Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania – This is a legal form issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue – a state agency that operates in Pennsylvania. The form can be used strictly within the city of Philadelphia. As of today, there are no separate instructions for filing the form issued by the issuing department.

Download a printable version of Form 82-127 by clicking the link below or view other documents and forms provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Complete each section and submit to the notary public when (1) the full consideration/value is not stated in the deed, (2) when the deed

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In consideration, or by gift, or (3) tax-free. If more space is needed, attach additional sheet(s).

From mortgagor to mortgagor in case of default. Mortgage book No. _______, page No. _______.

Subject to penalty of law or order, I declare that I have reviewed this Statement, including the accompanying information, to the extent possible.

Transmission of information: Enter the date of receipt of the deed or other document by the party(ies). enter

Form 82 127 Download Fillable Pdf Or Fill Online Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Total – In line 3, show the total of lines 1 and 2. This is a general review for

“Testamentary or Intent” – A transfer by a testator without regard to name or title

Inheritance law is tax-free. Enter the name of the legacy file number and the legacy in a space

Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

“Transfer to or from an agent or Straw” – Transfer to or from an agent is exempt if

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Third party transfers to or from the principal agent are exempt from tax. Attach a copy

The review will be cancelled. Attach a copy of the agent / straw trust agreement. Enter the prepaid amount

“Transfer from mortgagor to default mortgagee” – Transfer from mortgagor to holder

Are exempt from mortgage payments, regardless of foreclosure or replacement. Provided

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“Deed of repair” – a deed for review or a deed of repair of a renewed deed

Wire, but does not extend or limit the rights or interests under the prior tax-exempt deed. (Attach a copy

This is a property valuation factor provided by the Department of Revenue by which the township’s assessed value is multiplied.

Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

To determine the taxable value of immovable property for all non-property transactions, leases and corporate purchases. Factor

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Based on the general rate established by the State Commission for Tax Equality. A common service ratio is the ratio

Assessed at current fair market value as reflected by real property sales in each city. Statewide list

Pennsylvania Tax Form Pennsylvania Department of Revenue US Tax Form Pennsylvania Legal Form US Legal Form

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Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Form 82 127 Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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