Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

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Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel – How can we count cells by color in a spreadsheet? Sometimes we will highlight duplicate cells with special colors to make the data easier to identify. But how can we count them? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to calculate distinct repeating cells by color in just a few steps.

3. In the dialog that pops up, click the Format button and select Fill Color to select a format from the boxes. For example, if we want to count the number of green cells, click on any green cell in the table. Then, click Find All.

Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

Note: Download the latest version of Office if the operating interface is not compatible.

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After studying this course, we know how to count cells by color. Additionally, we can use the Count function to calculate cells with parameters. For example, click here to learn the COUNT function to count the number of cells with parameters, or click here to learn the COUNTIFS function: count data based on multiple criteria.

The most useful Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts can be learned for free at the Academy. There is no doubt that shortcuts make our lives easier and if you are an Excel user, you can refer to the speed sheet to learn some of the basic shortcuts. Academy lists some of the Microsoft Excel shortcuts for Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices to make your work easier.

How to insert a background image and print it in a spreadsheet 12.8K 01:31 Recalculate spreadsheet formulas in manual calculation mode 1.6K 01:20 Time to format a spreadsheet 1.9K 01:08 Combine SUBSTITUTE and LEN functions 1.7K 02:57 How to delete? in a spreadsheet? 3.0K 1 How to clear cell formatting in spreadsheets? 2.4K 0 How to compress image size in spreadsheet? 0 How to insert a line chart into a column chart? 1.6K 0 In this tutorial, I’ll show you three ways to count colored cells in Excel (with and without VBA):

After filtering the cells, you will notice that the value in the SUBTOTAL function changes and returns only the number of cells that are visible after filtering.

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The SUBTOTAL function takes 102 as the first argument, which is used to count the visible cells in the specified range (not counting hidden rows).

If not filtered, it returns 19, and if filtered, it returns the number of visible cells.

If the cell has no background color, this formula will return 0 and if the cell has a background color, it will return the specified number.

Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

This number is color specific, so all cells with the same background color get the same number.

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If you follow the process above, you will have a column with numbers that match the background color.

COUNTIFfunction uses the named range (GetColor) as criteria. The name range in the formula specifies the cell on the left (in column A) and returns the color code of that cell. So this color code number is standard.

The COUNTIF function uses a range ($F$2:$F$18) that contains the color code numbers of all cells and returns a count based on the number of criteria.

Using VBA, we will create a custom function that will act like the COUNTIF function and return the number of cells with a specific background color.

Function By Color

To use this formula, use the same background color in the cell (you want to count) and apply the formula. The CountColor argument is the same cell where you entered the formula (as shown below): “My Excelchat expert helped me in less than 20 minutes, saving me 5 hours of work!”

The COUNT function in Excel counts the number of cells in Excel. You cannot count colored or highlighted cells with the COUNT function. But you can check some workarounds to count colored cells in Excel. In this tutorial, you will learn how to count colored cells in Excel.

You can count the cells displayed in Excel by using a filter based on colors.

Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

In this example, you have sales records for the month of July for eight vendors. Rows with sellers whose sales are less than $7,000 are shown in red, and other cells with bonus sellers are shown in green. To calculate the number of sellers shown in red:

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This will output the change in the subtotal amount by x, which is the number of sellers who made less than $7,000.

You can use GET.CELL with ranges named to count colored cells in Excel. GET.CELL is an old Macro4 function and does not work with regular functions. But it still works with named ranges. To count colored cells with GET.CELL, you need to extract the color codes with GET.CELL and count them to find out the number of cells displayed in the same color. To count cells using GET.CELL and COUNTIF:

Sales will count the red cells to find the number of sellers with less than $7,000 and return the number 3.

You can also create a custom function with VBA to count the cells listed in Excel. To do this, you need to create a special function using VBA that works like the COUNTIF function and returns the number of cells for the same color.

How To Change The Cell Outline Color In Excel

You follow the syntax :=CountFunction(CountColor, CountRange) and use it like any other regular function. Here, CountColor is the color you want to count the cells in. CountRange is the range in which you want to count cells with the specified background color.

This will return the number of sellers whose sales in July 3 were less than $7,000.

Have multiple sheets with colored cells (no data in them), I need them all to join into one sheet. Basically, if I have 3 colored cells in one sheet and 2 colored cells in another, I want the third sheet to display all 5 colored cells and automatically update with the new cell being colorless/uncolored.

Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

I need an operation that counts the number of non-colored cells among other formatted cells with a partially colored background. Formatting in these cells does not respond to color function formulas.

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I got it! An Excelchat expert will answer your question. Please wait 30 seconds while we send you. Although Google Sheets does not have built-in functions to count cells based on cell color, you can achieve the same result using a custom function written in the script editor. Read the guide to understand how to write it.

Table of Contents A real-life example of counting cells based on cell color How to count cells based on cell color in Google Sheets.

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You don’t have to write the function yourself if it’s not your cup of tea. There are plugins you can use to help with this – like PowerTools or Color by Function. They have a one-month trial version, and subscription options are 12 months or lifetime. They are both within the scope of this guide.

Each batch of my private tutoring classes has marks given by students on the test they took last week, formatted using conditional formatting – shown in green for marks over 75, and in red for marks over 75. I can easily filter the marks column and get the number of passed students (in each batch) but that would be a time consuming task.

Check out the example below to see how you can count cells based on cell color in Google Sheets:

Formula To Count Colored Cells In Excel

Above are the groups of students and the respective houses (or groups) they are divided into in the school. The goal here is to find the number of students assigned to each house (red and blue) based on the cell color.

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You can try changing the colors and see how the results change. Go ahead and make a copy of my spreadsheet using the link below:

So how do you write your own function in Google Sheets? Let’s take a closer look at this with an example.

Google Sheets has a feature called the script editor. Go to Tools → Script Editor

Click on “Script Editor” and it should take you to a new window that will allow you to write your code, as shown below.

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3. Go back to the Google Sheet and click on any cell to make it the active cell. For this tutorial I will choose I4 where I want to show my results.

4. Next, type an equal sign ‘=’ to start the function and follow the function name,

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