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Excel Search Drop Down List – I love using dropdown lists in Excel! They are very easy to create and are a great way to make a spreadsheet easy to use. In this article, I’ll first show how to create an in-cell list with data validation, and then I’ll show examples that show the cool things you can do with them. -dropdown.

This method is great for simple yes/no options and other lists that only appear once in your spreadsheet.

Excel Search Drop Down List

Excel Search Drop Down List

The problem with this method is that if you use this in many cells and later you want to update the list, you have to update all the cells that use the list and there is a good chance that you will miss one. The best way is to use a type reference, or better yet – an implied type.

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Instead of manually entering a list of items into the data validation box, you can specify multiple cell types. For example, let’s say I have a separate worksheet with my list defined in cells A1:A3 as shown below. In this case, I named the type “myList”. Later you can hide your worksheet and list to keep your workbook nice and clean or prevent the user from editing the list.

In the data validation dialog box, instead of entering the list manually, you enter a reference to the specified field in the source field as shown below:

You can use a source field reference like =Sheet2!$A$1:$A$3, but I usually prefer to call it a list. Why? If you want to change the forms, you only need to change the defined name (in Forms > Name Manager) instead of finding and changing all the cells that use this data validation.

Note: When using a specified range for a data validation list, the specified range must be specified as a reference to a range of cells, or must contain a formula such as OFFSET or INDIRECT or INDEX e returning references. If you’re thinking of being fancy and want to specify a name without a cell phone number like =, the drop down list won’t work.

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Another piece of trivia: In older versions of Excel, using a specified list was the only way for a drop-down list to point to a row on another worksheet.

The font used in the dropdown list cannot be changed, so it is always a black sans serif font. This means that you cannot display different colors and fonts in the dropdown list. What I think is fun is using Unicode symbols to do fun things with dropdown lists, like star points with ★ or check boxes with the letters √, ✔, ☐, ☑ or ☒.

Important: One of the main reasons I like to use drop-down lists over checkbox style is for compatibility and ease of use with Excel Online and Excel mobile devices (form checkboxes don’t work in Excel Online or mobile devices). Also, if you’re using a touchscreen device, I think the drop down box is easier and more fun to use than typing “X”.

Excel Search Drop Down List

This example is from one of my job listing templates. The source field is “☐, √” (without quotes).

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For star data, you can use “★★★★★, ★★★★, ★★★, ★★, ★” in the Source field. This example is from the Feature Comparison template.

Cell drop ignores spaces when you enter text in the source field (such as “, yes, no”). So, if you want an empty value as an option, use a reference to an array as in the examples below.

Normally you use absolute references like $C$76:$C$77 for the resource in your dropdown list. However, there may be times when you want the dropdown source to change when you copy and paste a cell. In the example above, the dropdown uses a reference relative to the source field (no $ sign in reference). This makes it easy to create additional examples of checkboxes by copying cells to the right.

Using relative references is important when creating dependent lists, which will be shown a little later in this article.

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When you copy and paste cells, the validation data is also pasted, but you can’t use the Format Painter to copy and paste the validation data. Instead, if you just want to copy and paste the dropdown list (not forms or formatting), then after copying the cell, use Paste Special and select the confirmation option as shown in the picture.

I like to create templates that allow one to create custom lists, such as food for a meal plan or accounts receivable or PO products with a price list.

To allow for a different number of items in the source area, you could use a much larger range like =$A$1:$A$1000, but the dropdown would end up with a lot of crazy gaps. . Instead, you can create a variable that expands the list to a different end value.

Excel Search Drop Down List

You can see that although the list $ C $ 127: $ C $ 133 has two empty cells, the dropdown only goes to line 131 (the last text value in the array) .

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Go to Forms > Name Manager and create a list called category_list using the following formula in the Refers To field, replacing label_cell and list_range with the appropriate cell references.

Check out my article “Dynamic Named Ranges” to learn more about the different formats you can use. The method used in the example above works well for lists that contain only text values.

A dependent drop-down list is a list that changes based on the value of another cell that contains its own drop-down list. The source of the drop-down list can be a method, and this is the key to creating a dependent list. As I mentioned earlier, the form must return references, so there are only a few forms that work for dropdowns. I prefer to use SELECT or INDIRECT.

The example below is based on an account registration where the idea is to select categories for each sale. The Type column contains a list of discounts that point to cells C179:D179 (labeled “Cost” and “Revenue”). We want the dropdown box based on the category field to use the list of expenses if the type is “expense” and the list of currency groups if the type is “income”.

How To Create A Drop Down List In Google Sheets

The formula uses a relative reference for the cell type and absolute references for type_values, cost_range and income_range like this:

Alternatively, we can create a grid called Expense_range and Income_range and use the following formula for the source:

You can also use the variables specified in the SELECT method, so I’m not sure one method is better than the other. Some might argue that CHOOSE is better because INDIRECT is a static function, but I don’t think it’s important for dropdown lists.

Excel Search Drop Down List

See the grocery book template for a working example of how drop-down lists can be used in a spreadsheet.

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If the previous examples are not enough for you, my article “Dynamic Drop-Down Lists” explains how to create drop-down lists that change based on user input, date, check number, etc.

If your list is too long, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Google Sheets provides a good solution, but not perfect (yet). In Papers, you can start typing in a cell and the drop-down list will sort itself out based on what you type… as long as it’s the beginning of one or more words in the list.

For example, suppose your list includes the names of Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Harry Truman, and J. Edgar Hoover. As soon as you type “h,” the list is shortened to Harry Truman and J. Edgar Hoover, but Sheets doesn’t know the “h” in Washington.

Excel: With a simple trick, you can create a pop-up list in Excel. Watch this YouTube video.

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My article Add More Features to Your Excel To-Do Lists shows some examples of how conditional formatting is combined with a drop-down box to select key values ​​from a to-do list. do or of works.

Example 1: This chore list allows you to select a high, medium, or low value in the priority column. There are also examples of this on the job listing template page.

Example 2: This task list template uses conditional formatting icons for the main column and a dropdown list to select a value between 1 and 4.

Excel Search Drop Down List

Some examples: Drop-down menus are common in many of my templates, including the Meal Planner, Money Manager, and many financial calculators. You can download templates to see how the dropdown lists are designed.

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The Customer List Template page describes how to copy a customer list worksheet to a table, create a drop-down list that displays customer names, and then add lookup forms to display information for a selected customer.

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