italy exceeds 200.

To do this, You can use the COUNTIFS() function. Below is the dataset we will use:

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

A pivot table is similar to a pivot table, allowing you to create reports and analyze trends. They are useful in long rows or columns that contain values ​​that you need to track.

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Drag the fields you want to display in the summary table. Here we have created a pivot table using the Coronavirus data.

To apply advanced filters, use the Advanced Filter option available on the Data tab. Select where you want to filter the table. Select “List Range” and “Criteria” based on which you want to filter the table.

Here, We write the corresponding index function to find the city Andrew belongs to from the table below.

First, Go to the Home tab, Then under Conditional Formatting Select Highlight Cell Rules. Then select “Repeat Values”.

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1. To delete duplicate values ​​in a column; Select the selected cells and click the Delete button. After deleting the values, Go to the ‘Conditional Formatting’ option on the Home tab. Select “Remove Rules” to remove rules from the sheet.

2. Duplicate values ​​can be removed by selecting ‘Remove Duplicates’ under ‘Data Tools’ on the Data tab.

Data validation limits the type of values ​​a user can enter into a particular cell or range of cells.

Excel 2010 Formulas Not Working

In the following example, We have used data validation on the ‘name’ column to accept only text values. If you type anything other than text, an error will appear.

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28. Below is the table of students. Write a function to add pass/fail to the result column based on the following criteria.

You can check with an AND condition to populate the result column using the IF() function.

Purdue University; Learn the best business analysis techniques from IB and EY experts. Enroll in our graduate program in Business Analytics today! 30. How are nested IF operators used in Excel?

We can nest the IF() function when we have multiple conditions to satisfy. For further testing, the FALSE value in the IF function is replaced by another IF function.

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31. Using the Data Analysis ToolPak, find the descriptive statistics of the columns in the table below.

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