Form Dcc 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record Kentucky

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Form Dcc 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record Kentucky – Kentucky Commonwealth Cabinet of Health and Family Services Department of Community Services Child Care Division DCC-94E (R.07/13) 922 CAR 2:160 R Child Care Daily Attendance Page

Enter the child ID of the event. In the case of an accident involving a child, put the name of the injured child on Schedule III. Enter the child’s age (male) on Schedule IV. Click “Enter a Record:” and then click the “Print a Copy” button on the confirmation page that appears. Leave blank for children who are not available, or enter the parent/guardian’s phone number. If the actual arrival/departure time is not known at the time, enter the arrival time and departure message. Click “Submit Record:” and on the confirmation page that appears. Date of Event: Enter the date the event occurred. Select: — MM/DD/YYYY — DD/MM/YYYY — HH/MM/YYYY Note: If event date is DD/MM/YYYY enter “MM/MM/YYYY”. Please note that entering a date other than day/month/year will not correct the event date. The date entered must be day/month/year. Date of Event: Enter the correct date of event. Note, if the event date is blank, enter a blank in the field above. Event Dates: Months: January February March April May June July August September October November December Dates: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 Year: 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2031 10. DCC-94E: Enter the child’s full name on Schedule V: Click “Enter Record” and enter the last four digits of Full schedule of the child V name. 9. Age: Enter the child’s approximate date of birth. For example, if the child was born on May 3, 1995, enter 5. You must enter at least one. You can enter up to 2.10. To prevent duplication and to edit children’s ages, tick the box next to each child you wish to record. Note: If there is no birth, enter the date of birth in the field below the age, and for the child’s birth, enter “YYYY” for the year, month and day.

Form Dcc 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record Kentucky

Form Dcc 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record Kentucky

Hello this presentation is for better explanation DCC 9480 Daily Child Attendance Record also known as DCC 94 e DCC 94 e Chart The Daily Attendance Record is a form required by the Child Care Assistance Program Also referred to as Daily Attendance Record Child Care as Accepts supervised child care as ER As appropriate Verifies daily attendance records recording arrival and departure times for each child to protect confidentiality for CCAP families Forms are recommended for all children in care and children participating in the classify the CC Cap program differently. Here is an example of the DCC 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record All the red print is to show you the part of the form to fill out Explain to us the numbers and letters in the top left hand corner and a corner tells us the date this is called a DCC 94e form The regulations are 92 cars to 160 which require all professionals to use the form the providers in the child care assistance program have advised on the other hand that the form complies with current regulations and cannot be altered or changed in any way or in any format as a reminder, this is the time we can only use this form one week at a time If you wish to provide supplier information please include all of the above information on each page of the form please, as shown in this example, it is very important to include the year when entering the date, as these Attendance records must be kept on site for five years The child’s name must be kept on site to ensure we can identify the child in our system You must use the child’s full name as it appears in the PDF We cannot identify a child by a first name or nickname only if the correct FULL NAME is not used, NO PAYMENT OR CLAIMS MAY BE MADE BY SAMPLE SIGNATURE FOR FULL DAY INSTRUCTIONS Child arrives at 645 and leaves at 430 Enter AM and PM for non-traditional business hours The form must to be filled out at 800M sure that m Check this form every day This is an example of supplies signed in Attendance This is an example of a child going to school before and after school time. Be sure to record your commute to and from work each day, as shown here. Both ways can be signed. The center must sign the signature part. Signature of the parent of the child or person listed on the collection list. Staff members can only find the child if the center staff is a parent or sick Recipient’s signature must be first and last name Final signature on the form Provider’s signature and date must be completed Through the form sign each page of the form, you agree that the form has not been altered in any way by the LACE Licensee or Home Certification Provider The same is true when another member of staff signs the form using the information are listed on this form. ..

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April 6, 2013…The Child Care Assistance Program requires a DCC-94E, Child Care Daily Attendance Record Form. Childcare Daily Attendance…

Daily Attendance Record – Child Care Centre. Use of the form: Family childcare centers must complete Parts A and B to comply with…

23 April 1992 … 94 46. National Law Centre. 720 20th Street, NW – Room 308. Washington, DC  … 1(f) REINSTATEMENT OF PROBATION.1 (repealed April 30, 1979, cif. Dcc. 1. 1980) … be filled out and sent to the other members of the subcommittee .

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Form Dcc 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record Kentucky

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Form Dcc 94e Child Care Daily Attendance Record Kentucky

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