Excel Select From Drop Down List

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Excel Select From Drop Down List

Excel Select From Drop Down List

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Have you ever thought about a more efficient way in Excel? Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to create a drop-down list.

Whether you run a business or a home, staying organized is the key to success. There are tons of apps and websites these days to help you stay organized, but I always go back to the old-fashioned Microsoft Excel. I can’t part with it.

Microsoft Excel is more than what parents use at their desks. Used effectively, it can be a valuable tool in your arsenal if you need it for business, home, or on a budget. Drop-down lists are useful when time is money by simplifying data entry.

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This example spreadsheet has a list of clients on the left and a column with communication preferences on the right. Adds a drop-down list for communication options where you can select Email, Phone, or Text.

Enter each item you want to be available for selection in the drop-down list, separated by commas.

When you click on a cell, a drop-down arrow appears in the lower-right corner, and when you click on the arrow, a drop-down list appears for selection. When you select an item from the list, the cell is populated.

Excel Select From Drop Down List

No formulas are required, just change the data entry type from input to select. So if you go to your data and change the data validation, it will be like the steps above.

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Although often mistaken, data filters are different from drop-down lists. Data filtering has been added to the header of each column, allowing you to filter the data you are viewing by category. For example, filter by month, place, etc. However, the drop-down list lets you choose what to fill the cell with. Using custom lists in Microsoft Excel on Mac makes data entry difficult and easy. Drop-down lists are no different. You can create it in just a few clicks.

Drop-down lists in Excel are ideal for limiting cell item selection. Useful for selecting items such as color, size, product, person, day of the week, etc.

Open Microsoft Excel and open the document you want to add to the drop-down list. Then follow these steps:

1) Enter the list items into the spreadsheet. You can use a new sheet in the workbook or an existing cell in which an item was entered.

How To Create A Drop Down List In Excel

6) Click in the Source box and drag the cells that should appear in the drop-down list. (You can also type directly into some cells if you like the format.)

This action will minimize the pop-up window. Release the cursor at the end of the selected cell to maximize the window again.

The pop-up window should disappear and the cell in the drop-down list should contain an arrow to select an item.

Excel Select From Drop Down List

It’s very simple if you want to use the same drop-down list option for all columns or rows. Click the letter at the top to select all columns, or click the number to the left to select all rows.

Excel Drop Down List

Then follow the steps listed above, starting with step 2 for the Data tab and the Validate Data button.

Adding a drop-down list to your spreadsheet allows you to conveniently select from several predefined items. You can also create multiple drop-down lists for different items on one sheet. Is there an Excel feature you find useful? Or you haven’t created a dropdown list in Excel yet, but now? Let me know! We recommend using drop-down lists or combo boxes to make your data more standard and limit user error. However, there are times when you just want to scroll down and fill in the situation. You can find out here.

Excel’s Data Validation feature is a great tool to ensure that users are entering the correct data. You can also use formulas to create your own lists. Select the List option from the Allow drop-down Show.

You can use formula support to specify a range of cells to use as a list. or; You can also hide drop-down items by sending an empty string representing an empty list.

Adding A Blank Option In A Data Validation Drop Down List In Excel

A simple IF function is enough to make Excel conditional scroll down. All you have to do is set the condition and list the list that will be populated when the condition is met.

. The last argument of the IF function is two double quotation marks (“”) denoting an empty string.

An important point in the formula is the absolute/relative reference state. As you know, when Excel copies a formula, it includes and updates the relative reference (eg B3) and leaves the absolute reference (eg $C$8:$C$11) intact. This logic is analogous to data validation, which can be used to our advantage. To instruct Excel to copy the formula in the range, select the first cells C3:C5. We want B3 to be changed to B4 and B5 to match C4 and C5 while the drop-down list $C$8:$C$11 remains the same. You can do this by making B3 relative and leaving $C$8:$C$11 absolute.

Excel Select From Drop Down List

Also see articles on how to create dynamic drop-down lists in Excel, how to create dependent drop-downs, and how to validate unique values ​​in Excel data.

How To Create A Drop Down List In Excel

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