Form Ap 155 Agreement For Waiver Of Excerpt Of Record Alaska

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Form Ap 155 Agreement For Waiver Of Excerpt Of Record Alaska – Comprehensively reform elections and voting; To amend chapter 2 of title 21 of the 1 Official Code of Georgia, relating generally to elections and primaries, to amend 2 a definition; organizing the establishment of a voter intimidation hotline and 3 illegal election activities; limit the ability of state Boards of Elections and the Secretary of State to enter into certain consent agreements, agreements and consent orders; 5 establishing that the Secretary of State shall be an ex officio non-voting member of the State Electoral 6 Board; provide for the appointment, confirmation, mandate and dismissal of the president 7 of the State Electoral Board; modify the provisions relating to the quorum of said meeting; Requires the Secretary of State to support and assist the State Board of Elections; 9 which provides for the appointment of temporary and permanent replacement superintendents; Pay for 10 procedures; 11 provide for performance reviews of local election officials, as requested by the State Board of Elections or local administrative authorities; To provide a definition; 12 nominate and assign functions to the Performance Review Board; provide 13 review committees for performance reports; provide for the promulgation of rules and regulations; provide 14 additional requirements regarding the power of state Boards of Elections to adopt emergency rules and regulations; 15 establishing that no electoral superintendent or registration board shall accept private 16 funds; The State Electoral Board will develop 17 grant disbursement procedures to provide; To provide that certain persons may work as election workers elsewhere than in the counties. 202 – 1 – as approved

Of your residence; to provide for the appointment of acting superintendents of elections in case of 19 vacancy or disability in the office of judge of the probate court of counties 20 without an election board; to provide for the resumption of the duties of Superintendent of Elections 21 in filling such vacancies; To pay compensation to such 22 Interim Superintendents of Elections; 23 which provides for the reduction of the size of certain enclosures in certain circumstances; notify when the voting location is changed; 24 provide for specific reports; provide restrictions on the use of buses and other transportable facilities; 25 to provide that the name and designation of the precinct appear on each ballot; provide 26 sets of voting equipment for counties and municipalities; provide for the procedure to deal with the death of a candidate before a non-partisan election 27; Except as otherwise provided by law, no candidate 28 shall accept or be sworn into any elective public office until such candidate has obtained a majority 29 of the votes cast for such office; facilitating the participation of 30 people in a multistate voter registration system; 31 review procedures and standards to challenge those selected; provide for the printing of ballots on security paper; 32 providing time and procedure for requesting absentee ballots; establishing certain limitations and 33 prohibitions on the distribution of absentee ballot applications; provide procedures to process 34 absentee voting requests; providing absentee ballot boxes and 35 requirements therefor; provide for the time and procedure for issuing absentee ballots; Method of voting and returning absentee ballots 36; 37 to set a time for early voting; a 38 to limit changes in early voting locations during the period before the election; provide for notification requirements for changes in early voting locations; 39 which provides for the processing and tabulation of absentee ballots; Provide penalties for absentee ballots for the opening of 40; provide for specific voter identification for absentee voting; 41 providing monitors and observers; provide training for survey observers; provide 42 restrictions on the distribution of certain near-election items within 43 days of the election; provide for the voting and processing of provisional ballots; provision of 44 panels for duplicating defective ballots that cannot be processed by tabulating machines; to 45 21 SB 202/AP SB 202 – 2 –

Form Ap 155 Agreement For Waiver Of Excerpt Of Record Alaska

Form Ap 155 Agreement For Waiver Of Excerpt Of Record Alaska

Providing ranked preference voting for military and overseas voters; 46 to correct the time of runoff; modify eligibility to vote in runoffs; Choice 47 provides deadlines for certification; provide a pilot program to scan and post ballots; 48 to 49 which provides for the inspection and copying of original ballots by specified persons after the counting is complete; Organize special primaries and special elections to fill 50 vacancies in certain positions; issuing public notices and overseeing the preparation of 51 voting teams; to monitor elections and provide ballot processing and counting; 52 which provides for the coverage of vacancies in certain offices; Prohibit or attempt to observe how a voter has marked or marked his ballot or induce a voter to do so; 54 prohibits accepting ballots for return without authorization; ban 55 photographs or other recordings of ballots and ballot markers; Amending chapter 35 of title 56 36 of the Official Code of Georgia, relating to powers of self-government, to provide 57 for delays in the redistricting of voting districts of municipal corporations if the census 58 is delayed; To amend title 50 of the Official Code of Georgia, relating to 59 the general provisions relating to state government, to provide for the filing by the State Board of Elections and the suspension of 60 emergency rules; 61 images public records to provide scanned ballots; foresee legal consequences; provide a short title; 62 which provide for matters related to; provide for the effective date; Repeal of conflicting laws; and 63 other purposes. 64 It shall be enacted by the General Assembly of Georgia: 65 Section 1. 66 This Act shall be known and may be cited as the “Election Integrity Act of 2021.” 67 21 SB 202/AP SB 202 – 3 –

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Article 2. 68 The General Assembly considers and declares that: 69 (1) After the 2018 and 2020 elections, there was a significant lack of confidence in Georgia’s electoral system 70 with many voters concerned by allegations of widespread voter suppression and many voters concerned by allegations of widespread electoral fraud. 72 (2) many Georgia election processes, including subjective signature-matching requirements, have been challenged in court by Georgians across the political spectrum before and after the 2020 general election; 75 (3) The 2020 election pressures, including absentee ballots 76 and a dramatic increase in pandemic restrictions, have demonstrated where there are opportunities to update existing 77 processes to reduce the burden on election officials and increase voter confidence; 78 (4) The changes made in this Act in 2021 are designed to address voter 79 lack of confidence in the electoral system on all sides of the political spectrum, reduce the burden on election officials, and streamline the administrative process. 81 Election promoting uniformity in voting in Georgia. Several examples will help illustrate how these 82 goals are achieved; 83 (5) The wide discretion allowed to local officials for early voting dates and times results in significant variation across the 84 states in the total number of 85 early voting hours, depending on the county. More than 100 councils do not offer voting on all 86 Sundays, and many councils offer only one day of voting on weekends. Two Saturday 87 voting days and two optional Sundays will dramatically increase the total voting hours for voters in the state of Georgia to 88, and all Georgia voters will have more than 89 opportunities to vote in person over the weekend for the first time . During 90 (6) some counties received significant grants of grant funds for election 91 operations in 2020, while other counties did not receive such funds. Promoting uniformity in the 92 distribution of funds in election activities will increase voter confidence and ensure that 93 21 SB 202/AP S. B. 202 – 4 –

94 The distribution of funds does not favor certain regions over others; 95 (7) Elections in Georgia are administered by counties, but this can cause problems for 96 voters in counties with ineffective election systems. 97 Long-term troubled county lines, absentee ballot processing issues, and other 98 administration challenges require accountability, but state officials are limited in what they can do to solve these problems. Make sure there is one

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