Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel

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If you enter data into Excel and immediately ask yourself, “Wait. Didn’t I write that down?” Whether it’s an import error or human error, duplicate data can make your spreadsheet less useful.

Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel

Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel

How to find duplicates in Excel so you can remove them yourself. Also, I’ll show you two ways to find and remove duplicate strings.

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Rows In Excel?

If you want to find duplicate content, you can decide to delete or delete them, using conditional formatting to highlight all duplicate content.

If you want to find and eliminate duplicates in Excel, you can do it in two ways.

The UNIQUE function in Excel returns unique values ​​(that is, unique data) from a list or range. The only caveat is that this will not replace your existing data. It is available in the same spreadsheet as the original source of the data.

To get a list of unique values, select an empty column in the spreadsheet. Then enter the UNIQUE function using the range of cells you want to scan to repeat, leaving only the unique values. For example,

Best Options: How To Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel?

This article was originally published by Justin Poth in June 2019. Last update in October 2022.

Jessica Lau Jessica Lau is a Senior Content Specialist. Outside of writing, she enjoys walking her dog, podcasts, and unsolicited book recommendations. In earlier versions of Excel, finding and removing duplicates was relatively simple. For this purpose, Microsoft Excel provides a function under the data sheet that will help you to easily remove duplicates.

Imagine this situation, you have many rows or product records. Many of these lines are taken from other sources and you may find them repeated in the notes. To clean the data you need to remove all duplicates and create a new file with 1 product in the list.

Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel

By using the remove duplicate function in Excel, we can easily remove all the duplicates. To do this, open the Excel file, then go to the Data -> Remove Duplicates icon, which can be found in the data tools section of the ribbon.

How To Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel

When you click on this option, you will be asked to select the columns that contain duplicate data, and where you want to remove the duplicate records.

For this example, we’re only looking at the title column (Product), so we’ll check the first column as shown on the screen. This will cause Excel to remove all duplicate entries found in the title column, but ignore the other columns.

Finally, when you click OK at the bottom of the Remove Duplicates dialog box, all duplicates will be removed and you’ll have a clean list.

There are other ways to remove duplicates in Excel (or even Google Sheets), one of which is to create a filter. But as part of this article, we have seen how to remove duplicates in a simple way using Excel’s built-in functions. If you enjoyed this article, we recommend you check out more Excel tips and tricks. If you’ve combined multiple data sources, you might end up with duplicate rows or cells in Excel. Whether it’s due to accidental copying, pasting or typographical errors, this can be unfortunate for the solution. Fortunately, however, there are many tricks you can use to find and remove duplicates in Excel.

How To Remove Duplicate Rows In R

Creating duplicate content is so common that Microsoft’s spreadsheet software has a built-in Remove Duplicates tool. It’s not the best way to remove duplicate rows in Excel, but sometimes it’s more efficient to find and replace filter options.

So, today we’re going to show you how to use Excel to remove duplicate rows using three simple steps. Knowing these three considerations will help you make the right choice for your situation. Let’s start:

Duplicate Extractor is a very useful built-in tool that will do all the heavy lifting for you. It will automatically find cells with the same text. Here’s how to use it:

Find And Remove Duplicates In Excel

If you don’t trust Excel to do its job properly, you can use Advanced Filtering instead. This tool will help you quickly check for duplicates, but instead of removing them, it will hide the duplicate lines.

How To Remove Duplicates In Excel (step By Step)

So, you know how to remove duplicate rows in Excel, but if you want to replace them with completely different text. The best way to do this is with a search and replace tool. Here’s how you can use it for this function:

So, now you know how to use Excel to find duplicates and remove duplicate rows. However, there are many Excel tricks that can speed up your work. Why not try our previous tutorial on Concatenate Formulas or customize the Excel ribbon to add products?

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