Fencing Certificate

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Fencing Certificate – LIVE WIRE electrical wiring equipment and accessories fully comply with the new requirements of the Electrical Machinery Code: SANS 10222-3 and SANS 60335-2-76

Live Wire System CC is an approved installation registered with the Ministry of Works and SAEFIA (South African Electrical Fencing Association), EFSI certificate number T00192

Fencing Certificate

Fencing Certificate

Private property owners are required to obtain a Certificate of Compliance (COC) to ensure that their electrical fencing scheme complies with the new Government Regulations which came into effect on 1 December 2012.

Fencing Completion Certificate Design Template In Psd, Word

A compliance certificate is mandatory when selling your property and can be transferred if the certificate is less than two years old.

Electric fences were first developed in New Zealand for their first use in livestock and poultry farming. Later, the security industry refined the technology and developed a way to use multiple wires that are used for insulators and are powered by providing electronic power at times through the wire. When used, it can deliver a powerful and uncomfortable shock that delivers up to 10,000 volts and sends criminals on their way! Live wire! See Ouch!

Electric fences are powered by an Energizer – a transformer that converts low voltage to high voltage, usually rated between 7,000 and 11,000. Live Wire uses Nemtek’s top line of Energisers, both of which are proven to be robust and highly reliable, backed by a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

Unlike the electricity in your home, the power supply of LIVE WIRES is in “pulses”, turning on/off every second, so it is called a “non-life” electric fence. LIVE WIRES will give a shock when touched, but they will not kill! Low current is measured in “joules”.

Evolution™ Privacy Composite Fencing

Live Wire uses SABS certified electrical equipment and grade 316 stainless steel to install electrical fences, all in compliance with the strictest regulations as set out in the government gazette. Electric fences comply with all other regulatory requirements such as minimum installation height and signage requirements for the construction of permanent electric fences.

1.6m SABS approved Class A grounding will be thrown into the ground approximately 75m. A minimum of 3 is required, as well as lighting protection. All cables between the fence and the power source will be installed in 20mm PV conduit.

You only need to look at the daily news to understand and know that your safety and that of your family is always at risk.

Fencing Certificate

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