Excel Chart Add Data Labels

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Excel Chart Add Data Labels – PowerPoint has many options for charts and tables. It offers a great way to visually display data. For example, a stacked bar chart is a way to show the relationships between parts of the data it represents, while showing the total value of each category. But if you want the data you share to be easy to understand and edit, you need to know how to add different types of labels to your charts.

Since PowerPoint uses Excel features, if you know how to add labels to an Excel chart, you can do it in PowerPoint and vice versa. While most people can easily create the charts they need, how to add the number of live labels is still a mystery to many. Luckily, we have a great trick to share with you!

Excel Chart Add Data Labels

Excel Chart Add Data Labels

In PowerPoint and Excel, you can add data label ranges as well as axis labels to charts. This can help your audience easily interpret your data. If you create a stacked bar chart in PowerPoint, each segment of the chart will be labeled automatically. To add a label in Excel, click the Add Chart Element icon and select the element you want to add.

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When adding axis labels, you need to consider the size of the text – on what screen size will the chart be displayed, will your audience see the labels clearly? Similarly, you should consider the orientation of the label; although the y-axis labels are vertical by default, the horizontal labels are easier to read. To change the orientation of the label, right-click the label, select Axis Heading Format, then Text Options, then Text Box, and then select Text Direction.

Now you have axis labels and some data labels, but if you want totals on top, you’ll need to manually add a text box and format it by hand. The downside is that when you need to update the data, you have to go back and reformat all those labels so they still line up correctly.

However, if you want to create something where each data point label is active, with a little initial work, there is a way to automatically generate the totals using the Combo Chart option.

In PowerPoint, locate the stacked bar chart and right-click Edit Data. This will open a spreadsheet with your data. Each row is a category and each column is a subcategory.

Directly Labeling Your Line Graphs

You need to create a new column for the sum: name it Sum for simplicity. Then write a short script to generate an automatic sum of the values ​​in this row: =sum(firstcell:lastcell). For the first row it looks like this: =sum(b2:c2).

Do the same for each row, then drag the bottom corner of the blue box so that the Amount column is included in the data selection, then close the data editor.

Exit the data editor or click outside the table in Excel and right-click the chart again. Select Change Chart Type and select Combined at the bottom of the list. Change the “Total” series from a stacked column to a line chart. Press the OK button.

Excel Chart Add Data Labels

Now all amounts are displayed on one line. To make it look like these totals have just been attached to the top of each column, first select the row and change the color to No Outline. Then select all label sums and right-click to select Data Label Format. Change the label position to Higher. You can perform the same steps in Excel and PowerPoint.

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Done and dusted! When you need to update data in stacked columns, total labels are automatically updated in both Table view and Chart view and automatically moved to the correct position. You can use this technique on other types of charts and graphs, such as grouped bar charts instead of stacked columns.

Now that you know how to add labels to charts in Excel, check out our video resources on charts and graphs in PowerPoint and our blog post on how to tell stories with data through animation. And keep an eye on our Events page for our regular masterclasses on this topic!

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I want to add a data label to each row, but only to the last value on the right.

Excel Chart Add Data Labels

I know if it is possible to delete individual labels. However, when I add a new value to the table, the new value appears with a new label, which is nice, but I have to manually remove the previous one. Is there a way to make the labels automatically scroll to the right?

How To Add Axis Labels To A Chart In Excel

In my next answer, I made no allowance for moving the last point (ie adding a data point). It is not a big deal to adjust the data so that one label can move.

I’ve only shown one series of data, but it’s easy to make as many as you need once you know the trick. In the dataset below, I have a column Date and two columns with the same header Value. The first column of values ​​contains values ​​up to the middle of the date range. The second column contains a formula that displays only the last value. This is the formula in cell C2:

Now make a table of all the data. The first series of values ​​is a blue circle and a line, the second is just an orange circle on the last blue dot. I added labels to the orange series, not the blue ones.

The second chart just shows that it’s cleaned up: I formatted the second series of values ​​so it doesn’t use any markers or lines, and I deleted the legend.

How To Graph And Label Time Series Data In Excel

In the next graph, I just added some data points. Without any further effort on my part, the label moved to the new endpoint.

Select only one point to mark: click once to select a series, then click again to select a single point. Now when you use the right-click menu or the plus icon to add a data label, the label is only added to the one point you selected.

For a VBA approach that just adds a label to the last point and doesn’t leave many “” labels on the chart, here’s a simple procedure from my tutorial Last Point Labels for Excel 2007. It specifically labels the last point of each series in the active chart with the series name.

Excel Chart Add Data Labels

Since Excel has no order to set only one data label if a range of cells is included to create a chart.

How To Add Labels To Show Totals In Stacked Column Charts In Excel

In your case, after applying the label, right-click on the row and the label is ready for editing. Select the labels one by one, then right-click and remove or uncheck the Check Values ​​box next to the chart area.

Remember that you are only creating a chart, not using data labels. When everything is ready, click the Command button. The code first creates all data labels and finally saves the LAST one.

By clicking “Accept all cookies” you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. I recently discussed four options for labeling line charts. A personal favorite is to place the labels directly over the data points, like this:

Adjust the y-axis so that the grid lines don’t appear as often (eg every 50 units versus every 20 units).

Outside End Labels

Use your own color palette (colors that match the look and feel of the organization versus Excel’s blue and orange hues).

Click anywhere along the line just once and a small circle will appear above each data point:

Click on the label again so that a square appears around the outside of the label. go away

Excel Chart Add Data Labels

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