First Board Meeting Agenda Template

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First Board Meeting Agenda Template – You are ready for the first board meeting! You have done a lot of work to get to this point, congratulations! If you’ve been following this series, you know that we’re using the Dearborn Toy Library, a non-profit startup that Spark Group helped create, as a case study. In our first three blog posts, you learned how to write a nonprofit business plan, hire board members, and create your organization’s budget and fundraising plan.

You have a lot to accomplish at your first board meeting. Today we’ll go over a typical agenda and the components needed to get your nonprofit off on the right foot.

First Board Meeting Agenda Template

First Board Meeting Agenda Template

Your first board meeting is your chance to get your team off on the right foot. When groups are formed, they go through Bruce Tuckman’s stages of group development, forming, storming, norming, and preforming. If you want your group to be successful, have your team spend time discussing the type of intentional community they want to create. Creating your intentional community is an excellent exercise because it sets expectations and you can refer back to in the future when problems arise.

Executive Team Meeting Agenda Template

You should get a few votes in the first meeting. You must first formally vote to approve the individuals as new board members and then vote to approve the named executive director. These votes must be reflected in your minutes to apply for 501c3 status through the IRS.

Next, you must vote to approve your mission statement. At the Dearborn Toy Library, Spark Group Consulting worked to create a draft mission statement that was ready for board discussion and approval. Click here to read more about creating a powerful mission statement. The concept allowed the board to move the conversation without spending too much time creating a statement from scratch.

The final action point will be to review your articles of incorporation and bylaws. You should spend time making these proposals even before the board meeting. Work with a lawyer or use the provided templates to create documents that are appropriate for your organization.

After you’ve gone through the action items together, you’ll want to review your budget and fundraising plan. Make changes where necessary and record these changes in the minutes.

Board Meeting Minutes — Community Action Agency Of New Haven

It is imperative that we prepare board members for success. One way to do this is to take time during each board meeting to review an article or publication on best practices. The Board of Trustees of Dearborn Toy Library has decided to use the principles of good governance and ethical practice developed by the independent sector. Find a resource that works well for your organization and spend time discussing it together.

Finally, don’t forget to discuss when the next board meeting will be held and who will distribute the minutes among the group. Be sure to save your minutes, bylaws, and bylaws so you have them handy when you’re ready to apply for your 501c3 status!

For more information on how to lead and structure board meetings, contact the Spark Group for a free initial consultation.

First Board Meeting Agenda Template

Join us next week for the final blog in this series as we discuss applying for registration!

Meeting Notes Template

Sep 16 3 Easy Ways to Show Employee Appreciation During COVID-19 Aug 12 Templates are a useful tool for recording meeting minutes in the boardroom. Templates save the trouble of entering a meeting at the beginning and trying to write down all the essential information before anyone speaks. There is no exact standard format for recording minutes, and for good reason. Every organization has a different purpose, mission and needs. The minutes are a reflection of the organization’s culture and should reflect its mission and needs.

From a legal perspective, minutes are considered legal documents by auditors, courts and the IRS. For recorders performing a duty normally performed by a board secretary, it is important to record the minutes as they are read and observed by a court. This is important because the courts read the minutes to understand what the board members decided, but also what their reasons were for taking certain actions at the relevant time. The board secretary must provide sufficient information to show the court how the board members made legitimate decisions without recording their discussion verbatim.

If a party brings legal charges against a non-profit organization or board member, the court will also address what is missing from the record. The director of the board will have a hard time proving that he did or did not say something if it is not in the minutes. Basically, if it’s not in the minutes, it never happened.

There is a fine balance in minutely writing down actions and decisions together with the board’s reasoning and not saying too much or too little.

How To Write A Kickoff Meeting Agenda

Director Miller moved to approve the minutes of the March 19, 2018 meeting, Director Forster seconded. Everyone approved, no one was against. Movement made.

Secretary Amato gave a short board development presentation on the differences in the roles of board members and the executive director.

Executive Director Garner explained the summary of his written director. Director Forster moved to accept the executive director’s summary, Director Miller seconded the motion. Everyone approved, no one was against. Movement made.

First Board Meeting Agenda Template

The board reviewed the income/expenditure report. Director Forster moved to accept the report, Director Miller seconded the motion. Everyone approved, no one was against. Movement made.

Board Meeting Minutes Templates

As part of Unfinished Business, the board discussed various potential fundraising ideas. The fundraising committee will meet and discuss.

At New Business, the board accepted the resignation of June Gorman and wished her well in her future endeavours.

Next meeting: May 21, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. and an election will be held at that time. There is no June meeting scheduled.

For nonprofit boards, using a manual template is easy enough to take minutes. Are you aware that there is a process that is even easier?

Co Planning Meeting Agenda Template

Consider a little help from technology. The company offers a software solution called Minutest that significantly reduces the time it takes to write, record and approve meeting minutes.

The notebook uses a template similar to the manual. The program pre-fills most of the standard information and does much more.

If you think about it, a lot of the information in the minutes has not changed since the last meeting. The name of your organization and your logo have not changed. The meeting place and time have probably not changed. If you have not voted recently, the names of the councilors will remain unchanged.

First Board Meeting Agenda Template

The electronic template looks like your manual template. The program will pre-fill information that has not changed and you can fill in or change information that has changed, such as the appointment date.

Meeting Agenda Template

The main headings serve as placeholders, so if a member is not present, simply delete their name from the attendee list and enter their name in the absence list, or use the copy and paste functions on your computer.

If we follow the sample meeting minutes above for the fictitious board, Hope Memories, we can easily see that once the details of the meeting are recorded, the rest of the meeting falls into easily identifiable sections – Call to Order, Approval of minutes of previous Meeting, etc.

The minutes allow recorders to set up individual sections for the rest of the meeting, including entering the correct headings. The program uses drag-and-drop technology to change the order of sections by moving them. When you get to the right section, just enter the minutes.

Have you ever prepared for a board meeting at the last minute and realized you forgot to follow up on the action items from the previous meeting? With the Minutes program, manual tracking will become a thing of the past.

How To Take Board Meeting Minutes: A Step By Step Guide [with Best Practices And A Free Template] • Glue Up

If an action item appears during a meeting, the recorder can click the Action tab at the top of the page and enter the action directly into the appropriate section of the minutes. Secretaries can also set the program to send automatic reminders until the action is completed.

When you’re done with your minutes, simply export them to Microsoft Word. Your draft minutes will be complete and perfect and professionally formatted. Just check the minutes and make the necessary changes, and in seconds your minutes are ready for board approval.

As you can see, the minutes save a lot of time in taking minutes, tracking action items and writing the final draft of the minutes. It is easy to use and saves valuable time on important matters that municipalities should focus on.

First Board Meeting Agenda Template

Some organizations will require even more granular tools and analytics to gather insights that help their boards perform better. Board portal software makes it easy for board members to view meeting minutes, collaborate effectively and communicate securely. This board meeting agenda template can increase efficiency when you need it most. If the agenda is shared in advance, board members can come prepared to discuss important issues and make better decisions.

Free Non Profit Meeting Agenda Template

Use Docket’s free meeting agenda template to quickly create a shared agenda for your next board meeting. Used

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