Excel Sort Column By Number

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Excel Sort Column By Number – We often need to sort data to organize tables in our work, so how can we sort data in tables?

Take this table as an example. We want to sort the Total results of this table from largest to smallest.

Excel Sort Column By Number

Excel Sort Column By Number

1. Select some cells in the Total Results column and click the Home tab, then click the Sort drop-down button.

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2. Select Down in the pull-down menu, then select these two options Expand selection and Continue with current selection in the pop-up Sort Warning dialog box.

3. Continue with the current selection means that only the data in the selected column will be sorted. Click this option. Then we will find that the data in this column is sorted from the largest to the smallest and there is no change in the other columns.

4. Select Expand the selection and click. We will find that the data of all the rows in the table has been changed according to the Total Result column.

The spreadsheet also supports custom sorting, meaning data can be sorted not only by value, but also by cell color and font color.

Sort A Table In Excel

If we want to put a yellow colored cell at the top of the table and put a red font colored cell at the bottom, we can set the table order.

3. Since we want to sort the cells filled with yellow, select Column E to Sort By, select Cell Color to Sort By, select yellow and On Top to Sort.

5. Select Column G in Then select Cell color in Sort by , select red and Order below.

Excel Sort Column By Number

We can see that the row of cells filled with yellow is at the top of the table and the row of cells with red font color is at the bottom of the table.

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Jpg to pdf merge small pdf How to install new font in machow to put photos in document type using autocomplete in excel how to write compatible If you run many classes in Excel, you can benefit from shortcuts or even macros. Here are some ways to make your sorting life easier.

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How To Randomly Sort A List In Excel

Sorting data is easy, and in general, Microsoft Excel offers several methods, including keyboard shortcuts, to accomplish the task. In general, we open many simple species that we did not think about. However, once you start sorting multiple columns, sorting requires more clicks and selections. It’s still easy, but it can slow you down and some users don’t like slowing down that much. First, I’ll show you how to find some keyboard shortcuts for single column types. Next, we’ll look at a macro that performs a two-column sort.

I use Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you can use an older version. You can work with your own data or download demo .xlsm and .bas files. This article is not suitable for the browser version.

Even the newest user can perform ascending or descending order on one column. Click anywhere in the column you want to sort and click one of the Sort options in the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab. On the Home tab, you can click Sort and Filter in the Edit group. Or you can right-click a cell, click Sort, and then click the appropriate option from the resulting submenu. Figure A shows the ascending order in the Num column.

Excel Sort Column By Number

Sorting shortcuts can do the same thing without taking your hand off the keyboard: With the cursor anywhere in the column you want to sort (in the data set, of course), press Alt-A-S-A for ascending and Alt-A-S-D for descending species. . To follow the Home tab path, press Alt-H-S-S and Alt-H-S-O. (These shortcuts are harder to remember.) Now that you know the basics, we can move on to the different fields.

Sort Data In Excel With Data Rows

When sorting by multiple columns, you group. For example, to sort the demo sheet by Num then Place means to sort the Num number and then sort the Place value in Num

Sorted in each group – any time, it’s a coincidence. Figure B shows a group of 2 in the Num column, the position values ​​are 3, 1, 3, in that order, which is out of order.

You must sort on more than one column. You can open the Sort dialog box by clicking Sort in the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab, or by clicking Sort & Filter in the Edit group on the Home tab. Fortunately, the hotkeys are easy to remember: Alt-A-S-S and Alt-H-D-U. Both open the dialog shown in Figure C.

Using this dialog, you can sort by multiple columns. First, you should see the My data has header. You

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Set this option correctly to get the desired result. If you do not set this and the dataset has headers, Excel sorts the header text by value.

As you can see in Figure E, the Places values ​​to the right of group 2 in Num numbers are now in ascending order—1, 3, and 3. In a simple data set, there isn’t much else. to sort except date, but we will be able to do that-sort by three columns. How you add it to the classification will determine the outcome. Note that each Next By level is a subset of the previous classification or grouping.

You may have noticed that I did not use any kind of keyboard to add the Place column to the original order. That’s because you can’t. As far as I know, what I have shown you is that you can use shortcuts. However, I promise you a keyboard shortcut solution, and you need a macro.

Excel Sort Column By Number

If multi-column sorting is a frequent task for you, think of a macro and set a keyboard shortcut to do it, or add it to a custom group or even the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). I will show you the macro and you can decide how to run it.

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Listing A shows a macro that automates the simple two-column sort performed in the last section. It’s not dynamic – just do this simple. But you can easily adapt it to your needs. To enter a VBA procedure, open the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) window by pressing Alt + F11. From the Import menu, select Units and enter the code. Do not copy and paste the code from this web page – it will not work. Enter it manually or copy it from the .bas file included in the downloadable demo file. If you must copy from this web page, paste it into Word or another word processor and paste from there into VBE. This removes web characters that cannot be seen.

“Classification column D and E. Number (D) is the main classification. Section (E) is the first group classification).

When you return to Excel, save the workbook as a macro-enabled (.xlsm) file. If you are using an older menu version (.xls), this step is not required.

The macro itself needs little explanation, but you can add layers using the Add method. Also, you must call the Clear method at the beginning to clear the previous order. You can also add one afterwards (after the Apply method) if you don’t want Excel to remember it. Comment lines using array references if you want to go that route. The table will allow you to add and remove data rows without updating the data range in the macro.

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Before running the macro, sort the dataset by EntryID value. Then press Ctrl + S to open the macro. The result is the same as the order of the two manual fields configured earlier. It doesn’t matter which cell is selected when you run the macro, because the cell references and ranges are clear.

In some cases, macros can be overkill. If you only open one item, you can press Alt-D-S to open it again and again. But the fact that you need keyboard shortcuts means that you often change the order. However, it may mean that you delete or add records or modify values. If this

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