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Animals on a Farm: Paper cut-Outs! What You need: White drawing paper (11" x 17")
Crayons or Oil Pastels
Outlines of lots of farm animals. These will also be discovered on the web with the aid of looking up “farm animal clip artwork”. These may also be pre-cut otherwise you can support your baby reduce them out.
Glue stick
What You Do: talk about what “overlapping” capacity along with your infant. supply examples of how a chook in entrance of a barn in a photo may additionally cowl a part of the barn, but people who appear on the picture nevertheless recognize that the barn is there. Or, a cow might also stand in front of a tree, blockading part of the tree, but we nonetheless recognize that the tree is there.
Have your child draw and color-in a farm on the white paper the usage of crayons or oil pastels. encompass a barn, landscape and sky. believe drawing various kinds of trees, gardens and climate. This could be an outstanding time to introduce the definition of a horizon line, which is a line that separates the sky from the grass.
she will be able to now colour in the entire animals that you helped print out.
using scissors, aid her reduce the coloured animals out of the paper.
she will now glue all of her farm animals onto her farm landscape! Remind her in regards to the thought of overlapping.
 Now you have the best farm to body and brighten any room! Duck: Famously Fatty, without problems scrumptious Kevin D. Weeks for NPR Get recipes for Roast Duck, Pan-Roasted Duck Breasts With Cranberry Coulis, Canard Au Vin and Duck Potatoes (above). I don’t recall after I first ate duck. I comprehend it changed into a roasted duck, but I do not remember any of the particulars of its instruction. i was doubtless 13 or 14 and far too distracted with youth to pay consideration to what my mother changed into experimenting with this time. youngsters, I evidently be aware loving its rich flavor and astounding fattiness. I also consider the potatoes roasted in the duck fats within the roasting pan. on no account, by no means, on no account throw out duck fats (except you may have burned it). it’s a valuable commodity to be kept cosseted and guarded for your freezer for particular dishes. Now that i’m focusing, i will say duck beats chicken and turkey hands down. these two birds can’t come near the savory delight of duck (or goose, for that rely). Chickens and turkeys were the discipline of severe, profit-pushed breeding courses resulting in pure white breasts so huge the animals can barely stroll — and in addition, they don’t have any taste. With duck, the breasts are plenty greater in proportion to the fowl’s normal dimension. And the breasts are darkish meat as well; that capacity a duck breast is as flavorful as its leg. this is now not to say that ducks don’t seem to be bred. essentially the most common business breed is Pekin duck (also known as long island duck in this country). do not confuse the Pekin duck breed with the Peking duck dish. despite the fact the latter is commonly made the usage of the former, different duck breeds additionally work within the dish, which is basically a chinese language duck crepe recipe — justifiably famous when neatly made. After working as editor of numerous computer magazines, Kevin D. Weeks is now a private chef in Knoxville, Tenn. Weeks also teaches cooking classes, is the ebook to Cooking for 2 at, and blogs at seriously first rate. Cooking With Beer Oct. 14, 2009 a passion For Peaches July 29, 2009 Cooking With Herbs June 24, 2009 Going With The movement: Melted Cheese Jan. 21, 2009 The art Of Sandwich-Making July 30, 2008 The Pekin/big apple breed originated in China and is a descendant, as most home species are, of a mallard. they’re tidy, well-proportioned animals weighing 5 to eight pounds with a rich but no longer gamey taste. Muscovy, the other wonderful domesticated species and one which originated within the New World, is never a mallard. or not it’s nowhere near as attractive in look and is a bit better with a naturally heavier breast than the Pekin duck. it is also much less fatty. Raised domestically, it too has a prosperous, ungamey taste. Muscovy and Pekin ducks are sometimes crossbred, which consequences in a sterile chicken referred to as a moulard. This crossbreed is reportedly sturdier and more laid-again (domesticated) than both of its fogeys and is commonly used to produce foie gras. Which brings us to magret, the breast of any duck that has been deliberately fattened to supply foie gras. This is rarely a unique species, just a special name. Foie gras — actually, "fats liver" — is made from duck or goose livers (not fowl or turkey) because the birds are waterfowl and so are geared toward producing fat to insulate them from the chilling results of water. (in the wild, the fat stored in the liver is used to gasoline the animals’ migration.) as a result, duck and goose are justifiably famous for being fatty birds and have livers that can also be essentially buttery in taste and texture. in view that my first taste, some forty years ago, of potatoes roasted in duck fat, I’ve roasted rutabaga and cauliflower (and pretty much every other vegetable) in duck fats. I’ve also smeared the fat on bread to make a totally over-the-properly grilled cheese sandwich. are trying adding it as an alternative of butter to mashed potatoes with a healthy spoonful of sparkling horseradish. Duck fats is primarily monosaturated fat, making it much less unhealthful than pork or red meat fat. chefs consider it the queen of fat to pork’s regency as king. not ever, by no means, by no means throw out duck fats (except you have burned it). it is a valuable commodity to be kept cosseted and protected on your freezer for particular dishes. just a few weeks in the past, I made Maine fries in duck fat with some shredded duck. With a beer, that changed into my supper, and it turned into among the many highest quality I’ve ever made or eaten. i will be able to continually find whole geese on the grocery store (and i have a native source of farm-raised birds), however usually I buy duck breasts at my native upscale grocery and pan-roast them. after I want legs for a dish, I buy a whole bird and reduce it up, freezing the breasts. that you would be able to additionally order breasts, legs, confit and fat from numerous online sources. I’ve come a long means from that first pubescent style of quacking fowl, but I nonetheless love it best cooked and served relatively simply. The truth is the chicken is so good on its own that little gilding is needed. And crisp duck dermis is manna from heaven. as a result of duck is so fatty, you deserve to make a different effort to eliminate one of the crucial fat. this is effortless enough if you’re pan-roasting breasts or cooking just the legs. it’s much more intricate, although, when roasting an entire duck. The ideal manner i know to do it is to simmer the complete duck after poking holes in the epidermis to allow the fat to escape because it melts. you’ll want a large stockpot, and or not it’s a two-part system, however the two parts outcome in that almost all luscious of lipids (duck fat) and a stupendous broth that you can use for cooking beans or making soup. are trying the cranberry coulis recipe as a sauce. magnify this picture Kevin D. Weeks for NPR Makes four to 6 servings 1 5- to 6-pound duck 1 giant yellow onion, peeled, trimmed and quartered 2 gigantic carrots, reduce into 1-inch lengths 2 medium stalks of celery, reduce into 1-inch lengths massive handful of flat-leaf parsley with stems 12 peppercorns 2 bay leaves 2 enormous cloves garlic 2 tablespoons dried orange zest (that you could locate dried zest within the spice department) 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 teaspoons dried, ground rosemary 1 orange, washed and reduce into eighths 1 small onion, peeled, trimmed and quartered 2 cloves garlic Defatting remove giblets from duck cavity and bring to an end wing suggestions. the usage of a small paring knife, poke holes all over the duck’s breast, legs and returned. Insert the knife at an perspective to prevent penetrating the meat — determine you have got 1/4 inch of fats under the skin on the breasts and thighs and about 1/eight inch on the legs and back — but insert as deeply as feasible with out making a cut greater than about 1/2 inch lengthy. place the duck in a huge stockpot, add onion, carrots, celery, neck and wing assistance. Add sufficient water to absolutely cowl duck. remove duck from pot, add parsley, bay leaves and peppercorns, and place pot over excessive heat. deliver to a boil, skimming off any scum that varieties. cautiously return duck to pot and bring back to a boil, then automatically in the reduction of warmth to a simmer. region a plate with a heavy can on desirable of it onto the duck to preserve it submerged, and simmer for 45 minutes, doing away with any further scum as it types however enabling fats to accumulate. get rid of duck and pat dry, being cautious to steer clear of tearing skin. Cool to room temperature. At this aspect, that you can circulation on to roasting, otherwise you can refrigerate the duck on a dish, uncovered, which forces some additional fat out as the epidermis contracts and produces a crispier epidermis. Refrigerate the inventory you could have made in a single day. The fats will rise to the accurate and you can skim that off and save it frozen for up to a year. The stock may also be reduced (centred) and used for making gravy (with one of the vital duck fats) or reserved for different uses (there’s no salt in it, and or not it’s conveniently flavored to retain it bendy for other dishes). Roasting in case you refrigerated the fowl, remove from fridge and set on the counter for three hours. warmth oven to 500 degrees, region an oven rack one level up from the backside, and heat a roasting pan that may hang a roasting rack. don’t heat the rack. combine collectively orange zest, salt, pepper and rosemary. Sprinkle half the mixture internal duck and half outdoor, patting to make it stick. Stuff cavity with orange, onion and garlic and roast for half-hour (rotate front to again after quarter-hour). eradicate from oven and let leisure quarter-hour earlier than carving. note: retailer the duck bones and the back, add them to the reserved duck inventory and simmer it for one more couple of hours to make a richer stock. certainly keep the fat for different cooking tasks. in case you desire roast duck but now not the predicament and time of roasting a whole chicken, here’s the ticket. I’ve made this edition with the cranberry coulis for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners for myself, by myself, and for as many as six. but the basic recipe for pan roasting is infinitely adaptable, so are trying it with other things akin to a peach gastrique (a kind of French sweet-and-sour sauce made with fruit) and even an easy duck gravy. You can make it Asian with 5-spice powder or Mexican with chipotle powder. have a good time. enlarge this image Kevin D. Weeks for NPR Makes four servings 6 oz cranberries, picked over 1 gigantic orange, zested and juiced 1/four cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1/four cup orange liqueur (Triple Sec, Cointreau, Grand Marnier) 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 4 duck breasts (6 to eight oz. each) Coulis be sure you have about a cup of fresh orange juice; if now not, add water (or more orange juice to carry to 1 cup). Put all parts except liqueur in a small saucepan and simmer unless berries burst, 15 to 18 minutes. Add liqueur and process in a blender or meals processor unless pureed. warm before serving. Duck heat oven to 350 levels. mix spices in a small bowl, then sprinkle spice mixture on each side of breast. Then, using a really sharp knife, reduce through the skin on the breast to create 1/2-inch diamonds, being careful not to reduce into the meat. place breasts dermis-aspect down in a huge solid-iron skillet and place over medium-excessive heat. cook dinner except skin starts to brown, about 6 minutes. turn breasts over and location skillet within the middle of the oven. cook dinner 15 minutes for medium rare or 25 minutes for smartly accomplished. leisure the breasts for 5 minutes, then slice throughout the grain, plate and spoon on warm coulis. there may be a basic French recipe called coq au vin it truly is traditionally made with a chicken (coq) past its leading it truly is braised in crimson wine. I took that dish and married it with duck legs and introduced a be aware from the French edition of a French daube, or stew. here’s more suitable than any modern coq au vin made with chicken from the food market because the duck legs have ample flavor to get up to the marinade. you will deserve to birth a day ahead. enlarge this photograph Kevin D. Weeks for NPR Makes four servings four duck leg quarters 2 carrots, peeled and finely chopped 1 small stalk celery, finely chopped 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 bay leaf 2 sprigs rosemary, bruised between your hands 2 significant cloves garlic, smashed 3 cups purple wine, (corresponding to pinot noir or zinfandel) 1 cup hen stock/broth (may additionally not be necessary) Put duck legs in a gallon plastic bag and add ultimate materials, apart from chook inventory. Refrigerate for sixteen to 24 hours, turning occasionally. heat oven to 275 degrees. remove legs from bag (maintaining marinade) and remove skin (holding it as total as that you would be able to). location skinless legs in a huge Dutch oven and add marinade. The liquid may still come halfway up the sides of the meat; if no longer, add some hen stock/broth. vicinity over medium high heat and produce just to a boil. cover and circulation pot to the core of the oven. cook for two 1/2 hours, turning legs midway via. meanwhile, calmly season the leg skin with salt and pepper. using a very sharp knife, rating leg epidermis into 1/2-inch strips, being cautious no longer to cut completely via dermis. place skin-facet up in a skillet and cook over medium-low warmth except most of the fats is rendered. flip epidermis over and conclude browning. The skin may still be somewhat crisp. Drain, separate strips and cut in half. When duck is achieved, remove legs from pot and set apart. get rid of bay leaf and rosemary sprigs and discard. the usage of either a stand-alone blender, a meals processor or a hand blender, puree sauce. Serve breasts over rice, polenta or pasta drizzled with sauce. Garnish with dermis and a couple of fresh rosemary leaves. I add leftover sauteed mushrooms if I actually have them. I ran across Maine fries in John Thorne’s ebook critical Pig (North factor Press, 1996). Maine fries are similar to cottage fries apart from that they all the time start with uncooked potatoes and are slow-fried to a delightfully crisp exterior and buttery indoors. in accordance with Thorne, this is no longer only a Maine dish however also a first-rate dish. during this version, I fry the potatoes within the duck fats left over from a roast duck and toss in some thing leftover duck I have. Serve with a salad dressed with your favorite vinaigrette. (there may be a place in Portland, Maine, that serves fries made in duck fat. The restaurant is referred to as Duck fat!) enlarge this image Kevin D. Weeks for NPR Makes 2 servings 4 tablespoons duck fats 1 pound waxy (crimson or boiling) potatoes cut into 1/2-inch cubes Salt and pepper to taste 1 teaspoon herbes de Provence (attainable within the spice area) 1/2 cup chopped, cooked duck (use the wing and back meat from a roasted duck and toss in the chopped dermis) melt duck fat in a huge skillet over low warmth (the skillet must be massive enough that there might be area between the potatoes). Add potatoes and season with salt and pepper to taste and herbes de Provence. cowl skillet and cook for 20 minutes. get rid of cowl and switch potatoes to an raw side. Add skin and cook dinner 10 minutes extra, uncovered. flip once again and cook 10 minutes extra. turn one last time, add chopped duck and cook dinner 10 minutes greater. Council wants photo voltaic farm work to birth subsequent year Shropshire Council’s cabinet will focus on the plan on Monday the former landfill site on Maesbury street Industrial property, Oswestry, has been earmarked for the scheme, so that they can generate satisfactory energy to power 1,200 buildings a 12 months. The accurate variety of photo voltaic panels covered has now not yet been revealed, however it will cover four hectares of the 11-hectare web site. it is one among two important tasks set out within the council’s new climate motion plan, posted as a part of its first local weather exchange approach which particulars how the authority will cut its greenhouse gasoline emissions to net zero by way of 2030. The other is a probable hydrogen gas manufacturing operation at Battlefield energy recuperation Facility in Shrewsbury. A feasibility analyze on the photo voltaic farm is expected to be completed early in the new 12 months, after which a planning utility should be submitted. Councillor Dean Carroll, portfolio holder for climate change, noted: “Maesbury road is a web site inside the council’s ownership that has rather an extended and chequered historical past. That restricts its use nowadays on account of abilities land illness issues. “The approach we’re taking with that and an increasing number of websites is to no longer to seem to be on the complications however to appear on the opportunities. “we are taking what was traditionally an issue vicinity and we are seeing the possibility in it which is large scale renewable vigour generation.” The council has put solar panels on a few its structures together with the Shirehall, but this will be its first solar farm. The motion plan estimates the profits from the solar farm will imply within its 25 yr lifespan it’s going to pay for itself and yield a £three.1 million income. via 2030 it is going to have averted 5,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (C02E) from coming into the atmosphere. Councillor Carroll noted: “at first the cost in it’s within the energy creation itself, and the earnings and discounts that brings to the council. “Secondly there’s the good use of what has in any other case been a problematic site. “The third benefit is that we’re working with some pretty leading trade specialists to help us get this completely correct. “it is then a template for us to do it on five, 10 or perhaps more sites, as a result of I firmly believe that this can be an incredibly a hit undertaking.” Adrian Cooper, who is main the council’s climate exchange assignment drive, mentioned a barrier to many photo voltaic farm schemes is the fee of getting linked to the national Grid, however the area of the Maesbury road website skill this might also not be fundamental. Mr Cooper noted: “The big improvement of these sites especially in an city place, or where you have got received other big vigour clients regional, is that you should kill two birds with one stone – possibly three – since you can hyperlink your solar generator at once to an influence consumer and have an agreement with them that they purchase the vigor. “they are more likely to avoid wasting funds, and it gives those companies some simple task concerning the availability of energy.” Mr Cooper spoke of the county’s community-led climate motion Partnership become engaged on an energy mapping undertaking to identify large power clients, for example hospitals, and spot where there may be opportunities to hyperlink them to local renewable power schemes. The Oswestry website is an 11-hectare “waste mountain” with a flat proper of round four hectares, where the panels could be put in. The sloped aspects are lined with timber and the exact is presently used for grazing, so they can proceed. The motion plan and climate strategy can be mentioned by Shropshire Council’s cupboard at a meeting on Monday..

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