Form F 621 051 000 Elevator Five Year Safety Test Report Washington

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Form F 621 051 000 Elevator Five Year Safety Test Report Washington

Form F 621 051 000 Elevator Five Year Safety Test Report Washington

In March 2010, a group of breast cancer experts met to create a consensus statement on breast cancer prevention focusing on medical intervention and treatment. We present the conclusions in this review. We initially agreed that the term chemoprevention is inappropriate and suggested that the term preventive therapy better describes this aspect of management. Two selective estrogen receptor modulators – tamoxifen and raloxifene – are currently the only medical options approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for preventive treatment. In this case, tamoxifen is more effective and can be used in premenopausal women, but raloxifene has fewer side effects. Two new drugs in this class, lasofoxifene and arzoxifene, also show efficacy and possibly a better risk-benefit profile, but require further testing. Aromatase inhibitors may be more effective, and the results of prevention studies are eagerly awaited. Newer agents, particularly bisphosphonates and metformin, have shown promise in observational studies and need to be tested in randomized prevention trials. Other agents, such as aspirin, other non-inflammatory drugs, COX-2 inhibitors, retinoids, rexinoids, and dietary components, have limited results or are in the early stages of investigation. New, resistant tumors in women with breast cancer may be useful in general as a prevention model, as seen with tamoxifen. If such a model were to work, it would facilitate the design of simple, cheap and highly focused experiments to test new substances.

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