Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

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Free Real Estate Marketing Templates – Property brochures are an essential part of promoting properties both in person and digitally. Each real estate flyer template draws attention to different aspects of the listing to support your marketing strategy. For example, a property with a recently reduced listing price would benefit from a flyer that highlights the write-down more prominently than the specific details of the home. No matter which template you use, flyers help real estate agents win business.

Not only must realtors use flyers to successfully market their properties, but leading brokers use flyers to keep things on track with buyers and even local home sellers.

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

Today’s real estate agents have many ways to distribute flyers, depending on their business plan and marketing strategy.

Best Real Estate Canva Templates For Your Marketing

For maximum exposure, create a JPG or PDF of your ad flyer and upload it to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Greet home buyers with open house flyers so they have something to remember you and your home by. Have plenty on hand: 53% of buyers find it very or very important to go to open houses. 2

“It’s still important for customers to be able to get hold of a hard copy of a property, especially open house visitors,” says Brett Coltharp, the group’s industry director. “Having flyers available for your open house not only gives customers more exposure to top your listing, but it also shows potential sellers who might be looking at the quality of your marketing materials.”

Have real estate marketing flyers for passers-by, home buyers who are drawn to their app, or who walk their dog around the neighborhood and can share your listing flyer with a friend or family member looking for a nearby home. .

Free Marketing Presentation Templates With Modern Design

“Buyers still like to drive around and visit potential properties, and having a self-serve flyer is a way to provide information to buyers who may not yet be ready to talk to an agent,” says Coltharp. Willingness to use this varies by market, but is still fairly standard on most listings across the country.

Leave flyers for home buyers visiting their agents. More than 3 out of 4 buyers (79%) find it very or very important to attend a private tour. 3 You can improve the buyer’s experience by sharing a professionally created listing flyer just for them.

Email real estate flyers to your network of buyers, agents who represent buyers in the area, and anyone in your sphere of influence who can help spread the word about your listing.

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

1 in 5 buyers (21%) use a direct mail newsletter, flyer or postcard to find a real estate agent. 4 Although sending real estate emails may seem like an outdated practice, it is still an effective method. And it can also be cost-effective, as color printing today costs 20-50 øre per printout.

Best Free Real Estate Powerpoint Templates, Keynote, Google Slides

A good real estate brochure is eye-catching, easy to read and provides details to entice a potential buyer to learn more. Make your real estate marketing flyer stand out by including the following:

Flyer designs are specific to the market, home style and target buyer. Consider the home’s features worth highlighting for the listing, then choose the template that will market the home most effectively. Here are some ideas to help you choose the right real estate agent brochure.

Homes in attractive neighborhoods: If the home is close to popular amenities, choose a template that highlights them. More than half of all shoppers (53%) consider proximity to shopping, services and leisure activities to be very important.

Homes in low-crime communities: Choose templates that highlight local crime rates and include neighborhood features like gated entry and neighborhood watch groups. Most shoppers (82%) feel that their neighborhood feels safe is very important.7

Real Estate Infographics To Improve Your Business Communications

Housing in Great School Districts: Choose a real estate flyer template that includes space for information about the school district, its GreatSchools score, and how it compares to surrounding schools. Nearly half of buyers (43%) feel that finding a home in a preferred school district is very or very important.8

Homes with short commutes: Choose templates formatted for commute times to nearby business centers or business parks, or even public transit routes: Millennials and Gen Z buyers – who gravitate to urban areas – value proximity to public transportation more than older generations: 54% of urban buyers say Proximity to public transport is very or very important in housing decisions.9

Homes with private backyards: Choose an image-heavy format with drone images of properties close to other homes: 67% of buyers find it very or very important to have a private outdoor space (eg patio, deck, yard).10

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

Choose from three downloadable real estate flyer templates to help you design a flyer. These PowerPoint templates are easy to customize and provide examples of real estate flyers for your next open house or marketing campaign.

Free And Customizable Listing Presentation Templates

Marketing Uses: This real estate flyer template offers plenty of room for home details, making it great for showcasing top school districts and smart-home features.

Marketing Uses: This open house flyer template puts images at the forefront, making it perfect for marketing luxury homes, charming neighborhood homes, and homes with private backyards.

Marketing Uses: This real estate flyer template provides space to highlight commute times, unique neighborhood characteristics, local crime rates, and other valuable housing features related to your agricultural area. Looking for free, easy-to-edit flyer templates for your real estate business? You have come to the right place.

They let us make ours easily. You can drag and drop images. We give it to you 100% free.

Real Estate Facebook Cover Template Banner Real Estate

These free real estate flyer templates can help you increase the effectiveness of your in-person meetings, open houses, and drive-by visitors.

A great flyer can get you more phone calls, showings and potential deals. Every aspect of the flyer must be pre-planned and present all the best features.

They are free to use. And if you want to increase your marketing effectiveness even more, consider LeadSites.

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

Download them with the orange button, then edit them with Microsoft Office Word or PowerPoint on Mac or PC.

Real Estate Flyers Templates

This free real estate flyer template allows you to showcase the hero image. You can attract buyers with a good picture of your home.

Then there are 3 pictures on the left. Be sure to pay extra attention to the color of these page images.

Since all of these images are in Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s really easy to add a border to them if you want.

Another pro tip is to use Microsoft PowerPoint’s image cropping feature. You can crop your images to fit the size you need.

How To Make A Real Estate Brochure. Design Tips And Free Templates

This template is very flexible and can work for most households. You need to make sure you use really high quality images.

You can download this template using the big orange download button at the top and bottom of this article.

This template lets you serve up flyers that really highlight our home’s beautiful curb appeal. You can place a large image at the top of your flyer and it will be difficult for buyers to forget about your property.

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

The great thing about this template is that PowerPoint lets you easily resize everything! You can also add frames to photos.

Best Real Estate WordPress Themes (2022)

I will place the 3 images on the PowerPoint where you want. And then spend 5 minutes messing with the dimensions. It takes effort to get it right.

PRO TIP: Be sure to zoom in and make sure the alignment of all your photos is just right. When printing, misaligned images appear much easier and more visible on the screen.

Finally, make sure to match your fonts. A good tip is to match the font of your title to the font of your logo. This ensures that you have a consistent style throughout the document.

If so, use this template. A compelling image and headline will leave potential buyers wanting more. And that’s a good thing.

Best Free Real Estate Flyer Templates (ideas For 2022)

It also sets you up for some great calls to action. Be sure to mess with the fonts in PowerPoint when creating this flyer.

Different fonts can make all the difference! I suggest using at least 5 fonts. Also try printing them out as you decide which one you like best. The font you use can influence what your potential buyers think of the home.

Also, make sure to crop the HERO image ideally. PowerPoint has a great cropping tool that can help you position your image exactly where it needs to go.

Free Real Estate Marketing Templates

Finally, don’t skimp on the details. This flyer has plenty of space for text. Use it! And use it well. Reread and rewrite everything several times. Think about copywriting. And always use calls to action!

Free Flyers For Real Estate Template Ideas

This image-based flyer gives you more space to place different images. This flyer works best for homes that don’t have much curb appeal. This allows you to highlight other features in the house and make it stand out

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