Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

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Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions – FAA Form 8130-3 provides an airworthiness approval label and details on new or used aircraft parts. Form information and detailed instructions are available here.

Many in the aircraft parts industry (and more specifically, MRO) are familiar with Form 8130-3, but even some veterans see the 8130-3 as just a box to check in their transaction processes.

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

In this article, we take a deeper look at what the 8130 covers, how it compares to a certificate of compliance, and an instructional guide for filling out the form.

Faa Forms 8130 3

At a high level, 8130-3 is a way to verify the identity, traceability and airworthiness of every part and component used in our global aviation system.

Form 8130-3 is a document required by the FAA under the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to certify the acceptable condition of an aircraft part or product for safe operation in the United States or one of its global aircraft responsibility partners.

8130-3 can be used to certify that new and used parts meet safety standards and can also be used to validate return to service (RTS) after maintenance and repair.

The purpose of 8130-3 is to maintain a consistent environment for identification, accountability and traceability across the global aviation network.

Special Flight Permits

Form 8130-3, or the airworthiness approval label, is used to certify that a new part, engine or entire aircraft is airworthy, but can also be used to return a part, engine or aircraft after repair.

A Certificate of Conformity, also known as a Certificate of Conformity or simply CoC, serves as proof that a part or aircraft was manufactured by a company and the manufacturing process was approved by the FAA.

A CoC must be completed by the FAA or a designee, while Form 8130-3 can be completed by many FAA authorized Certified Repair Stations (CRS) or air carriers. But don’t let this claim confuse you, 8130-3 is a more established standard compared to CoC. 8130-3, for example, can be used for export confirmation, but CoC cannot.

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

When used to certify a return to service, the FAA Form 8130-3 must comply with the terms of the Bilateral Agreement Maintenance Procedures (MIP), the airline or air carrier must check both boxes in block 19, which ” 14 CFR 43.9 Return to Service” referred to. “

Ticking All The Right Boxes

For the global aviation system to function well, countries have had to make various regulatory concessions and agreements. Under the EU/US bilateral agreement, for example, when a used product or product is exported or imported, it must have a duplicate release on FAA Form 8130-3 and EASA Form 1.

EASA Form 1 is the authorized certificate of airworthiness issued by the European Union, basically the European version of 8130-3. This document certifies that a part, component or product has been manufactured or repaired in accordance with approved design specifications.

Despite these measures taken to create a unified and reliable system for buyers and sellers of aircraft parts, there were scenarios where companies were deprived of these documents and successfully transported parts that did not meet international quality standards.

You can download our guide to completing FAA Form 8130-3 or continue reading below for more detailed instructions.

Navigating The New Faa Airworthiness Certificate Application Program

Although this field is different in the relevant documents for Europe (EASA Form 1), Canada (TCCA Form 1) and other countries, on FAA Form 8130-3 this field is pre-printed “FAA / United States”.

As above, this field preprints the title of the document, in this case, “Certificate of Authorized Issue FAA Form 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Label.”

In previous versions of the 8130-3, dating back to 1997, this field read:

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

If the company separates the bulk shipments from the previous order of the production authorization holder (PAH), they must create a new tracking number and attach a certification statement;

Faa Forms And Records

Enter the name and physical address of the legal entity (PO Box addresses are not allowed). You can also enter the PAH certificate or program number after the name and address in parentheses.

If the transmission is through a satellite facility of a PAH where a new program number is generated, use the new number. Company logos are acceptable if they can fit into the form field.

To facilitate customer traceability of a product, component or item, enter the appropriate unique order number. If there are additions to the 8130-3, such as the copy statement in Tab 3 above, we add the number of pages.

This can include a single batch number or multiple product numbers for serialized products. If multiple numbers are used, they must be in numerical order.

Fill Out & Sign Online

If the number of product numbers exceeds the space of the field, then a separate list can be attached to the 8130-3 document, and this field can contain “List is attached”. If the attached list meets the information requirements of boxes 7-11, they may be left blank and an additional statement added to box 12:

“This is a certification statement for the products and items listed in the attached document, dated [DATE], with pages [FIRST PAGE] through [LAST PAGE].”

This field is not really a product description, but more of a descriptive product name. This identifier can be derived from any indication of continued air quality or maintenance. Examples include “engine”, “coffee machine” and “landing gear”.

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

Enter any part number used to identify the part, component, or item. If 8130-3 is used to certify the airworthiness of an entire engine, for example, the model name can be used.

Dd Form 2656 6 ≡ Fill Out Printable Pdf Forms Online

If a serial number is required by the Code of Federal Regulations, enter it here. If not required by regulation, you can also enter another serial number, or if there is no serial number, enter “N/A”.

Various terms are used to describe the status of an aircraft part, component or item, including “new”, “prototype”, “reconditioned” and “overhauled”.

If the production of the specified aircraft part conforms to the approved design data, enter “NEW”.

After approved standard design data or unapproved design, enter “PRECIMON” in box 8130-3 11.

F21186 Lycoming Tio 540 Ae2a Rocker Arm W/ 8130 (set Of 6) (spf)

Find all information necessary to establish airworthiness and cross each item in Block 6. If necessary, the information can be attached separately.

There are several conditions that require unique statements and disclosures. For example, if your product, component or item is a prototype or if the current 8130-3 is to correct errors in the previous form. For more information on releases that may affect your 8130-3, see pages 21-22 of the FAA supplemental document.

How sections 13 and 14 of 8130-3 are completed depends on whether the form is completed for the following airworthiness certifications:

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

Depending on whether the item is new or returned to service (RTS), either column 13 or column 14 is completed, but not both. The remaining blank should be dark or gray.

Faa Form 337: Fill Out & Sign Online

Put a check mark or “x” in the box that best matches your answer in box 11. Checking the first box means the product was manufactured to FAA-approved design data.

A check mark in the second box means that the product complies with prototype and design data that have not been approved by the FAA or is subject to the issuance of a type certificate or supplemental certificate (TC / STC).

The handwritten signature of an authorized signatory (or a computer-generated signature specifically approved by the FAA). An FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) or designee must sign.

Each signature must have an appropriate authorization or approval number. For FAA inspectors, for example, the number will correspond to their office identifier.

Faa 8130 3 Form Airworthiness Approval Tag [instructions]

Many people are unsure when to recognize the date in fields 13e and 14e. Enter the date of the authorized inspection or compliance determination.

Today, the correct date format for block 8130-3 13e and 14e is “2-digit day / first three letters of the month / 4-digit year”, eg “08/Oct/2020”.

In 2009, the date format was slightly different with “first three letters of the month, 2-digit day and 4 digits”, for example “October 08, 2020”.

Faa Form 8130 6 Instructions

If a part, component or item is returned after service repair or modification, you must confirm that the service was performed in accordance with CFR specifications and a recognized standard MIP as specified in the bilateral contract.

Sc Form L 2172: Fill Out & Sign Online

It is important to understand what this form means for your business and the importance of air quality certification for parts bought and sold in the global aviation system.

Selling quality aircraft parts is a big responsibility, and we understand how difficult it can be, which is why we make tools to help you become more efficient, including document analysis like 8130-3.

Sign up for a free demo to learn how to easily integrate with your current toolset and help generate more RFQs, manage documents easily and digitally, and close more sales. A certificate of airworthiness is issued under the authority of 49 U.S.C. 44103 as implemented by 14 CFR Part 21. The purpose of this information is to evaluate the applicant’s application for a US airworthiness certificate. Information protected by privacy laws regarding potential mechanical defects or unsafe conditions

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