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Forum Drupal Themes – Starting with a new theme sometimes takes a long time for first time users to understand how it works. You may want to know how to adjust the layout, typography, block styles and make them look the way you want.

In most cases, you won’t need to know PHP or database queries, but basic knowledge will be very helpful to get good results.

Forum Drupal Themes

Forum Drupal Themes

If you are an experienced Drupal developer or if you want to build a theme from scratch with just a basic overview of your theme, this guide will be helpful. This guide will give you a step-by-step installation guide to help you start building a Forum Plus D8 theme that looks just like the demo page.

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I can’t deny that finding a forum topic in Drupal is difficult. We have been looking for it for a long time but we can’t find it. This is the purpose of our distribution of Forum Plus, a forum theme exclusive to Drupal. Who says the Drupal platform can’t be built? Forum Plus will provide you with a responsive forum website with all the necessary features.

Forum Drupal Themes

The steps below will give you an installation guide so you can build your site to look exactly like the Forum Plus D8 Demo

3. Access your MySQL database and create a new database (for example: forum-plus) and a user account. Make sure you add the correct permissions for the new user to access the database

Forum Drupal Themes

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, find the $database list and set the appropriate credentials. Then move the $ data code under the file.

When you use this installation, you install everything on our preview server. So don’t forget to set the appropriate values ​​to access your database: db name, db administrator username, db password, host, etc.

Forum Drupal Themes

7. Open your browser and visit your website with a pre-defined theme and design similar to our Forum Plus demo

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Now you can visit the control panel with admin/admin account to delete unnecessary content and add new content.

Forum Drupal Themes

If you are an experienced Drupal user or if you want to build a theme from scratch with a basic look and feel of a Forum Plus theme, this guide will be helpful.

Now that you have created a Forum Plus theme, you will install and create the required modules (listed in the Module Requirements section) in order to customize and use them.

Forum Drupal Themes

Forum Templates & Themes

Image styles are settings for image settings. Image styles are used to define how images are displayed.

For the Date and Time Format link, click Add Format, and then configure the Date and Time Format Format with the following settings:

Forum Drupal Themes

Step 4: In the FIELDS area, click the Add button to add fields: User: Image, User: Name, Subject: Author

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Step 8: In the SORT CRITERIA field, click the Add button and add the End Time File, set the following parameters:

Forum Drupal Themes

Step 4: In the FIELDS area, click the Add button to add fields: Content: Image, Content: Author, Content: Body, Content: Tags, Content: Link to Content, Comment Count: Number of Comments, Content Count: Total Views

Step 5: In the FIELDS area, click the Add button to add fields: Content: Image, User: Name, Content: Author, Content: Body, Content: Tags, Content: Link to Content, Description: Number of Comments, Content Statistics: All views

Forum Drupal Themes

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Step 4: In the FIELDS area, click the Add button to add fields: Subject: Image, User: Name, Subject: Author Here they can discuss problems, share information, or talk about your company’s products. Forums can keep your visitors on your site. But that’s not all – let’s discuss more benefits of forums, look at some of the best examples of forum sites, and see how you can create a forum on your Drupal 8 site.

Having a forum, also known as a discussion board or message board, on your website can be useful in several ways:

Forum Drupal Themes

There are many popular examples to see what a good discussion board looks like. Let’s look at some of them.

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If you have a website built with Drupal (or plan to), there is good news for you – forum functionality is already built in!

Forum Drupal Themes

The base module is responsible for creating forums. It is turned off by default and should be turned on for those who need it.

You decide what type of list structure your discussion board will have. There is now a “Forums” tab in “Structure” that allows you to add forums and containers. Containers can be used to group together related forums.

Forum Drupal Themes

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Your forums can have categories and sub-sections called parent and child forums. For example, let’s create a forum called “services”. This will be the main one and in its settings “Parent” is set as “root”.

Let’s add some subforums (eg “Drupal development” and “Drupal support” The process is the same (“Add forum” button) The only difference is that we have to set “Parent” to “services” and then we can add more detailed subforums in our sub-sections like , to set good “Parents” all the time.

Forum Drupal Themes

You can see what it looks like on the default page created by Drupal by checking the topic/forum or by simply clicking on the link for the correct category. But we see that the number of titles and spaces is zero because we still need to create titles.

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Forum topics will be published like all other content areas. The module created a “Forum Topics” content type for this item. For user convenience, there is also an “Add forum topic” button on the Forums page.

Forum Drupal Themes

Responses to each topic will be posted as comments to each site. In our example, after posting one topic and one comment (or response), we see that the number of topics has changed to 1 and the number of posts has changed to 2.

Now it’s time to determine who can view, add, edit, and delete posts and comments. The default option allows authenticated Drupal users to “People – Permissions”. Another option is to create a separate Drupal role if you want to create a forum for members only.

Forum Drupal Themes

Creative Responsive Theme

Inspired to create a forum on your Drupal site? The example above is a rough sketch. Your discussion board will look exactly the way you want.

If you want to change the style or position of your site, add a recent discussion feed to other pages, or look for many other options, our Drupal development experts can take care of it. Write to us and enjoy an attractive and user-friendly forum! Create a functional view template that was removed from D8 views. A view is actually a collection of templates and/or variable definitions that can be passed as a self-contained unit. This then represents a specific interface or presentation style for other objects or data elements. Views can be used to implement a custom “skin” for an application or a set of content. You can use them to help simplify the representation of common objects or data types. You can use them to create complex data representations, such as those created in an XML::DOM tree or similar. Let the iterator run and the view does the talking (or in this case represents). Voila – you should see an independent, built-in transformation using templates.

Forum Drupal Themes

View templates can be overridden with different names, using a view, a view ID, a view type, or some combination of these.

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At least two templates will be used for each view. The first one is used for all views: views-view.html.twig.

Forum Drupal Themes

The second template is determined by the selected view style. Note that some aspects of the view may also change the style used; for example, arguments that provide a summary view can change the style to one of the special summary styles.

Most styles will then change the actual display of each line in the line style; The default column style is view-view-fields.html.twig. Free Themes is a free online platform that lists over 1200 themes and provides a simple interface for searching and editing. All topics are grouped and available for easy filtering by users where we will continuously add features to improve the site.

Forum Drupal Themes

Professional Responsive Theme

Some themes may not have a demo available. In this case, you should install a local copy and use this theme to see how it looks. Now it’s easy with free themes. Simply click the “Install Theme” link on the theme details page and you’ll see what the theme looks like without installing it.

There are new filters that are not available. It’s a filter that can be useful for developers. When the average person is looking for content, they can be confused!

Forum Drupal Themes

We’ve made it easy by adding filters that are easy for the end user to understand when searching for a topic. The topics have been divided into different categories like blog, management topic, business, business etc. Themes are also divided into categories based on their response to different devices.

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We knew from our knowledge and experience that this is a powerful website building platform that offers great flexibility

Forum Drupal Themes

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