First Article Inspection Report Software

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First Article Inspection Report Software – First Article Inspection (FAI) is a business process that determines whether the manufacturing process for a part is capable of delivering parts that meet specifications.

The first article is a comprehensive review of engineering documents and production processes from raw materials through conversion (machining, molding, casting etc.), special processing (anodization, plating, hardening etc.) parts.

First Article Inspection Report Software

First Article Inspection Report Software

For the supplier, the FAI is an opportunity to evaluate the completion of a part, ensure the completeness of design documents, identify design flaws, recommend design changes to improve performance, and establish the production process and the supply chain of the component.

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For the buyer, the FAI is an opportunity to confirm that the design requirements have been met, and that the manufacturing process, external special processing steps, and functional tests can provide consistently good parts.

Initial post inspection is required during the new product introduction process to ensure that the manufacturing process is capable of delivering products that meet specifications.

FAI typically inspects a part with the important unwritten assumption that all subsequent parts will follow the same manufacturing process, and that the process will provide consistently good parts.

Any change in the design of the part or in the production process violates this assumption, and therefore requires an inspection of the original article. Here’s a partial list of conditions or events that will trigger a new first post:

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Some of these changes require a completely new revision of the original text. For example, changing the production process from 4-axis CNC to a Swiss screw lathe, requires a new primary article control. Similarly, changing from laser cutting to stamping requires a completely new control of the original text.

More local changes, to the powder coating process for example, or changes to component packaging, may not require a full original text. A portion of the original text may be sufficient.

There are a number of industry standards, and reporting formats for first-time articles for clients. These reports are similar in purpose, but the format and format can vary greatly.

First Article Inspection Report Software

For example, every report Auditing the first article requires a record. Most require a Gage ID for each measurement. And one part even requires the Calibration date for each Gage ID.

First Article Inspection Report Form (download Free Sample Excel Template) Unlocked Sheets And Cells

Initial article inspection is part of the production part approval (PPAP) process. So, there is a big difference:

Companies choosing the first stage of the article assume (often wrongly) that their suppliers have a Quality Control Plan, and that these Quality Control Plans are actually used.

The buyer will provide the reference material (eg AL6061 T6, 301SST etc.) and the reference standard. The supplier must provide proof that the material used in the original article meets this requirement.

This proof is provided in terms of Certificate of Conformance (CoC) issued by the mill with traceable information such as Heat Lot number. A CoC usually includes:

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Dimensional records include Attribute Descriptions (i.e. Pass/Fail or Yes/No) such as partial engraving checks, and variable parameters (i.e. numbers or measured values) such as linear dimensions, diameters, location etc. Data will be captured by various measuring instruments including pin gages, calipers, micrometers, in-circuit testers, CMMs etc.

It is important to measure each of the gauges used, and to record the gage measurements. And, the basic assumption is that the gage has sufficient resolution (usually 1/10th of the tolerance of the measured feature), and that each measurement is repeatable and reproducible.

Note: Dimensional records may not be meaningful (no material records and records of specific processing and performance). If you only focus on recording dimensions, you may end up with poor results.

First Article Inspection Report Software

The aerospace industry uses the AS9102 First Article Inspection Report format. This report is divided into three parts:

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Together, these three forms provide a complete record of the construction process from the materials and components used, through dimensional measurements, special processing and functional tests.

Form 1 specifies whether it is an individual part (ie FAI Specification) or a billed assembly (ie FAI Assembly).

For FAI Assemblies, you must list the number of each part that makes up the assembly in fields 15 and 16. If the components are serial, enter the serial number in field 17. And finally, enter the FAI number of each member in field 18.

For example, your materials may include Al6061 T6 blocks, conductive epoxy, and copper tubing. Machined aluminum parts can be Hard Anodized Black. You must list each material (Al6061 T6, Conductive Epoxy, Copper Tube) and the specific process (Anodization) in field 5, and the related reference number in field 6. which is in Field 7.

When To Conduct A First Article Inspection

Use field 8 to list the vendor code assigned to the specific processing provider, and field 9 to state whether the specific processing provider requires approval from your customer (this will dictate the terms of each customer’s contract or PO.

The Functional Test Rule number is listed in field 11, and the file number for the test results (i.e. test data and pass acceptance record) is listed in field 12 /failed).

Form 3 is the character initiative form. A part can be defined by hundreds of dimensions, materials, special processing and functional parameters. Form 3 ensures that each parameter is listed and numbered

First Article Inspection Report Software

For each label (including notes on the image), you must provide the number of the balloon, the drawing paper and area, the characteristics of the designer (for example, critical quality / key), the definition (that is, the criteria) of the measurement and the result (Pass or fail).

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For attribute details, record Yes/No or Pass/Fail. For Variable parameters, record the actual value measured, and whether it passed or failed.

In addition, you must record the inspection method and the Gage ID in the field provided for the instrument to ensure inspection in the measuring system.

The first text check record is more than an excel report. Therefore, you should consider the following when choosing First Article Inspection Software: First Article Inspection (FAI) is a process of analysis by the supplier and buyer of a product to ensure that the final product and the process of production meets the requirements. .

What is checked and approved by both parties may differ by product and manufacturer, but the process behind the first article inspection is still the same.

First Article Inspection

Accurately documenting the first article inspection in the form of a ‘report’ is important to ensure that the product conforms to the requirements, and if any of the non-conformities are found, the buyer and supplier will – checked and signed to prevent or mitigate. conflict.

This first post inspection form template can make your inspection easier and more organized. You can access and fill out the template on the website using a smartphone or tablet, or you can access, edit and export the final design on a computer.

Although the template is pre-built with several fields, you can also customize the template to suit your own search for original articles, products and contributors.

First Article Inspection Report Software

The first inspection form in this article is powered by Dashpivot software, which gives you more power than excel, word and PDF:

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Parts must meet specific specifications. Example: Specification #1 is 5,000 inches in diameter with a tolerance of plus or minus 0.01. Answer #1 is 5,005. The product corresponds to the description. • What is the first text? • What is an initial text check? • The First Text Inspection Process • What is the First Text Inspection Report? • How to report the first article inspection. • When should the first text inspection be done? What is the first article?

The first article is the first item produced through the same production process as mass production by any company or subcontractor.

For customers to verify how suppliers can produce parts, and assemblies that meet engineering and design requirements on a mass scale.

First Article Inspection Report Software

When a new part is made or changed in the first production, it is necessary to ensure that all

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