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Excel Camera Tool – How tiring it is to fill an excel sheet with hard copied data. But what if I told you that there is a fun and fast way to get the job done in no time? Is it interesting? Read on to discuss the five best ways to create an Excel spreadsheet for camera photos. Also, you can learn how to open and edit CSV files on Android phones.

The most effective way to easily extract table data from any camera image is Microsoft Word. Once extracted, you can easily copy the data to create and fill in an Excel spreadsheet. Like this:

Excel Camera Tool

Excel Camera Tool

1. Open Microsoft Word on your desktop and select a blank document to create a new workspace.

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2. Then switch to the Input tab on the top toolbar and click the Pictures button to download a camera image.

3. Save this document as a PDF file by clicking the File button and then clicking Save As.

4. Choose where you want to save the file and select PDF from the Save as type list. This will create a PDF file in the Word document with the camera image embedded in it.

5. Now click on File tab again and click on Open option. Select the previously created PDF file to open.

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6. Microsoft Word now uses its OCR technology to convert an image-based PDF file into an editable document. Click OK to allow this.

7. Viola! You have now successfully extracted the table data from the camera image in Microsoft Word and can easily edit it.

9. Paste the tabular data copied from Word into a new Excel sheet. This is what your final Excel sheet will look like with the table data populated.

Excel Camera Tool

Another easy way to instantly create an Excel sheet with the data of each camera image is to use a free online tool. Here’s how you can achieve the same result:

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1. Open the Image to PDF Converter website in a new tab in your browser and click the Choose Files button.

2. Select the Excel sheet format you want and click the Convert button to convert your JPG image to an editable Excel file.

3. Wait a few seconds for it to download the converted Excel file and click to view its contents.

That’s it! Now you can edit the text in the chart like any other Excel sheet.

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If you don’t have a desktop or computer, you can use the official Microsoft Excel Sheet app for Android and iOS devices to easily scan any camera image to create an Excel sheet. To achieve this, follow these simple steps:

3. Click on the tab icon below to expand the available options and click on the image data.

4. Then point the camera at the tabular data you want to scan and press the capture button. You can also select an existing image from the Gallery button.

Excel Camera Tool

That’s it! You have successfully created an Excel file with tabular data from the camera image. You can scan the image multiple times to get more accurate results.

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XLS Image Converter app is another great alternative for Android phones to easily extract data from any image table. How to use this app to your advantage:

1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device and search for Image to XLS converter app to install it.

2. Give the app the necessary storage access permissions and tap Open Image to select the camera image you want.

3. Adjust the capture mode and press the Crop Image button to select the desired area to capture the tabular data in the image.

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4. Select the language of the document and click “Next” to start converting the image to an Excel file.

6. Wait a few seconds and click on the output Excel file to see the tabular contents that have been extracted.

7. Congratulations! you have successfully converted your camera image into an Excel file containing all relevant training data. You can share this Excel file or export it to your device using the save button.

Excel Camera Tool

If you’re using an iPhone and want to convert your camera image data to an Excel file, you can easily perform the image conversion function in the above app. Here’s how to use this iOS tool to your advantage:

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2. Switch to the “Copy image to Excel” tab at the bottom and tap the + sign in the bottom right corner.

3. Then click on the Gallery option. You can also take a screenshot of your hard copy data in real-time to scan with this app.

5. Wait a few seconds to allow the program to create an Excel file of the scanned image containing the extracted tables.

7. Then click the Excel icon above to import the tabular data into an Excel sheet.

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8. Viola! You have successfully converted the camera image data to the above file using this application. You can save or share it with any other tool by opening it in Microsoft Excel.

Now that you have learned how to successfully create an Excel sheet from any existing image, you can check out our detailed explanation on how to restore Google Sheets, Docs or Slides from a deleted Google account. F.A.Qs

Yes, you can easily convert any picture or image in an Excel file using the methods mentioned above.

Excel Camera Tool

Q2: Can you enter image data into an Excel sheet on a Windows computer using Microsoft Excel?

How To Input Data Into Excel Spreadsheets Using Your Phone’s Camera

Unfortunately, no, the official Microsoft Excel application for Windows does not provide the ability to import data from an existing image.

Yes, you can use the Image to XLS converter app for Android or the Image to Excel Converter app for iOS to easily convert any image into a full-size high-quality file. In addition, you can use the official Microsoft Excel application for both sites to get the job done.

Yes, you can take a picture or figure in a PDF file and convert it to an Excel sheet using the above methods.

I hope this tutorial helped you to easily create a top sheet by taking photos from the cameras. If you found this tutorial useful and worth saving your precious time filling out long Excel sheets, please hit the “Like” button and share this to let your friends know about these great techniques. Subscribe to get quality reading

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Excel Camera Tool

In a previous article, I talked about using Excel as a dashboard reporting tool, and many of you who have created Excel dashboards have looked at the Stevenson & Company dashboard screen and wondered how it was done. In particular, you’ll notice that individual dashboard tables don’t seem to use the same columns as the worksheet. Charts always seem to fit well in a dashboard report and there is no obvious place. There are multiple pivot tables from different databases displayed on the same dashboard, and everything seems to work well in one sheet.

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The reason the dashboard is great is because we don’t put actual charts, tables, and graphs on the dashboard page. We’ve dynamically attached images to each of the items displayed on the dashboard, to scale the item to get the amount of free space for the widget. Many of you have used the command Paste Special, Paste Picture in Excel to create a table or graphic that you can paste in another application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). These images often need to be updated manually whenever the underlying data changes (eg delete the old image, copy the object or image to Excel, then Paste Special to create a replacement object, apply the image and finally fit the position required. ) the refresh process is tedious and the image changes below it requires a lot of effort each time it is displayed.

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