Excel Questions Asked In Interview

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Excel Questions Asked In Interview

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

Microsoft Excel is the go-to tool when you work with data. Starting from simple calculations to creating reports, Excel has it all. Knowing Excel has become a necessity these days. Organizations rely on Excel to store and analyze their data. This article on MS Excel interview questions and answers will cover 50 questions that can be asked in an Excel interview.

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A cell address is used to identify a cell on a worksheet. It is identified by a combination of letters and numbers.

As shown above, the main cell is line ‘D’ and line five, so the cell address is read as D5.

In relative terms, there is a change when copying the pattern from one cell to another cell relative to its location. address at hand

Meanwhile, there is no change in the delivery of the cell is not enough when the model is published, regardless of the cell phone.

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This mode is available by default. A relative cell does not require a dollar sign in the formula.

If you don’t want to make changes in the formula when it is copied to the brain, then the actual implementation requires you to add a signed number before and after the line and line address.

Frozen windows become rows and columns visible as you move through the worksheet. To freeze panels, select the View tab and go to Freeze Panes.

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

If you are looking to freeze the first two rows of data, select the 3rd row, and click ‘Freeze Panes’. The thick gray border indicates this.

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2. Type Ctrl + Shift + F. The Target Cells tab appears. Go to the Protection tab. Check Lock and click OK.

3. Next, go to the Review tab and select Protect Sheet. Enter a password to protect the page.

The formula is similar to the equation in Excel, the user writes in that. It can be any type of reading depending on the user’s choice.

The order function in Excel is called PEDMAS. Below is the initial order when running Excel.

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As seen above, first, the information in the circle is used, then by the exponentiation function. After that, it will be divided or shared work. The values ​​are added and finally subtracted to give the final result.

Let’s see an example of PEMDAS starting point in the next question of our Excel question.

7. How would you write the formula for the following? – Multiply the value in cell A1 by 10, multiply the result by 5, and divide by 2.

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

To write the formula for the question mentioned above, we have to follow the PEDMAS Precedence. The correct answer is ((A1 * 10) + 5) / 2.

Solution: Excel Interview Questions Answers

Answers like =A1 * 10 + 5/2 and = (A1 * 10) + 5/2 are incorrect. We have to give scores after some surgery.

Calculation functions are mostly used in Excel. Here, let’s look at the difference between counting, and vice versa – counting and free counting.

Count the numbers that contain only numbers. Cells that contain special strings, special characters, and blank cells are not counted. Shown below is an example of reading.

Count cell phones with details. Numbers that contain special strings, special characters, and numeric values ​​will be counted. However, an empty cell is not counted. Shown below is an example of a calculation operation.

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As the name suggests, it counts the number of empty cells only. Cells with contents are ignored. Shown below is an example of the countblank function.

The filter is used when you want to display only the correct data from all the data. By doing so, there is no change to the data. The shortcut to add filters to a table is Ctrl + Shift + L.

Hyperlinks are used to move between worksheets and documents/websites. To create a hyperlink, the shortcut used is Ctrl + K.

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

The ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box appears. Enter the address and place the characters. Here, we are directed to the Amazon Website.

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To combine text in multiple cells into one cell, you can use CONCATENATE(). Shown below is an example of the concatenate function.

1. Select the cell you want to share. Then go to the data tab, then, select Write to Line.

The VLOOKUP function in Excel is used to search for data in a table and extract matching data.

Value – Specify the data you are looking for in the first row of the table.

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Table – Refers to the data set (table) from which you should receive the above values.

Col_index – Refers to the column in the table that you will go to. . . .

Range_lookup – FALSE = actual match [optional] TRUE = approximate match (default).

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

Below is an example of the VLOOKUP function. We are looking for a product related to Customer Name – “Richard”.

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VLOOKUP lets the user look up values ​​in the left-most column of a table. It then returns the value in left-to-right order.

Meanwhile, the LOOKUP function enables the user to search for information in rows/columns. Returns the value in a specific row/column.

In Excel, the IF() function performs a test. It returns a value if the parameter evaluates to true and another value if the parameter evaluates to false. Returns the value based on whether the condition is valid for each option.

As shown above, the IF function returns “Record Failed” if the age is greater than 20, and the salary must exceed $40000. Otherwise, it will return “Record failed” “. Here the final answer will be “Active Record” as the chosen Rose is suitable for both.

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The SUMIF() function adds the cell values ​​specified by a condition or formula. Given below is an example of the sumif function.

18. Using the COVID data, find the number of days when the number of deaths in Italy exceeds 200.

To do this task, we can use the COUNTIFS() function. The information we will use is shown below:

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

A pivot table is like a table of contents that allows you to create reports and analyze topics. That is important if you have long rows or rows with values ​​that you want to print.

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Drag the fields you want to insert into the pivot table. Here we have created a pivot table using the Coronavirus data.

To apply advanced filters, use the Advanced Filter option available in the Data tab. Select where you want to filter the table. Select ‘list range’ and ‘model type’ with the model you want to filter the table.

Here, we will write the index-match to find the city that has Andrew from the table below.

First, go to the Home tab, and under Conditional Formatting, select ‘Conditional Cell’. Then select ‘Duplicate Values’.

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1. To delete duplicate values ​​in a column, select the selected cells, and click the delete button. After deleting the value, go to the ‘Conditional Formatting’ option available in the Home tab. Select ‘Remove Rules’ to remove the rules from the document.

2. You can also delete duplicates by selecting the ‘Remove Duplicates’ option under the Data Tools available in the Data tab.

Data Validation limits the types of data that a user can enter in a cell or row of cells.

Excel Questions Asked In Interview

In the example below, we have set the support file for the ‘Name’ column to accept only characters. If you enter anything other than text, it will throw an error.

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28. Below is a table for students. Write a function to add pass/fail to the answer column as shown below.

You can use IF() function and check with AND condition to write in result column.

Learn about business excellence with Purdue University, IB and EY experts. Enroll in our Advanced Course in Business Studies Today! 30. How is the IF statement used in Excel?

The IF() function can be nested if we have multiple conditions to meet. The IFALSE value of the first IF function is replaced by another IF function to perform another test.

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31. From the table below, find the explanation for each row using the Data Analysis ToolPak in Excel.

32. Usage

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