Form Ds 318 Ownership Disclosure Statement City Of San Diego California

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Form Ds 318 Ownership Disclosure Statement City Of San Diego California – Celyn Bregio, BA1x Celyn Bregio Search for articles by this author; Jackie Finnick, MPH2x Jackie Finnick Search for articles by this author; Morgan Baird, BA2x Morgan Baird Search for articles by this author; Pilar Ortega, MD3, 4x Pilar Ortega Search for articles by this author; Debra Rotter, DrPH, MPH5x Debra Rotter Search for articles by this author; Leah Karliner, MD, MAS6, 7, 8x Leah Karliner Search for articles by this author; and Lisa C. Diamond, MD, MPH9, 10x Lisa C. Diamond Search for articles by this author 1Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 2Service on Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Memorial Cancer Center Kettering, New York , NY 3 Department of Medical Education, Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL 4 Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, IL 5 Department of Health Behavior and Society, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health, Baltimore, MD 6 Center on Aging In Diverse Communities, University of California, San Francisco, CA 7 Multiethnic Health Equity Research Center, University of California, San Francisco, CA 8 Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine , University of California, San Francisco, CA 9 Hospital Medicine Service, Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY 10 Department of Population Health Sciences, Weill Cornell Medicine , New York, NY

Cancer patients with limited English proficiency are more likely to experience disparities in cancer knowledge, timely care, and access to clinical trials. Matching patients with language-compatible physicians and working with professional interpreters can effectively reduce language-related disparities, but few data are available on the impact of language-compatible interactions in oncology care. This study aimed to assess the use of the Rotor Interaction Analysis System (RIAS) in language-congruent and incongruent interactions with non-English-preferred patients presenting for an initial oncology visit at four hospitals in New York City.

Form Ds 318 Ownership Disclosure Statement City Of San Diego California

Form Ds 318 Ownership Disclosure Statement City Of San Diego California

We used the RIAS, a validated tool for qualitative coding and quantitative analysis, to assess interactions between 34 patients and 16 clinicians. Pairs were divided into dyads: English-concordant (n = 12); professionally defined (n = 11); partial language-matching (n = 4, partially bilingual physicians who used Spanish and/or temporary interpreters); and Spanish language-concordant (n = 7). A trained Spanish-speaking coder analyzed the recordings using established RIAS codes.

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Spanish responding physicians had twice the number of biomedical information statements than English responding physicians. Spanish-responding patients had a greater tendency to engage in positive dialogue, such as expressing agreement. The number of statements related to partnership/facilitation was equal for the English- and Spanish-matched groups, but was lower in the professionally defined and partially language-matched dyads.

Language compatibility facilitates more effective biomedical consultation and therapeutic relationships between oncology physicians and patients. Future research should further investigate the effect of language adjustment on cancer-specific health outcomes.

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Presented at the 5th Annual Latino Health Symposium, Oral Presentation, October 2021, Chicago, IL and the Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, April 2022, Orlando, FL.

Exploring The Impact Of Language Concordance On Cancer Communication

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Form Ds 318 Ownership Disclosure Statement City Of San Diego California

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