Failure To File Tax Returns

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Failure To File Tax Returns – Claiming False Deductions From Your Tax Return It’s no secret that the IRS has limited resources to meticulously analyze each individual tax return. This can make it incredibly easy to increase your earnings, pay less income taxes, and increase your deductions. People are constantly wrong about their taxes; After all, we are only human, right? However, in the event that a taxpayer willfully evades taxes or neglects laws, there are severe consequences. Consequences of False Deductions To prevent taxpayers from using the tax code, the IRS will increase the amount you owe them by 20%. For individuals, an underpayment is considered material if the amount exceeds 10% of the correct amount of tax that would be shown on an accurate return. If the amount is more than $5,000, the IRS will also consider the amount to be materially owed. If you plan to claim a large deduction on your taxes, be sure to include a reason and any documents you may have that will support your claim on Form 8275. If the IRS denies the deduction, you can still avoid the 20% increase and cost in false conclusions if you provide the reason and documentation. The consequences of falsifying tax documents can lead to criminal prosecution, including any of the following criminal acts:

Penalties for Falsely Claiming Dependents When you knowingly claim dependents falsely on your taxes, you risk penalties and potential audit from the IRS. Claiming false deductions, such as for dependents, is considered tax evasion and therefore a heavy criminal penalty. However, the IRS will only consider a harmful consequential fraud claim if the taxpayer shows persistence, which means you have to know your crime in order to be charged. Without intent, the offense is negligent. There are still penalties for negligence. Knowing the rules is your duty, but it’s not a crime. Dependents may qualify you for other forms of tax relief in addition to the initial reduction. You can get tax credits for education expenses, medical bills, and childcare—which is why claims of bogus deductions for dependents are so common. If the IRS accuses you of listing a fake dependent, you will have to repay the entire amount you avoided by doing so. In addition to the lump sum, you will be required to pay a late payment penalty of 0.5% for each month that has passed since the tax was paid. Civil Penalties Not only may the IRS impose late payment penalties in connection with a false dependency claim, but it may also impose civil penalties for a false dependency claim. If the IRS concludes that you knowingly included a bogus dependent, they may impose a civil penalty equal to 20% of the assessed tax. However, if the IRS believes you have committed fraud with a false deduction, it may impose a penalty of 75% of the assessed tax. It is important to note that the IRS would have to file a criminal case to impose more than a 75 percent civil penalty. If you are successfully prosecuted, you could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars. Since you are technically filing a tax return under penalty of perjury, anything you claim must be true or you could be charged with perjury. If you are not truthful in making a false affiliation claim, it can result in up to 3 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Failure To File Tax Returns

Failure To File Tax Returns

How to Avoid Fines and Audits Incorrect tax deductions can result in penalties, fines, and potential criminal charges. When it comes time to file, it’s always better not to claim bogus deductions than to lie about your taxes and risk the dire consequences that could follow. The easiest way to escape a bogus affiliation claim? Don’t lie about your taxes. If you are not sure if you qualify for certain deductions, contact a tax representative who can help you. Tax codes can be difficult to understand; Don’t let your inexperience put you in hot water with the IRS. If the IRS checks you out, the cost of defending your wrongful deduction will almost certainly exceed the amount you originally saved on your taxes. If you receive a letter from the IRS saying that you are about to be audited, you should contact a tax professional immediately. When the IRS sends a letter notifying a taxpayer that they are about to be tested, it will include the specific aspects of your return that they plan to inquire about. Make sure you collect any and all information related to the specific problems that the IRS wants to solve. Here are some additional tips on how to conduct an IRS audit:

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Audits may seem like the end of the world, but they are not that serious. With sufficient documentation and the right help from a tax professional, you can complete an audit in a matter of weeks. If the IRS has charged you for making false deductions or claiming false dependents, contact the IRS today. Our qualified representatives are ready to assist you with all of your tax needs.

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Failure To File Tax Returns

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As an expat who has lived in Canada since 1966, I only became concerned about my tax filing obligations in the US after I read several news articles in early 2012 about potential penalties for not filing a tax return. I had no idea what to do, and of course I was worried. I searched the web and found Oliver’s website. I called him and told him my story. He told me what documents he needed to get me on the right track… I sent them to him and he took them from there. Since then, every year I have relied on Oliver to help me keep the rules. I regularly receive updates on new rules and regulations from Olivier. I feel very comfortable using his services and will continue to do so. Olivier provides excellent service and is very easy to deal with. Keep up the good work, Oliver.

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